Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Recreate ALS Signature

This is a method for anyone who wants to manually recreate the signature previously hosted by Another Lonely Soul (see GE Signature Site Is Down). The previous pack included only the base character portraits.

I recreated the sig background. For anyone who wants to manually re-create the signature, I included 3 background files, a font, and the previous base character portraits in the new pack.

Sample character portrait...

Now, I recreated the signature backgrounds to be used with the portraits.

Sample background...

The background files (vet, expert, lv.1-100) are in .psd format. Lv.1-100 file included a text layer, so you can edit whatever level you want. If you open the background file in Photoshop, you should see the file has 2 layers. Just copy the character portrait (e.g. adelina_2.png) and paste as a new layer in between the existing 2 layers (e.g Lv.100 and BG White). Merge visible layers and save in .png format. Read readme.txt included in the pack for more information.

You can download the new pack below (540k, .zip).