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Bahamas & Land of the Dead Release Date

A quote from Hrin in the forum post:

Tentatively, Bahamas is scheduled to be opened in the first week of march. If all goes well, maybe slightly earlier.
Tierra De Los Muertos (Land of the Dead) is scheduled to open at the end of January.

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Stop Windows XP Restart Request

When Windows XP installs an update, it usually requests to restart the system to ensure the update is implemented. However, if you have been living without the update for years, waiting a few more hours probably won't hurt. And you won't want the restart request to keep nagging and disrupting your GE game play (especially if you are running GE full-screen).

To stop Windows Update restart request, click Start - Run and input the following command...

net stop wuauserv

You may also put this into a batch file, so you can run it anytime you want. To create a batch file, create a new text file (stfu.txt) and input the above command. Save, and rename it as stfu.bat.

When you stop the restart request, be sure to shutdown/restart your computer when you are done with GE (or whatever else you are doing on your computer).