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World Cross PVP Beta

G1 (US) has finally initiated World Cross PVP Beta Launch. Supposedly, individual matches will be held alternatively at 8pm PST (odd week) and 8pm GMT / 10am PST (even week). Team matches will be held 1 hour later. Currently, it seems like you can join the matches any time, but you will probably "cannot find server" and crash instead. See also [World X PVP] Beta Launch (SG) for more details.

Only Veterans and above can join the matches. Note that Veterans can still get matched against Experts/Masters. You will get some points and  EXP score, even if you lose the match. Each (1) EXP score will grant approximately 25,000 EXP to each of the 3 characters, so every 100 EXP score is equivalent to 2.5m EXP per character. You can have up to 3,000 EXP score before claiming them. (For comparison, one Veteran B EXP Card provides 1.4m EXP.)

World PVP Shop is located in Auch (G6). Le Scarce costs 40,000 Points + 1,000 Shiny Crystals. Constellation Box costs 10,000 Points + 5 White Gol…

Blogroll Cleanup

The Shoutmix Shoutbox has been removed from the blog sidebars, due to too many spams from website advertisers. (It is impossible to block them all.) If you wish to leave a comment on the blog, you have to login with a Google/Blogger (G-mail) or OpenID account first. OpenID includes LiveJournal, WordPress and AIM accounts.

In addition, the following blogs have been removed from blog roll for RSS inactivity of 6 months or more. 
The Random Ramblings of a Noob AzureSkye Clan Pioneering Journey Je le file党へようこそ 続・日々の生活 Xenesis SNW Nefertari 家プラス! S.O.T.N.W. Churvanesska Family Version 2.0 Discover GE: Sword 2 ジャックのJACKPOT Hail, Pioneers! My Still Boring Life. Stracciatella GE log d.

Sword 167: Perfect Fordoi

Artemisia (Calyce) and Ambrosia (Emilia) reached Master Lv.9 and 10 respectively within Tower of Chaos. After so many weeks collecting Ancient Runes, Willikins (Raven) finally mastered [Croisement], as stance training in Errac was just so slow. Willikins (Raven) reached Expert Lv.7, while Timaeus (Male Infantry) and Magrathea (Angie) reached Lv.100. From various missions this week, we collected 2 Symbol of Aries, 2 Symbols of Sagittarius, Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Leo, and Symbol of Taurus.

Previously, we already mentioned Murdur Vordoi and Great Fordoi. The third boss is Perfect Fordoi (L108 Daemon). It will always drop 1 Piece of Naraka (specific type depends on day, e.g. Lu on Sundays), which will be needed for Viron Clock Tower raid missions (v8.5). See also Clock Tower Key Recipes. This daemon spawns in Red Sunset Forest (I6), just outside the gate near the /where coordinates (x:51635, y:14876, h:412). Its spawn timer is 1 hour 24 minutes, so it may get in the way of long AFK s…

Imperial Wheel V: November 2011

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been released for November 2011. The new items are listed below. Click on image below for full-size view (950x863).

Other "old" featured items include Evil's Desires Costume (great sword), Evil's Aversion Costume (elemental bracelet), Evil's Tension Costume (crossbow), The Secret of Aquichtus Costume (dagger), La Purete De L'Aigue-Marine (AR33 ice bracelet), Party Dress - Fireball Costume (Ludin), and Honeybee Costume Set (Soso).

Screw Bolt Crossbow
Crossbow • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 369
ATK +10% vs. Life/Daemon/Golem/Human/Undead • Penetration +8

Pyrite Bangle
Fire* Bracelet • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 277
Max SP +15% • Fire Penetration +6
Note (*): The picture says "Special Bracelet". However, the data table in the game files listed it as a fire bracelet, which makes more sense since it has fire penetration.

Knowledge of Mechanism
Tome • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 300
Max SP +15% • Mental Penetration +6

Evil's Excitement
Weapon Cost…

Magic Circle 23

Magic Circle 23 (Korea) has been released from Nov 24 to Dec 07, 2011. The "new" costumes were first seen in Imperial Wheel (Japan) - Black Banshee Costume Set (Reckless Emilia) and Honest Heart Costume Set (Helena).

The key feature is actually Cadet Adriana Character Card and Veatrice Character Card.

Click on image below for full-size view. [Source]

[SG] Jingle All The Way!
IAHGames is hosting another Kaching All The Way! event during Dec 01-19, 2011. Players have to upgrade, socket, and enchant their melee Angel Weapons to compete with each other for event points. The top prizes include Diamond of Perfection (Jewel Great Sword), first seen in Imperial Wheel IX (Japan) in April 2010.


In Greek mythology, the Naiads (Ναϊάδες from the Greek νάειν, "to flow," and νᾶμα, "running water") were a type of nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks. Naiads were associated with fresh water, as the Oceanids were with salt water and the Nereids specifically with the Mediterranean, but because the Greeks thought of the world's waters as all one system, which percolated in from the sea in deep cavernous spaces within the earth, there was some overlap.

The essence of a naiad was bound to her spring, so if a naiad's body of water dried, she died. They were often the object of archaic local cults, worshipped as essential to humans. Boys and girls at coming-of-age ceremonies dedicated their childish locks to the local naiad of the spring. Oracles might be situated by ancient springs.

Naiads could be dangerous: Hylas of the Argo's crew was lost when he was taken by naiads fascinated by his beauty. The naiads were also kno…

Sword 166: Queen of Valkyrie

As usual for the past weeks, the family spent more time in Errac to collect Ancient Runes, completing another set of Ancient Runes - Ti. Lourdes (Grace) reached Master Lv.3, while Willikins (Raven) reached Expert Lv.6. In addition, Moloch (Male Soldier) also reached Lv.100.

This week's Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Aries. Team Arena missions yielded Symbol of Virgo and Symbol of Libra. The Masters also joined in a raid on Castilla Tower of Chaos, and after a series of [Whole Cancellation] skills, finally encountered the Queen of Valkyrie (L165 Daemon). Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Master Lv.9 inside the tower itself. The gold treasure chest rewarded us with Elite Le Blanc (sco) Recipe and... Gold Ancient Relic! The other families got Le Noir or L96 Elite Armors.

Tired of upgrade failures, Adorabelle (f/ele) traded a symbol set for her +5 The Lightning of Rotanev 2S (lightning bracelet) to be upgraded to +7 and 3 sockets. After wasting 500 Veteran Enchantment Chips previously, …

Update Preview: Veatrice & Adriana

A new Korean update preview is now available for v9.16 - 업데이트 미리보기 - 베아트리체,아드리아. Details may be subject to later changes.

1. New Character: Veatrice
After the Three-Year War, Veatrice was approached and recruited by Sir Lyndon. Thereafter, enemies of Strata Vista often died in mysterious circumstances. Lacking evidences of foul play, the rumor of "Black Lightning" soon became known as a curse or terror. (Her name seems to be spelled with a "V".)

Veatrice is M'Boma's sister. She got involved with Farrel in Viron, and was no longer the caring sister as M'Boma remembered her. Her recruitment quest begins with M'Boma in Coimbra. You must have completed M'Boma Recruitment Quest and M'Boma's Extended Quest.

Her expert stance [Tempest] uses 2 lightning bracelets. It has high damage, and low accuracy (50). The stance book can be obtained through a quest. Her personal skill is [Enchantment Arm]. As part of [Hidden Truth] team, she gains team buff …

Revised Arsene Circus v9.8.1

In v9.8.1, Arsene Circus (aka Bourgogne Palace) mission will be revised. Mission remains MCC1. See 체험 그라 현장! 국민 미션 '궁', 이렇게 변했다 for more revision details. See [v3.4 Feature] Raid Mission – Chateau de Bourgogne for the original raid mission. The mission remains the same for the most part, with the following changes:

Minimum number of participants has been reduced from 3 families to 1 family.

Wounded Frost/Mario/Emily/Celine will no longer drop ticket recipes. The drop rate for L100 Enchantment Chips will be reduced.

Louis Arsene III will not drop L100 weapon (AR30) or armor (DR27) all the time. He will drop less L100 Enchantment Chips than before, and will not drop L100 Elite Weapon Recipe (AR32).

Roulette chest will be added, consisting of the following:
Arsene Circus Ticket Recipe (all colors)L100 Elite Weapon Recipe (AR32)Artisan's Accessory Recipe (earring, belt, gloves)L100 Enchantment Chips (5)Veteran Enchantment Chips (2)Werebear Weapon (AR31)L92 Elite Weapon (AR30)L…

Sword 165: Rotanev & New Recruits

As usual, we spent more time in Errac, collecting Ancient Runes. Thelandira (f/mus) reached Master Lv.10, and decided to leave some "space" for more EXP when [Unlimited Shot] becomes available in v8.6.1. Lourdes (Grace) took over the duty as chief hunter in Errac. Willikins (Raven) reached Expert Lv.4, while Marcion (m/sco) and Phlegethon (Irawain) reached Lv.100. We recruited 2 new members for more training materials. Moloch (Male Soldier) was named after the Phoenician god, often associated with child sacrifice, who was featured in John Milton's Paradise Lost as one of Satan's minions. Timaeus (Male Infantry) was named after the Pythagorean philosopher who was featured in one of Plato's dialogues also called Timaeus.

M'Boma crafted +2 The Lightning of Rotanev 2S (lightning bracelet). After using 340 Upgrade Accelerators, 8 Lacquers +5: Expert, and 12 Lacquers +6: Expert, it still remained at +5 only. With average luck, one weapon shouldn't use more …

New Characters! Tempest & Cutlass!

Korean edition has released 2 new characters. One is Adriana from Castilla Garrison 1, and the other is from season 1's character design. See Screen Board (Korean) - 베아, 아드 스탠스정보 and 아드리아나 베아트리체 스텟.

New stances - Tempest (lightning bracelet + lightning bracelet) and Cutlass (sabre + pistol)! Click on images below for full size view.

I expect Play Forum should be having articles on them soon. I will just wait for those... In addition, there is also more stuffs on season 2 character designs. See 1차 투표 결과 공개!.

[SG] Ralph Debuts! And Profits!
Ralph Character Card and Silence of Ignisia (polearm costume) are now available in Panfilo's Pot Luck. See [PPL] Update 6 Is Here!. [Shining Sting] stance book is available in Hellena's Circus of Fate for 2 Gold Tokens. For a comparison of Ralph vs. Calyce, see 랄프 vs 칼리 재대결. 그 결과는?.

In addition, there are some year-end promotions involving cash shop discount, profit, game credit bonus, profit, lucky draw, profit, weapon enhancement/enchant…

On Fallacy, Epistemology, & Boasting

In Maoster's Red Squad Clarification forum topic, I pointed out the irony and some inconsistencies in his accusations. He said that I wasn't there in Castilla Temple "yesterday", as if that alone absolves him of those duplicities. I have contacts, I don't need to be there to know things. And I was there when Othrys clan repeatedly did the very same thing that he mentioned in the opening post.

On Fallacy
Everything I have mentioned are completely relevant to the points he raised. Instead of attempting to address them as to why they are allegedly "irrelevant", all he could do is to rage and resort to nothing more than name-calling as per his modus operandi. If he thinks that throwing a string of insults is all it takes to make a good argument, then he is sadly mistaken. And as usual, like so many topics he started, they were locked by moderators for good reasons.

If ad hominem is the best he can do in support of a proposition, he seriously needs a…

Treasure Shooting R: Nov 2011

Treasure Shooting R (Japan) has been updated for Nov 09-16, 2011. The items for the previous months were entirely old items which were re-released for players who missed them previously. This month's items however included something new. Click on image below for full size view.

Party Dress - Friend Costume
Body Costume • Ludin (left)

Party Dress - Speak Costume
Body Costume • Ludin (middle)

Party Dress - First Step Costume
Body Costume • Ludin (right)

As mentioned previously, these 3 new costumes are simply variant textures for Party Dress - Fireball Costume which debuts in Magic Circle 21 (Korea). The remaining 5 unreleased variant textures for Party Dress Costume are Birthday, 100 Point, Amusement Park, Brother, and Zoo.

The old items included assorted weapons from Fallen Angel's Curse series and La Flamme De L'Amour Du Rubis (Gemstone Fire Bracelet). All of these were previously released in Imperial Wheel.

Sword 164: Master Kurt

This week's 2 Griffon missions dropped Elite Ziz Bracelet Recipe, Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Pisces, and 2 Symbol of Aries. Team Arena missions yielded Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Taurus, and Symbol of Libra. After spending a long time in Errac, Ryuk (Kurt) was finally promoted and became the family's 18th Master.

The 2nd Halloween Mass Orgy Event was even worse than the previous one last week. Some idiots decided they just have to bring Viki to summon Steel Ararats during such lag-fest events. And for what? To fight bosses with DEF Rating 4? As a result, lots of people lagged and disconnected. The server crashed on 1 channel as well. We waited for 1 hour 10 minutes before getting summoned to receive the boxes. It would probably be easier for everyone if they did simple login events with injections instead of such orgy events. But at least the new boxes have decent drops. We received the following items. See Halloween 2011 for other known drops.

AM's Touch
Citadel Pa…

Party Arena

See Party Missions for general overview of party missions. Clan leader (or deputies) can register for Party Arena on Saturday at 9pm via clan window (alt-Y). Up to 15 clan members can enter mission itself at 10pm, when a server-wide notice announces: Party Mission (Battle) [Party Arena] has started. Please participate using a button in the lower right.

It is similar to Team Arena, except for a few differences noted below. For general information on Team Arena, see [v3.2 Feature] Survive the Team Arena! and Team Arena FAQ.

Party Arena Information
Registration Time: Sat 9pm (v6.7), Daily 10pm (v8.5)
Mission Time: Sat 10pm (v6.7), Daily 11pm (v8.5)
Duration: 45 minutes
Participants: 5-15 families per clan

Unlike Team Arena where you can select which team to side with, this is strictly clan vs. clan. The opposing clan is unknown and seemingly randomly chosen. There must be at least 5 participants from each clan, otherwise the mission will fail within 5 minutes (as normal for all party mi…