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SNW 51: More Veterans

The family isn't very active in-game over the past 2 weeks due to RL commitments. But after training in Fire Isle Zone 2, Maimonides (m/mus) and Empedocles (m/ele) finally became veterans. As usual, hardly a day passed by without someone using spinelles in Fire Isle. This time, it was Cabreira family, who used a Soul Crystal to revive before summoning monsters. He gave up after using 5-6 Thoracotomy spinelles as Maimonides (m/mus) refused to die.

There were some issues with ambiguity over clan rules and the apparent reluctance to clarify them. After the leader and some members left, Othrys clan disbanded in about a week.

SNW v3.0 Delayed To Sept 23

Neume has announced the status of v3.0 for Sword of the New World...

We were planning to release the live test world but we're waiting on the new patch (which we expect around September 9th or 10th). Once we have the new patch we will open up Montoro.

I'm sure by now some of you have realized what that means... We will be unable to release 3.0 by September 9th. Our new expected launch date is September 23rd. Yes, it's 14 days longer, I'm sorry, but we just want to be sure we are delivering the best product possible. It may be possible we'll launch earlier than that (if you remember we did this with 2.9b). If we're ready to patch sooner we will. But officially we're looking to patch on Sept. 23rd and all our marketing and PR will be focused on those dates.

Again, I want to point out, if the patch we get on the 10th checks out and is good to go we will immediately patch live. If not as soon as we have a patch that is releasable we will patch. [Source]

Okay, so th…

ABS: The Zodiac

ABS has been updated for sGE. From now on, ABS will be valid only for 14 days after top-up.

Now, for jGE's exclusive items it will no longer appear in the loot table for ABS. This is because these exclusive items have production costs and it would be unfair to both jGE and IMC to give it away through free bonuses. Therefore, these exclusive items (costumes, weapons, etc) will be making its way to the cash shop either direct sales or through a cheaper random box. This will apply for the other upcoming costumes as well.

That said, the new direction for ABS will be items that can be farmed, be it materials, recipes, equipments, etc. We understand that this initiative may not appeal to all sGE gamers, but we will try our best to make the upcoming loot tables fair for everyone. [Source]

For this update, the top loots are Dragon Heart Recipe, Le Noir Recipes, Constellation Symbols, Enhanced RES Necklaces, Ringmaster's Secret Key, Key of Vergo, and ABS x50.

Other stuffs include Arsene Ci…

Imperial Wheel - August 2009

Imperial Wheel is now online for jGE. This is probably a replacement for Coimbra Shuffle!!.

The costume for Catherine is probably for Catherine (STR), although some have said it is usable by Catherine (INT/DEX) as well. Other stuffs include White Vent Costume [Grace], Cineraria Costume [Emilia], and Lv.96 Elite Inviadecco [DEF 187, DR 29; Scout].

Edit: Added more screenshots for the 2 weapons... Click below for full-sized views.

Errata: According to 2ch Wiki, 長杖 ("long stick") is rod, while 短杖 ("short stick") is staff, and 特殊杖 ("special stick") is special rod. So the Angel Rod is in fact a rod, not a staff (as previously mislabeled).

kGE v4.0.22 Update

The following is translated from kGE v4.0.22 Patch Notes and Silver Server v4.0.22.

1. Elementalist's Constellation Stance
A new constellation stance is available for for elementalist and Hellena. The attacks of the stance consume a new item called Elemental Sphere, which will be sold in boxes somewhat similar to pistol bullets. The stance book can be acquired from Emilia, and requires Symbol of Pisces. The symbol will be added to Premium Treasure Chest in the cash shop. See Occultism entry.

2. Reckless Emilia
Reckless Emilia becomes available, along with her new Madness stance, which allows her to move via levitation (as seen in screenshot below). See Reckless Emilia entry.

3. Improved Trump Weapons
The default stats of Trump weapons are enhanced, mostly with additional Critical and/or Mental ATK. See Silver Server v4.0.21 for full changelog.

4. Face Change Service
You can change the face type of an existing stock character by paying 500k feso to a new NPC in town. See Type 2 Faces en…

sGE: Free ABS @ MMOSite

Login to MMOSite here, click Submit, and get a random code to redeem a free package from Aug 19 to Sept 21, 2009. The code can be for Granado Espada (e.g. GE-123456-7890), FIFA Online 2 (e.g. FOL2-123456-7890), or Dragonica (e.g. any random alphanumeric string). A GE code allows you redeem 10 ABS for free.

You can also get more codes by posting about Granado Espada, FIFA Online 2, or Dragonica in the forums. For details, see Get ABS For Free @ MMOSite. I got a Dragonica code, which is totally stupid since I'm not playing that game. See players whine about the randomness here.

Reckless Emilia

Some news is available about Reckless Emilia in v4.0.21. She seems to be a full-wizard type, instead of healer-wizard hybrid like the other versions of Emilia. Most screenshots below can be clicked for full-size view. See also Silver Server v4.0.21, kGE Screen Board, and sGE Forum Discussion.

Reckless Emilia
Starting Level: 1
Stats: STR 30, AGI 60, CON 30, DEX 55, INT 85, CHA 65
Basic Stances: Psychokinesis, ESP, Illusionist, Levitation
Veteran Stances: Anathema, Incantation
Expert Stances: Madness
Personal Skill: Safe Guard
Weapons: Rod, Staff, Special Rod
Armor: Coat

Her quests begin with Gertrude Peterson in Auch, after completing Master's Martial Arts stance quest. So basically, you need to train a martial artist to master before you can even start on her recruitment quests... Wee~!

Character Creation Screen

Stats & Stances

Posing Her Curves...

Posing Her Ass...

Character Status Bars

Preview: Madness & Safe Guard
Madness stance requires Lv.25 Levitation, and Symbol of Aries. I will p…


Ionium was a name given early in the study of radioactive elements to Thorium-230 (230Th), a radioactive isotope of thorium (atomic number 90) which can be used to date corals and determine ocean current flux. The name was used before it became known that ionium and thorium are chemically identical. Thorium has been considered an alternative nuclear fuel to uranium.

SNW 50: Undertaker

Another day was spent this week AFK'ing in Bonavista River. Finally, the family acquired both of the bloody stones for Claire after 8 days. For their efforts, they refined the Unknown Stone into a Good-Quality Apatite. After leaving Bonavista River, Empedocles (m/ele) went on to train in Rion Dungeon Hollow, then joined Maimonides (m/mus) in Fire Isle.

The experts made several visits to Bellem's Relics this week, and returned with Elite Striform, Elite Graciegote, and more Lv.84 elite rubbish. They also joined their first raid against Undertaker this week. There was nothing fantastic though, just a Bracelet of Leviathan and several Lv.92-100 chips which got passed around via Round Robin.

The monotony of the game is getting to me again. Grinding, farming, and hunting/camping is just getting boring. Maybe I should take a break from the game, especially with the real life issues I need to deal in the coming weeks.


New expert stances have been added in kGE test server v4.0.17 - Magic of Occultism, Occultism Assistance [Elementalist], and Occultism Assistance [Hellena]. These can be acquired from Emilia with Symbol of Pisces and 6 Growth Stones.

Click on screenshot above for enlarged picture.

Magic of Occultism + Occultism Assistance: LOE Bracelet + LOE Bracelet

Possession/Evocation/Domination + Magic of Occultism: Normal Bracelet + LOE Bracelet

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Laranja e Preto

Laranja e Preto literally means "Orange and Black" in Portuguese. In hex triplets which are often used for HTML web pages, black is #000000 and orange is #FF7F00. See HTML Color Codes for more hex triplets. Hm. I don't really know what else to say about 2 colors...

Elite Cockatrice Sightings

Claire was released in v2.9b patch, and her recruitment quests require the acquisition of 2 Unknown Stones from Elite Lightning Cockatrice (Lv.65). The following map is annotated with where the elite monster has been seen. Basically, it can spawn in almost any grid of the map. My experience so far is that there seems to be only one Elite Lightning Cockatrice at any one time. At least, I have never encountered two of them at the same time, and usually it takes a while before I can find a second one.

See the screenshots of each individual sighting at ImageShack Gallery.

SNW 49: Elite Chicken Hunt

The week was spent mostly AFK'ing in Bonavista River, hunting elite chickens for Claire. It is just too bad that the Hunter's Association will not be helping pioneers with Elite Lightning Cockatrice, I won't mind paying some feso to spawn a room full of elite chickens.

After a week, the family has only 1 Unknown Stone. Grrr!
As a consolation, the family looted a Blue Rough-Stone from Giant Cockatrice (Lv.70). Oh, and someone left a Thoracotomy (Lv.100) wandering around the map.

The family recruited two new members. Lara (Brunie) was named after Lara Croft, the pistol-wielding protagonist in Tomb Raider games. Empedocles (m/ele) was named after the Greek philosopher who was known for his theory of classical elements - Air, Earth, Fire, and Water.

Thelandira (f/mus) welcomes Lara and Empedocles.

kGE v4.0.14 Update

A new update (v4.0.14) has been released for kGE here. See also 散歩道 here, here, and here. Join the sGE forum discussion here.

1. Gate of Flame
Something was changed for this raid. No idea what the heck it is saying... It seems that when 10 fire orbs are used, the summoning towers can be attacked by monsters. If an active summoning tower is destroyed, all towers become deactivated. A modification is also made concerning attempting to dispel Lava Leaf's buff. Supposedly, it is now an instanced raid.

2. Enchanted Belts
New belts which can be enchanted with stats (e.g. INT +1) have been added. As usual, belts have 3 types - belts, leather belts, and metal belts. There are 3 grades of enchanted belts. Each grade has different enchantment limits and base Immunity.
Immunity +6; Max.HP +500~+1000, DEF +1~+5Immunity +8; Max.HP +1500~+2000, DEF +6~+10Immunity +10; Max.HP +2500~+3000, DEF +11~+15
The belt recipes differ according to the grade, but common materials include HQ Cloth, Reinforced Leat…


Alegrías (literally "joys") is a flamencopalo or musical form, which has a rhythm consisting of 12 beats. It is similar to Soleares. Alegrías originated in Cádiz, located in southwestern Spain.

Alegrías belongs to the group of palos called Cantiñas and it is usually played in a lively rhythm. The livelier speeds are chosen for dancing, while quieter rhythms are preferred for the song alone. It is one of the structurally strictest forms of flamenco, i.e. a type of dance or musical genre from Andalusia.

Mercenary Level & EXP

When you convert a character (Lv.50+) to a mercenary, he loses about 20% of his total EXP. For details on making mercenaries, see v2.1.18 Feature: Mercenary Contract. The following table is taken and translated from NPC转成卡片后经验值减少对照表, showing the level and EXP before and after merc.

A veteran character needs about 3.5% EXP to remain a veteran after becoming a mercenary. An expert character should need about 13% EXP or so to remain expert.

The above table uses the veteran progression before v3.0. For v3.0 level progression, see here.

Furthermore, if a veteran/expert character drops level due to becoming a mercenary, he will automatically be promoted when he regains the lost levels without needing the use of promotional scrolls.

SNW 48: Expert Romina

This is another week spent grinding in the mud of Ancient Area. With Athena (f/fig) becoming an expert, Visca (Grace) joined the veteran team for her multi-target attack with Gigantic Blaster. During this time, Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 43 Sun Stones, 1 Blue Rough-Stone, 1 Red Rough-Stone, Web Ring, Burning Hands Ring, Breath of Arange Ring, Critical Disease Ring, Atomic Glacial Strikes Ring, and another Lv.88 Metallic Suit.

Gilgamesh (Claude) replaced Visca (Grace) and brought the team to Ancient Mineral Cave instead, looting 7 Sun Stones and 2 Le Blanc (Scout), one of which has DEF Rating +3 by default. The team collected 800 Broken Teeth for the Serious Farmer in New Opoluto (G12), and received their first Cinderella's Le Blanc (DR 30).

When Ancient King of Covetry (Lv.110) showed up, Romina returned to quarters to call the expert team. They had some difficulty with it after it buffed, but managed to overcome it with AM Boost and Triumph Filler. Unfortunately, the only recipe dropp…