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Enchantment Chips: Buy Or Make?

When you go to Rio/Soho/Idge and try to make an item +5 or more, there is a chance that it will break. If the broken item is Lv32+, you receive an enchantment chip of the same level as a consolation. So if you need a chip, you might want to consider whether to make your own chips by breaking items or to buy from the market manager.

The cheapest item to break is the dagger. The following table shows the cost of the dagger plus the cost of enchantment (if any). Basically, you can buy from market manager if the price of the chip is less than what is listed under "+5 Dagger" column. The +6/+7 columns are to help you decide if you should keep the +5 item or try to break it by enchanting further.

Lv32-60 daggers can be bought from Adelina in Coimbra. Lv60-72 daggers can be bought from equipment merchant in Auch. Lv76+ daggers must be bought from other players, so the price of a +0 dagger varies.

Note: Lv40 chips are useful for making maxhp +10% boots.

+0 Dagger
+5 Dagger
+6 Dagger

Family Profile & Faction Profile

You can check a player's family and faction profiles by R-clicking on his character and select the desired command. But you can also do so even if the player's character is not nearby. Simply type the following into the chat window:

/profile familyname

This will show his family profile, but only if the player is online. You can check a faction profile by typing the following:

/partyprofile factionname

Note that both family and faction names are case-sensitive.