Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 20: Great Soul

Adorabelle (ele), Thelandira (mus), and Romina moved on to Bahamar Wetlands to kill Giant Snails. Cthulhu, the family's furry pet, picked Snail Shell x2, Elite Albaes Recipe x2, Elite Striform Recipe x2, Elite Peacemaker Recipe, and White Tiger Strike Ring.

After 2 weeks of finding nothing, Anahita (sco) found her 8th Fire Island Treasure in Zone 1: Bracelet of the Great Soul (aka Bracelet of 3 Kings), Elite Peacemaker, and Elite Sniper Rifle!

Two more Hell Breaker raids failed due to losing firecracker bid to other clans. Telos clan captured Ustiur Zona Uno and Zona Dos colonies during this week's Colony War, granting Max HP +19% to all clan members.