Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Seal of Novia

Today, the family completed Seal of Novia quest. It turned out to be easier than I expected. The collection of soup materials seems to be a bigger obstacle than the fight itself. Since everyone seems to be writing tips on this quest fight, I figured I probably should jump onto the bandwagon as well. Since you can re-do the quest upon failure, you may want to go in the first time just to scout out the map, then get serious when you go in a second time. A summary of tactics is as follows.

  • After NPC stopped talking, quickly use Invisible Potions on all 3 characters.
  • Move forward a bit to go between Selva and Garcia and get the AR/DR+5 buff.
  • Move to the side and kill Montoro (Lv.100), who can see invisible characters.
  • Buff up (see items used below). Invisibility should be gone by now.
  • Lure the other 3 monsters (Lv.120) to the side one by one, and kill them.
  • Reduce Novia (Lv.130) to 50% HP by using skills (Chain Lightning, Strike Back, etc.). Avoid clustering the characters too close to each other.
  • Walk over to Invierno, who will talk about healing Garcia.

You have 20 minutes to finish the entire quest. For more tips, see Novia in Gavin's Quest.

The following are the characters and items I used in the quest fight.

Emilia the Sage [Veteran] ~ AR 57 • DR 56 [ESP, Psychokinesis]
Musketeer [Expert] ~ AR 59 • DR 59 [Outrage Shot]
Elementalist [Expert] ~ AR 59 • DR 61 [Evocation/Domination Lightning]

The AR/DR listed above are before using the items below. My weapons are +5 and have general ATK mods. You can get Anti-Daemon or Anti-Human mods, if you like.

Lucifer Wings x3
K2 gave out 6 Lucifer Wings free for Christmas. Just activate 3 of them. I didn't use Sage Necklace (AR/DR+3 for 3 days), but you can use it if you like.

AM's Boost x1
The pioneering quests should give 5 AM's Boost potions (aka Hrin's Potion). The recent influx of Mystery Boxes also lowered its market price, so buy some if you need more. The potion's effect persists after changing maps, so use it before entering the fight.

Invisible Potion x3
If you have trained at Fire Isle, you should have at least a few Invisible Potions. If not, just buy them.

Triumph Filler x1, Health Regen Potion x1
The pioneering quests should provide 10 Event Health Regen Potions and 3 Event Triumph Fillers. The event potions cannot be used for crafting or selling anyway, so use them in the fight. Health Regen Potion is used so that the characters continue healing in case of getting hit by Novia's Freeze debuff. Scout's Recover skill can also remove this debuff.

Mithridart x1, Nutrition x1, Analeptic Remedy x1
I forgot that I brought Election Reward Potion (Lv.15 buff) as well, probably should have used it instead of the 3 standard buff potions.

Skill Buffs
If you have a wizard or Emilia, use Anti-Magic Shell. If not, use Magical Resistance Potion instead. Elementalist should buff Lightning Plasma for more damage, or Ice Plasma for more resistance. The rest are pretty standard, such as Concentration for musketeer, Elemental Penetration and Enchantment Arm for Elementalist, etc.


Almontri said…
Congrats Ash! But I could do that much more easily since I have a Wizard with Invisible Stalker maxed. :P
Nice DR on the Elementalist.
hmmm i solo this boss with my only Nar lv2 master
total buff i got 71 DR and 71 AR

no invisible pot quite fun and fast ^^