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sGE v3.5.14 - October 2009

CM Hrin mentioned in her blog on the update progress of sGE.

We have almost completed localization for V3.5.14 and planning to launch it in October 2009. After that, we will be starting work on V4.0. [Source]

See previous entries on kGE v3.5.04 Update and kGE v3.5.13 Update. Since the update is only up to v3.5.14, Power of Darkness stance will not be available (v3.5.24). The following table lists the changes of maximum enhancement boosters (aka upgrade accelerators) required for several notable equipment.

ATK RatingWeapon Seriesv3.4v3.5.0418Lv.52 Elite4322Lv.68 Elite11426Lv.84 Elite20729Lv.100 Pioneer201030Lv.92 Elite, Lv.100, Trump201231Ancient Damaged201532Serpent, Chess202033Constellation2020

DEF RatingArmor Seriesv3.4v3.5.0418Lv.52 Elite4322Lv.68 Elite11426Lv.84 Elite, Lv.100 Pioneer
Lv.100 Andre's, Le Blanc
Lv.92 Elite
Le Noir
Elite Le Blanc
Elite Le Noir

Cinderella's Armor Series

Cinderella's Armors are armors that last only 12 hours once equipped. They can be upgraded and enchanted, and are usually used by those who can't afford permanent armors for special purposes, such as colony wars, super-fights, raids, etc.

There are currently 2 groups of such armors. Just before it expires, some players choose to break it for an enchantment chip by upgrading it to +5 or more (after comparing the upgrading cost with market price of chips).

Cinderella's Andre's Designs
These Lv.80 armors have DR 28, making them equivalent to Lv.92 elite armors. They can be obtained by collecting Hard Clay x1,500 (quest item) in Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area and paying 50 reputation points to the Mumbler in Ustiur Base Camp (F6).

Cinderella's Le Blanc
These Lv.84 armors have DR 30, making them equivalent to Elite Le Blanc. They can be obtained by collecting Broken Teeth x800 (quest item) in Ancient Mineral Cave and paying 50 reputation points to the Serious Farmer in New Op…

Hron's Treasure Trove - Fighter Edition

Hron's Treasure Trove - Fighter Edition is now available in sGE's cash shop for 1,500 G-Points until 13 Aug 2009. This time, the drop rates are clearly stated in the article linked above.

The costumes (4%) are Piernoente Costume, Piernoente Hat, Gilded Hair, and Ponytail Hair. The AR 30 weapons (1%) are Naginata (polearm), Katana (sabre), and Nodachi (great sword).

The chances of getting costumes/weapons are still very low, but the good news is that even the crap drops are worth at least 1,500 G-Points. This includes Mystery Powder x7 (220 x7 G-Points), Barrack Slot x3 (1,100 x3 G-Points), Ring Box x2 (1,600 x2 G-Points), and Ambrosia x7 (1,100 x7 G-Points).

Since SGD 60.00 can buy you 70k G-Points (excluding special promotions), this box essentially costs SGD 1.29, or USD 0.89 using today's rate with Yahoo! Currency Converter.

Cheaper Pet Food
On a different note, the cost of pet food has been significantly reduced in sGE.

We are pleased to announce the price for Pet Food has b…


Thoracotomy is an incision into the chest (thorax), usually performed to allow surgical access to the heart, lungs, and other thoracic organs. This is a major operation, and the patient often suffers from pain in the aftermath.

I'm not sure why they gave this name to the mummy-like monster found in Skeleton Dungeon 2F. Sure, it has stitches all over its body, but still...

Twitter Widget & Blog Tab Removed

Since I added the tabs and twitter widget, I found that some of the pictures in this blog frequently refused to load.

My guess is that the twitter widget is causing the problems. But since I have nothing much to use on the tabs anyway, I have removed both of them. If anyone else is still having this problem, please let me know in comments or via forum PM. Thanks.

Blog Updates Category
I made a new category for blog posts. All posts relating to this blog (mostly change log) will be labeled with Blog Updates in future. All categories are restricted to GE-related posts only.

sGE: Master's Race Extended & Promotions

The Master's Race has been extended by 2 weeks to 13 August 2009. See also previous blog entry on this event here.

In addition, there is a promotion for game cards at Junction 8 (Singapore) Popular bookstore during 27 July to 2 August 2009. The 70k G-Points card has 150 ABS. See Popular Music Fair Promotion.

IAHGames iCafe (Singapore)
Every Wednesday has free hours for ladies after 5pm. See Ladies Nite. You can also redeem iCash cards for free iCafe hours during 20 July to 30 September 2009. See Redeem iCafe Hours for details. There is also free hours and free 30 ABS today on 28 July 2009, 6-10 pm. See Play for Free & Get ABS. See here for other iCafe promotions.

SNW 47: Expert Fighter

The veterans continued training in Ancient Area for the last 2 days of the Ancient Area Pass. Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 29 Sun Stones, 1 Green Rough-Stone, 1 Blue Rough-Stone, 2 Summon Black Reaper Rings, and Requiem Ring. Tired of the gloomy Skeleton Dungeon, they made a short visit to Bahamar Ancient Mineral Cave for a change of environment.

The enchantment whore finally decided to give my polearm with high Undead enchantment, over-writing Daemon 89% and later, ATK Rating +2 as well. This happened AFTER my Ancient Area Pass expired. LOL. I must have crafted and enchanted about 10 different polearms just for this.

Athena (f/fig) cracked open another Ancient Area Pass just to try out the newly enchanted polearm. Sadly, she still can't 1-hit kill the mobs in Ancient Area 2F using Blandir Cruz. So, Gilgamesh (Claude) decided to test the normal damage for the different polearm stances here.

In any case, Athena (f/fig) really needs a blunt. It is just silly for her to keep wearing The Defe…

Polearm Stances & Damage

I still can't decide if a fighter should use Mystery Powder x25 to learn Mighty Cruz stance, assuming that Claude is already able to use it. Having just acquired an undead polearm, I tested it out in Ancient Area 2F using a veteran fighter (STR 7) with family's protection buff (ATK +13%) and Moppet's somewhat-random buffs. The sad thing is that the fighter still cannot 1-hit kill off the Lv.102-105 mobs in Ancient Area 2F without scoring a critical hit.

Curious about what would happen if the fighter was using Mighty Cruz for AFK, an experiment was done using the above polearm by an expert Claude (STR 10) with only family's protection buff.

Test SubjectLevel & RaceBlandir CruzPenetrar Cruz*Mighty CruzElviotLv.110 Beast733805769Escudo PrefferLv.111 Undead195721492054Note (*): The normal attack of Penetrar Cruz is single-target, unlike the other 2 stances.

Evidently, the difference in normal attacks isn't really significant. At best, it is a range of 30-100 damage. …

SNW: G1 Forums

Sword of the New World is moving its forums to G1 Forums on 24 July 2009. For details, see the forum topics on Forums Are Moving! and The G1 Community. See also G1 Forums General Guidelines.

I still can't edit my G1 profile to link the accounts. Ugh, whatever. I think I'd just leave it for now. Anyway, I made a signature userbar for the new forum account. It's nothing fancy, but it will do.

The signatures for survivors and casualties of the Great Downtime of 2009 have already been mentioned here. I found a few other GE-related signatures online as well.

For how to make your own userbars, see Make A Userbar In The Gimp and Photoshop Tutorial: How To Make A Userbar. The standard userbar font is Visitor TT1 BRK. You can download GIMP Portable for Windowshere.

Lost Favorites
Since the new forums do not allow animated signatures, some of the old forum favorites, such as the signatures of Snowhusky and Barstool, will have to be retired.

Coimbra Shuffle!! July 2009

Coimbra Shuffle!! has updated its loot table for jGE. You can check out the site for closer screenshots during the promotion period until 27 July 2009. If the link loads for a long time and then displays a blank page, it is probably because jGE website has blocked your IP range. See Have You Been Blocked Today? for more information.

The 4 dragon weapons are veteran exclusive. Other stuffs include Elite Le Blanc (DR 30), Devil Wing (30-days), Ring Box x5, Master/Expert/Veteran Promotion Scroll, Pet Food x20, and Home Premium Service (1-day).

SNW Launcher v3

Image has released a new stand-alone launcher (v3) for Sword of the New World. Among the features are auto-update server status and server status alert.

Just download and run the installer to set up the new launcher, without replacing any of the original files. You can start the launcher by using the shortcut link PCLauncher created on your desktop.


The following is the setup details from the installer.

Output folder: C:\Program Files\Sword of the New World
Extract: 100%
Extract: pclnchr.option.xml... 100%
Extract: pcpatcher.exe... 100%
Extract: PCLauncher.exe... 100%
Created uninstaller: C:\Program Files\Sword of the New World\pcl3_uninst.exe
Create shortcut: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Desktop\PCLauncher.lnk
Error creating shortcut: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Start Menu\Programs\PortCoimbra Launcher\PCLauncher.lnk
Create shortcut: C:\Program Files\Sword of the New World\window.lnk
Create shortcut: C:\Program Files\Sword of the New World\…

SNW 46: Ancient Area Again

I'm bored of the grinding/repetitiveness of the game again. The experts visited the sewers for a change of scenery, and it seemed a bit hard to AFK there. I wonder if those werewolf/ogre weapons are really worth the trouble farming. The family also received 3 Black Angel Wings for the 2nd Anniversary of the New World. For a screenshot of the wings, see Journeys Through Granado Espadahere and here.

Over the past weeks, the enchantment merchant has been giving every racial ATK option on the polearms except undead. Well, screw her. Tired of waiting to get an undead polearm, the veterans were dumped into the abysmal boredom known as Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area. In 5 days, Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 64 Sun Stones, 4 Green Rough-Stones, 1 Blue Rough-Stone, Stunning Skewer Ring, Chilling Touch Ring, and Lv.88 Metallic Suit.

The armor dropped from one of Ancient Thoracotomy's chests. I was quite surprised. While I knew that the item is in the database, I have never heard of it dropping …

Blog Navigation Tab

I made a few more changes today.

Added CSS Navigation Menu by using BlogU's Guide. Credits added to blog footer.
Added Twitter widget for Sword of the New World to the sidebar. JavaScript must be enabled for
Comment access has been set to Registered Users (including OpenID). Former posters can just select Google Account as profile, click Post Comment, login to Google, and verify the captcha.

Customizing the template and adding CSS Navigation Menu meant that I have to modify the .xml file somewhat. I managed to make it look decent, but I won't know if it will look the same on a different browser or browser setting (i.e. on your computer). The blog should look like the screenshot below.

If you encounter a problem, please leave a comment or forum PM. Thanks.

kGE v4.0 Chapter 1 Teaser

Korean GE has added v4.0 Chapter 1 Teaser on 16 July 2009. I won't write too much on this. Check out the teaser yourself or see AQM Mysteries Deepen for more information.

New boss, possibly one for quest and another for raid. One of them is apparently dual-wielding rifles (or shotgun?)... What a hacker. Oh, and WTH is that weapon held by Lorch?

Sir Lyndon led his soldiers to Al Quelt Moreza and confronted Dilos Latemn...

Emilia Guliano watches Revenge of the Fallen, and decides to become a transformer...

Hron's Treasure Trove - Grace Edition

A new cash shop item has been added to sGE - Hron's Treasure Trove (Grace Edition), available during 16-30 July 2009. It is a box which drops a random item and costs 1,500 G-Points.

Among the possible drops are Milky Bob Hair, White Vent Costume, Bistre Costume, Crystal Shotgun (AR30), and Crystal Shooter (AR30)... all usable by Grace Bernelli. The new items are Milky Bob and Crystal Shotgun. All others have been released previously.

The problem is, as usual, the drop rate. Some "rare" drops include Lv.92 Enchantment Chip x1 (WOW~!), Soul Crystal x3, etc. "Common" drops include Hermes Potion x20, Town Return Sheet x20, Lucky Pouch (EXP +20%) x5, etc.

Some statements from Kaioujin...

This random box is similar to kGE's Magic Cards and was advised by IMC. Initially it was just one box for all new costumes but we figured that you guys have different likes and dislikes, so we categorized the new costumes by classes.

There will be 6 Hron's Treasure Troves in tota…

Castor & Pollux

Castor and Pollux ("beaver" and "sweet wine") were the twin sons of Leda and Zeus/Tyndareus and the brothers of Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra in Greek mythology. They joined Jason and the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden Fleece. When Helena was abducted by Theseus, they invaded Theseus' kingdom of Attica to rescue their sister.

Later, a feud with their cousins, Lynceus and Idas, led them to leave Helen behind alone to entertain the guests so they can steal their cousins' herd. This exposed Helen to the seduction (or abduction) by Paris of Troy, which eventually started the Trojan War.

The cattle theft ended in a bloody conflict, leaving Lynceus and Idas dead, but not before Idas dealt a mortal wound to Castor. Since the twins had different fathers, this meant that Pollux (sired by Zeus) was immortal and Castor (sired by Tyndareus) was mortal. When Castor died, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together an…

Emilia the Sage

This is a fan art of Emilia the Sage that I found some time ago. Too bad that serene, innocent look is not going to last, since she is going to become an evil-looking skank in v3.6/v4.0. I don't remember who the artist is, leave me a message for proper credit if you do.

Musketeer Bondage

I found a fan art in a cGE forum post here. It's... um, a female musketeer in Justocorps armor/costume chained up in a dungeon. Add Sir Lyndon in leather loincloth costume equipped with an elite whip and you get a complete bondage scene.

SNW 45: Nyarlathotep

The family adopted a Moppet as their 2nd pet, naming it Nyarlathotep, after one of H.P. Lovecraft's cosmic Outer Gods. After some considerations, the family gave Romina 700k feso to buy the permanent Crusader Coat costume. (Too bad there is no bugged temporary version in the feso shop.)

Still missing an undead polearm for Ancient Area, Athena (f/fig) decided to train at Via Fluvial instead, along with Anahita (f/sco) and Romina. For the first time, they encountered Plateau Silurian (Lv.106), which has already been engaged by 3-4 families.

Since there is no pedobear in the family, there is no rush to recruit Claire at the moment. Meanwhile, Maimonides (m/mus) and Candide (Lorch) trained further in Rion Dungeon Hollow and Fire Isle, managing to gain a few levels.

The experts made 10 visits to Bellem's Relics this week, and returned with Grim-Stick, Grim-Shout, Elite Laranja e Preto x2, Elite Graciegote x2, Elite Camisa de Soldado, and more Lv.84 elite rubbish. Anahita (f/sco) and J…

Ogre & Werewolf Series

The following screenshots are taken from 下水道食人魔+狼人系列全套武器发光大图赏析. For weapon stats, recipe ingredients, and monster drops, see Gossamer & Grime.



You can also view these 10 screenshots at ImageShack Gallery.