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Updated Skin - Rose

Updated UI skin - Rose, for v20.10.24. Originally designed by an unknown player in Korean server. See HERE for more skins.

Rose Skin v20.10.24 - [MediaFire]

Taiwan Game Update v20.50.96

WAYI has updated Taiwan servers to v20.50.96. This essentially covers Bahamar Episode 1 and Tigres Prison loot revision. See Patch Highlights v20.81.80 for details.

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[JP] Update - Bahamar Episode 2 
Japan servers have already updated to Bahamar Episode 2 patch... See インフィニティアップデート第3弾 and 「バハマル -碧落の天空祭壇-」.

[EU] Next Update for Europe Servers
GEEU Team said in 2014 Jan Update News and Future Plans:
**GEEU will prepare the big update with Korean newest version on around March. GEEU will follow the newest Korean version all the time for European GEEU fans!!! **

Imperial Wheel S: Jan 2014

Imperial Wheel S has been updated for Jan 23-29, 2014.

Sierra Support Set
Vigilar Broomstick + Upgraded Nature Ring
 - Broomstick • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 335
 - Penetration +5, Mental RES +10

Rascel Recruitment Set
Rascel Character Card + Tyrant Sabre + Tyrant Sword Breaker
King of Targa costume (Rascel) + Rascel's Natural Hair (Rascel)

Illusion Recruitment Set
Illusion Character Card + Upgraded Illusion Garde Ring

Catherine (Summon) Support Set
Recipe - Strata Devil Controller + Devil's Dream x200 + Symbol of Naraka x100

Pet Box (Snow Golem)
Max HP +20,000, Immunity +15, Reduce Damage Taken 15%,
Movement Speed +7%, All RES +15, Fast HP/SP Regen

Nena Support Set
Tyrant Halberd + Upgraded Invertir Ring

Latest Lyndon Box Updates...
Taiwan - Gracielo the Lightning Card + Witness of History Costume Set for KessAmerica - Selene Card + Ipsilon Costume Set for MarchettiSingapore - Selene Card + Le Heb Blue Costume Set for EmiliaEurope - Sage Emilia Card + Asoka Card + Innocentio bookKorea - Hea…

Chinese New Year 2014

This is another imported event. Talk to East Noble (event NPC) in Reboldoeux to receive a random daily quest. The possible quests include:
Words of Blessing: Talk to Eusebio in Reboldoeux.New Buttons: Give Reinforced Leather x3 to Textile Merchant in Coimbra. Item drops in Lava Plateau of Joaquin.Good Deeds: Give Comodo Meat x1 to Hungry Citizen in Thueringen Lakeside. Item drops in Rion Dungeon Corridor.View Sceneries: Trigger quest mail in Reboldoeux Queen's Gate (D7).Novelty Play: Participate in mini-game through Bahia game room helper.Farm Tour: Trigger quest mail by entering your personal farm in Ustiur Base Camp.
Since T3Fun removed Bahia mini-games, most likely players who get that quest are going to get stuck for the event. This is what happens when a publisher randomly removes official game features... Maintenance again soon? 

The rewards are mostly the same for different servers. Nothing special, really. See links below for the rewards. Lucky Pouch gives EXP +20% for 10 m…

Disaster of Stone Pit Area

This party mission is needed for Part 4 of Family Attribute Quests.

Patch Highlights v20.81.80

The following highlights are based on patch notes of Korean live servers (not test server). American servers are currently at v20.03.13, while Singapore servers are currently at v20.10.24.

See also the update summary - 업데이트 다시보기 (브리스티아 / 바하마르, 신인의 숲).

Updated Skins - Jini & Pirate's Chest

Updated 2 more UI skins. Jini skin is another old skin from long ago... possibly v3.0 or before. Pirate's Chest skin is designed by Park, Jeong-Min in 2010. Both skins have been updated for v20.10.24 (current Singapore client). The outdated v8.5 skin patch is available here.

See HERE for more updated skins.

Jini v20.10.24 - [MediaFire]

Pirate's Chest v20.10.24 - [MediaFire]

Gate of Ice

This mission is required for Family Attribute quests. The unique loot of this raid is Ice Gate Weapons (ATK Rating 32) with innate ice damage, but with lower (almost half) base attack.