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GE Extended Map

I'm sure some people have seen this map before. The area within the red box is the current GE map. I just wonder when it will be before the full map is released. The unused area seems to have lots of rivers. Who knows, maybe there will be Amazonian tribes and female archer characters? I wonder if the winged creature at the bottom of the map meant anything? Some dungeon with a dragon raid boss, or perhaps Ziz?

Idge's Tempered Breast Plate

I found out about Idge's armor upgrade from Kenmar's blog Journeys Through Granado Espada and the forum link he kindly provided here. My previous attempt to do this quest failed, when I brought a full team to the bonfire. When I succeeded, I was using her solo. So, maybe the quest won't trigger if you do not solo her.

Click on any bonfire using a Lv.60+ normal Idge (not battle-smith), while wearing Lv.44 Idge's Breastplate. A bonfire can be found at Tetra Ruins Grand Corridor (B6), up the stairs. Another bonfire is in Jezebel Glen, near the colony.

Unequip Idge's Breastplate and click on the bonfire again with Pure Aidanium x50, Pure Etretanium x50, Pure Ionium x50, and Pure Talt x50.

This piece of metal armor isn't superb, but it does not have ATK Speed penalty of most metal armors. It is a seldom completed side quest, I expect. I love secret, hidden quests~!

Market Comparison

SNW server has been going emo on me lately, with lag spikes, disconnections, and login errors. So, I revisited SGE Rembrandt server, and decided to check out the market. Let's compare market! The screenshots are from SGE Rembrandt, and I'd quote the common prices in Orpesia.

In Orpesia, vet scroll costs about 6-7m vis each...

Mystery Powder costs 350k-450k vis, while MSP costs about 25m vis.

Prices have been rising for Lv.100 chips, now costing about 4-5m vis in Orpesia (used to be about 3m).

Lv.100 AR30 bracelets cost about 35-50m vis, or more if it has good mods. (Bracelet of 3 Kings is renamed as Bracelet of the Great Soul in SNW.)

Orpesia will never be able to compete with this price. I never saw Lv.92 Elite Armor Recipes in MM before. ABS really flooded SGE market with recipes. Too bad they don't drop from SNW's Mystery Boxes.

P/S: Notice the person who is selling Recipe - Dragon Coat COSTUME for 35m vis? Hahaha. You can easily buy it from Andre anytime.

Seal of Novia

Today, the family completed Seal of Novia quest. It turned out to be easier than I expected. The collection of soup materials seems to be a bigger obstacle than the fight itself. Since everyone seems to be writing tips on this quest fight, I figured I probably should jump onto the bandwagon as well. Since you can re-do the quest upon failure, you may want to go in the first time just to scout out the map, then get serious when you go in a second time. A summary of tactics is as follows.

After NPC stopped talking, quickly use Invisible Potions on all 3 characters. Move forward a bit to go between Selva and Garcia and get the AR/DR+5 buff. Move to the side and kill Montoro (Lv.100), who can see invisible characters.Buff up (see items used below). Invisibility should be gone by now.
Lure the other 3 monsters (Lv.120) to the side one by one, and kill them.Reduce Novia (Lv.130) to 50% HP by using skills (Chain Lightning, Strike Back, etc.). Avoid clustering the characters too close to each o…

Again with the Bots

I was looking through IAHGames forums and found an interesting thread, Again with the Bots. A player, I think it's OrrOrr, made hilarious animated screenshots of botters picking up Black Magic Stones. So funny, here are some samples. LOL!

On a related note, here's a screenshot I got from the forums sometime back, when SGE was still in v2.4. Also quite funny, but at least the GM was being kinda honest. Why do some botters like to report and complain about other botters? To make themselves look innocent? Or maybe to hinder the competition from out-botting them? So strange.

SNW 25: Gilgamesh

In Bahamar Wetlands, Adorabelle (f/ele) and Thelandira (f/mus) found Raging Wind Ring and Armor Crasher Ring. Adorabelle (f/ele) finally levels up, becoming the family's 2nd expert. The family recruited Gilgamesh (Claude), who joined Titania (ATP) in Rion Dungeon Hollow to train under Jack for 2 days.

Meanwhile, Eskarina (f/wiz) and Anahita (f/sco) won 2 Mystery Boxes for finding AM-Cresius, who was missing in Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Savage Garden (D2). Alustriel (ETS) and the experts entered Bellem's Ruins to kill Dream Blade Antelope and Sentinel Captain, gaining Elite Alegrias and Elite Elementalist. Anahita (f/sco) completed the Long Mile Scavenger Hunts twice, winning 4 more Mystery Boxes. She also found her 11th Fire Isle Treasure: Grim-Stick, Elite Staff of Simurgh, and Elite Sabre.

Telos clan held 3 colonies by the end of this week's war - King's Garden, Porto Bello Desolate Cliff, and Katovic Snowfield, granting Max HP +27% colony protection.

Expert 2: Adorabelle

The family produced its 2nd expert: Adorabelle, the elementalist! She is named after Adora Belle Dearheart, a cynical character who works at the Golem Trust to help golems become free citizens (as featured in 2 Discworld novels). Since nobody seems to be selling Bracelet of Behemoth (maybe due to time zone difference), she really needs to raid Vergo or something. Unless, Anahita gets lucky and finds her one in Fire Isle Treasure Hunt.

Adorabelle promotes to expert status, while Ghae (Andre) pinches the master's perky ass.

It is going to be a while before a 3rd expert comes along. In any case, I'm still unsure who should be the one to join the musketeer and elementalist...

Creative Pose Event

K2-Alveron is hosting a Creative Pose screenshot forum event here, until 27 Jan 2009. The following is my entry. Click on picture for full size view.

sGE v3.0 Update: The Zeia

Singapore GE has released v3.0 update, opening access to Zeia (aka Errac). See v3.0 The Zeia Available Now! for the announcement. You can download the v3.0 full client or manual patch here. There is also the upcoming GM's CNY Shopping List event on 25 Jan 2009.

v3.0 Features
Unlocking the Path to ZeiaConstellation WeaponsOcculta FortressConstellation StancesPaying Tribute to the QueenThe Protector - Nar
Some of the significant updates are as follow. See v3.0 Patch Notes and Version Updates for more details.
The path to Zeia can now be unlocked by the Chancellor. See here.
The drop rate for DR 28 armor recipes has been "greatly increased" for King of Greed, Swamp Frogfish, Sekhmet, Merman Eater, Bribantra, Argus, Montoro, Garim, Betelgeuse, General Guard, Undertaker, and Necro Shaman.Recipe – Le Noir (DR 29) now drops from raid bosses. All EXP cards reward 150% more experience points now. Agility stat has been modified to increase ATK damage for Melee and Ranged characters if …

Scavenger Hunt

For the past weeks, AMs have been hosting Long Mile Scavenger Hunts, in which players can buy 3-4 specific items from NPCs to give to the host AM. The server-wide notices are as follow (specific items differ from hunt to hunt):

For weapons and armors, take note of the levels and get them from the respective towns: Reboldeaux (Lv.1-36), Coimbra (Lv.24-60), and Auch (Lv.60-72). Special food items are sold in Coimbra and Queen's Gate.

After gathering the items, the player must search for the AM, whose character is the standard GM-only girl in pink dress with wings. (See screenshot below.) The first 2 players to trade the required items will win 2 Mystery Boxes each.

Bikini Fan Art

A random GE fan art from someone's signature in 多玩 Forum...

Fail Day

Yesterday was a pretty unlucky day. Fail #1. Fire Island Treasure Hunt was first announced while I went AFK for a few minutes. I only saw the 2nd notice 5 minutes before the start of the hunt, which then ended within seconds as another family found the treasure in the Free Zone. Okay, never mind. You win some, you lose some.

Fail #2. There was Find-the-AM event. The notice first said it was in Tetra Ruins. After I searched for a while, then it said the AM was last seen in Tetra Grand Corridor. I rushed in and reached the AM near Tetra Forgotten Area entrance at the same time as another family. BUT, the mobs ended up blocking the AM and I couldn't click on her to open a trade window immediately. By the time I adjusted the camera angle, it was too late. The other family got it. Blast.

Fail #3. There was also the Item-Gathering event. I got the 3 required items (Chocolate, Ferruccio Milk, Lv.68 dagger) fairly quick. BUT I couldn't find the AM in Auch at all. In the end, 2 other fam…

SNW 24: Black Dragon

Alustriel (ETS), Thelandira (f/mus), and Adorabelle (f/ele) continued training in Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area for another 3 days, looting Elite Striform Recipe, 30 Sun Stones, and 1 Green Rough Stone. (Since the team has no detection skill user, the treasure mobs were killed by a combination of web and earthquake skills.) They collected 1,500 Hard Clay for the Mumbler in Ustiur Base Camp and received a Lv.80 Cinderella's Clara Mago (DR28) for Alustriel.

After getting kicked out of Ancient Area, the veterans moved back to Bahamar Wetlands, looting Sept Etoiles Ring, Atomic Phoenix Bomber Ring, Construction Hammer: Defense, and Elite Albaes Recipe. They killed 100 Eltetahs in Frozen Wastes and Katovic Snowfield and got only ONE bloody Golden Apple. Soon, the family produced its first expert: Thelandira (f/mus).

On the other hand, Anahita (f/sco) found her 10th Fire Isle Treasure at Zone 1: The Black Dragon, Elite Finisher, and Elite Sniper Rifle.

Expert 1: Thelandira

After so long, the family finally promoted its first expert - Thelandira, the musketeer! Thelandira is named after Solonor Thelandira, the elf god of archery and hunting in Forgotten Realms novels. (Archer is the closest approximation to a musketeer.) Meanwhile, Adorabelle, the veteran elementalist, follows closely behind at 91.6% and is due hopefully next week. Leveling to expert is a pain without Combat Manual, but luckily, the recent Mystery Boxes dropped several Ancient Area Passes, which helped somewhat for lower level veterans.


In Granado Espada, Panfilo de Narvaez is the simple cook who uses the unique Flame Guard stance and the Protector of the Cows. But in reality, he is much more than that...

Pánfilo de Narváez (1478 – 1528) was a Spanish conqueror and soldier in the Americas. He helped in the conquest of Cuba in 1511. He is most remembered as the leader of two expeditions, one to Mexico and another to Florida.

In 1520, he was sent by Diego Velasquez to lead an expedition to Mexico with 1,100 men to oppose Cortés, who was charged with treason. However, Cortés overcame Narváez, despite his numerical inferiority, and convinced the rest of Narvaez's men to join him.

In his expedition to Florida in 1527, the failure to find gold and the hostility of the native Apalachee Indians led to the decision to rejoin the ships and continue to Mexico. However, the vessels were destroyed in a storm, killing almost all of the expedition members, including Pánfilo de Narváez.

Source: WikipediaPirate's Cove


In the midst of this clash and din the heavens are rent in twain, and the sons of Muspel come riding through the opening. Surtr rides first, and before him and after him flames burning fire.
- Prose Edda

Muspellheim ("home of desolation") is the southern land of fire and home of the fire giants in Norse mythology. It is opposed by Niflheim, the northern land of mists. When the end comes during Ragnarok, the fire giant Surtr will come forth from Muspellheim to set the world ablaze, burning everything to ashes. The Bifrost Bridge will collapse under his weight. The unarmed god Freyr will be the first to die by his sword.

Sources: Encyclopedia MythicaWikipedia

SNW 23: Veteran Sage

Jack brought Alustriel (ETS) and Sacharissa (Idge) to Fire Isle Zone 1, where they met BruFeRa family whining about them looting a free-for-all Lv.76 enchantment chip. Then, Catherine trained Alustriel in the Ancient Area of Skeleton Dungeon. After consuming 361 Lv.90 EXP cards, Alustriel jumped from Lv.93 (7%) to Lv.98 (55%). Soon after, she became the family's 6th veteran.

To celebrate Alustriel's promotion, the family gave her a +5 Elite Ring Mail DR+3 (traded within the clan with Elite Striform DEF 15 DR+3), a Elite Moonstone Rod (9m vis), and a Psychokinesis Ring (3.1m vis). Thereafter, Alustriel was joined by Thelandira (f/mus) and Adorabelle (f/ele) in the Ancient Area to start the AFK grind to expert, finding 9 Sun Stones and a Teleport Scroll in the process. This unfortunately still wasn't enough to bring them up to the next level this week.

Thelandira (f/mus) finally decided to learn Sight Shot stance, while Adorabelle (f/ele) bought Evocation Lightning Ring for 2.…

Ring Box

I opened 20 Ring Boxes, and received 5 Lv.100 rings...

Complete Protection
Lava Plasma
Ankle Shot
Mighty Cruz [Stance]
Raid Assault [Stance]
The remaining 15 rings are...

Photon Splash
Invisible Stalker
Enchantment Arm
Tornado Holding
Highlander Soul
Cross Penetration
Attaque Devolver
Parade Riposte
Raging Wind
Atomic Crazy Rush
Will of the Warrior
Rotating Blade
Great Rotating Blade

Underground Culverts

Reboldoeux Culverts dungeon has been released in sGE. This underground sewers in the path to Errac (aka Zeia), the Aztec-like civilization. To enter the gate located at Queen's Gate (D2), the player must have completed Bahama pioneering quests (up to The Ten Nobles of Vespanola) and have at least AR 57 and DR 55.

Within the dungeon, you cannot save warp point, see zone map, or change channel. The ogre and werewolf mobs are Lv.108-112 devils. The dungeon boss, Undertaker (Lv.114), drops AR 32 weapon recipes and DR 28 armor recipes. The boss must be killed to access Errac. If it respawns, it must be killed again.

The mobs within the dungeon drop recipes for ogre series and werewolf series weapons. The ogre series (AR 30; ATK +10%) include sword, great sword, polearm, shotgun, and staff. The werewolf series (AR 30; +15% damage vs. humans) include sword, shield, dagger, rifle, and blunt. The required materials of the recipes is listed in the update article. Crafting must be done by Lv.1…

Ammo Comparision: Vis Or Feso?

The table below shows the cost of buying 10,000 ammunition using feso (portable ammo box) and vis (standard ammo box). Each portable ammo box contains 10,000 ammunition. Each standard ammo box varies in amount according to its type. For example, a Box of Pistol Bullets costs 32 vis from NPC (e.g. Emilia) and contains 150 bullets. This amounts to 0.2133 vis per bullet, or 2133 vis for 10k bullets.

The ammo charger is more expensive than the standard ammo box, and thus it will not considered. Ratio refers to the exchange rate of feso for vis, using the respective costs of ammo boxes.

AmmunitionFesoVisRatio10k Pistol Bullets
10k Rifle Bullets
10k Buckshots
10k Cannon Shells
10k Crossbow Bolts

In Orpesia server, a commonly quoted feso-to-vis ratio is 1:20. As such, the portable ammo boxes are not only more convenient (especially for Outrage Shot users), they also offer vastly better exchange rates. So, if you have spare feso to sell, i…


Two of the javelins in Granado Espada are named after famous Spanish conquistadors, namely Cortes and Pizarro.

Hernán Cortés (1485-1557) was a Spanish conquistador who brought about the fall of the Aztec empire and seized large portions of mainland Mexico. When news of the New World discovered by Columbus reached Spain, Cortés was becoming ready to sail to the New World.

In November 1519, Cortés and his men were peacefully received by the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II in the island city of Tenochtitlan. The emperor gave lavish gifts in gold to the Spaniards which enticed them to plunder. In his letters to Charles V, Cortés claimed to have learned at this point that he was considered by the Aztecs to be either an emissary of the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl or the god himself. Eventually, Moctezuma II was taken hostage to assure security against the increasing Aztec animosity. Eventually ravaged by the Smallpox epidemic, the Aztec empire fell to the siege of the Spaniards and the Azte…


Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador, conqueror of the Incan Empire and founder of Lima, the modern-day capital of Peru. Through his father, Francisco was second cousin to Hernán Cortés, the famed conquistador of Mexico.

In 1532, Pizarro and his forces attacked the Incan army in the Battle of Cajamarca. The Incan Emperor Atahualpa was taken captive, and then executed by garrote in 1533.

In 1538, a territorial dispute over Cuzco led Pizarro to a confrontation with Almagro, another Spanish conquistador. Almagro was defeated and executed. Pizarro was eventually assassinated in Lima in 1541 by the followers of Almagro's son.

Pizarro Seizing the Inca of Peru, John Everett Millais

Sources: Wikipedia

SNW 22: The Wind, The Pirate, The Sage

In Bahamar Wetlands (aka Marshlands), the veterans found Vampiric Edge, Elite Striform Recipe x2, Elite Alegrias Recipe, Elite Robe of Pluto, and Elite Laranja e Preto Recipe. They moved on to Bahamar Marsh (aka Swamp of Darkness) and found the family's 6th Snail Shell and Elite Camisa de Soldado Recipe. Swamp Angler spawned on the spot. The veterans tried to solo it, but it was taking too long. After it was reduced to about 40%, Tuckerman family came in for the kill. Luckily, the veterans still got the loot, but it was nothing special.

Pazrael (Soho the Wind) and Titania (Adelina the Pirate) joined the family, after falling out of Mystery Boxes. Pazrael was eventually pimped off in exchange for a mercenary warrant. Alustriel (Emilia the Sage) joined and took his place in the quarters.

Thelandira (f/mus) trained the new recruits at Gigante Beach, where they encountered swordofbestiny family messing about with Thoracotomy spinelles. They also saw an amusing dinosaur strolling about t…

Veteran Levels

In v3.0, Veterans and Experts will be listed with levels, instead of only EXP %. Basically, a fresh veteran (0%) is Lv.1 (0%). Every 10% EXP thereafter increases level by +1, as listed in the table below. I will be using this system in this blog's Family entries from here on. For more on v3.0, see here.

Emilia the Slut

All the Mystery Boxes I opened so far have failed to drop the character I wanted from them. When I contacted several families who wanted to sell Emilia the Slut, most of them wanted 100m vis or more. I almost gave up trying to buy her. But luckily, I finally found a family willing to pimp her off for 80m vis. I helped to power-level Toughs family's ETS in Gigante Beach, while broadcasting to buy a mercenary warrant.

After using a few mics, I managed to trade Pazrael (Soho the Wind) off for a mercenary warrant. Good riddance, since the only difference between Soho the Wind and regular Soho is Book of Wind, which he probably won't even use once Arnis stance is available.

I named my ETS Alustriel, after the Chosen of Mystra and one of the Seven Sisters in Forgotten Realms novels. So finally after all the teasing and playing hard-to-get, her ass is mine!

Unnerfed ETS with INT 8.

Recreate ALS Signature

This is a method for anyone who wants to manually recreate the signature previously hosted by Another Lonely Soul (see GE Signature Site Is Down). The previous pack included only the base character portraits.

I recreated the sig background. For anyone who wants to manually re-create the signature, I included 3 background files, a font, and the previous base character portraits in the new pack.

Sample character portrait...

Now, I recreated the signature backgrounds to be used with the portraits.

Sample background...

The background files (vet, expert, lv.1-100) are in .psd format. Lv.1-100 file included a text layer, so you can edit whatever level you want. If you open the background file in Photoshop, you should see the file has 2 layers. Just copy the character portrait (e.g. adelina_2.png) and paste as a new layer in between the existing 2 layers (e.g Lv.100 and BG White). Merge visible layers and save in .png format. Read readme.txt included in the pack for more information.

You can downl…