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SEA Update: The Symphonia Episode 4

SEA server has updated to The Symphonia Episode 4 (v28.66.08). The new event requires you to complete 10 ranks worth of rank missions for 2 event items. You can exchange them for Strata Devil Weapon (40 event items), Evil Weapon (20 event items), G34/35 Valeron's Powder (8/10 event items), etc.

External Links
Update Nov '17 🔗
Scheduled Maintenance for Nov 29, 2017 🔗
Refining Event for Artisan Victor 🔗 11/29-12/27, 2017

Change Mouse Cursors

Some time ago, someone asked me about changing in-game mouse cursors, apparently because the default cursors are too large when using a huge screen for the game. (I won't know; my screen isn't that big.) In any case, here is a quick guide to changing in-game cursors.

The in-game mouse cursors consist of 19 bitmap (.bmp) files with 32x32 pixels, stored inside ui.ipf file. Transparency in .bmp files is determined by Fuchsia (#FF00FF) color. You can view the cursors themselves by extracting ui.ipf file (or ui00002.ipf file for SEA server).

First, you need to convert your cursor (.cur) files into .bmp files, using Fuchsia color to replace transparency. You will need an icon/cursor editor; I use the free IcoFX Portable 🔗 as an example.
Start IcoFX Portable. Select File ➢ Import Image, and select the desired cursor (.cur) file.The default Windows cursors are found in C:\Windows\cursor folder. You can find more cursors online—DeviantArt: Windows Cursors ?…

Patch Notes v28.72.30 - v28.87.01

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v27.40.06, while European server is at v28.50.39. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

IAHGames GE File Archive

The old website for SEA GE (IAHGames) can still be accessed with Wayback Machine 🔗. This allows one to find the download links for the old game client, specifically from Google Drive 🔗.

Region: South East Asia (Singapore)Version: 25.08.73 (New Era Episode 2)Publisher: IAHGamesLanguages: English (all text; sound for up to Bahama), Korean (sound for Armonia + New Era)
Since the installer files may be deleted from Google Drive at any time, I have created an archive of selected files from that game client. You can download IAHGEArchive_v250873.7z (467MB) from MEGA 🔗 (Misc folder). folder All the above .ipf files have been extracted. Other .ipf files are unlikely to differ from game clients of other regions, thus they have not been included.

If for some reason you want to reuse these old files (e.g. character voice files), do the following:
Extract the same .ipf file of the current version with GE Tools.Copy t…

SEA UI Modification & Font

The new SEA server was launched on Steam. The packaging of IPF files is slightly different in that previously one massive file (e.g. bgm.ipf) is separated into smaller pieces (e.g. bgm00001.ipf, bgm00002.ipf, etc.). This customization involves some basic UI changes.

💣 WARNING! Tamper with the game client at your own risks! If error occurs, you may have to completely reinstall the game client. Client modifications (however harmless) are generally frowned upon, so do not post this in the official forums.

The current game patcher seems to be warped in dimensions. The image is 606x505 pixels, but Steam actually forces it to become 755x675 pixels. I have resized the image so that it fits Steam's requirement. Simply download the image above, and replace background.jpg in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Granado Espada For SEA\release\res folder with it.

This is a privately customized file meant for use by SEA game client (v28.36.84) only. It includes 5 modi…

SEA Server Grand Opening

SEA server (v28.36.84) has officially opened on Steam after maintenance (10:00-16:00 GMT+8). It is available only via Steam 🔗, using Steam login instead of the standard client login.

The opening event comes in 3 parts:
Pioneer Journal (30 days): Login to claim a daily item, e.g. Barrack Slot x20 in all, Master Card x1, Weapon Costume x1, Constellation Weapon x3.Event NPC Daily Quest: Soul Crystals, Barrack Slots; Pet Box (Phobitan), Master Card x3, Lhote Card, Rascel Card, Character Card Box III, etc.Family Level (up to 60): Barrack Slots, Evil Weapons, Pet Box (Black Tiger), Character Card Box III, etc. ... Hm. Frankly, still not too impressed with what they are offering, considering what old players have lost with the wiped accounts. 😑

[Event] The GM's Request (1)
Reward: (a) Mystic Ampule (Event) x10, Rose Wing (7 days) Gift Box x1; (b) Principal Potion (Event) x3; (c) Beginner Complete Manual (Monster ATK +10%, Monster Damage Received -5%, EXP +20%) x1, Beginner Complete Acc…