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Pioneer Equipment

Pioneer equipment are now available, as noted in the Dummies' Guide To Glazium. A pioneer weapon costs a number of glaziums equal to 4 x number of times the specific weapon has been received. A pioneer armor costs the same, except it is 6 instead of 4.

For example, when you receive the first Lv.40 pioneer pistol, it costs 4 Lv.40 glaziums. The second Lv.40 pistol costs 8 glaziums, the third pistol costs 12 glaziums, etc. Likewise, the first Lv.40 robe costs 6 glaziums, the second Lv.40 robe costs 12 glaziums, the third Lv.40 robe costs 18 glaziums, etc.

Equipment Types
The following pioneer equipment are available:
Melee Weapon: sword, rapier, sabre, dagger, shield, great sword, polearm, knuckle, gaitersRanged Weapon: pistol, rifle, shotgun, cannonMagic Weapon: rod, staff, special staff, fire/ice/lightning braceletArmor: leather, metal, coat, robe
Guaranteed Fixed Options
Pioneer equipment are GUARANTEED options when using enchantment chips. Lv.1 and Lv.20 pioneer equipment gets free op…

sGE v2.6.3 The Requiem

Granado Espada has released v2.6 The Requiem patch. I quit GE before this, as I got too bored with grinding my veterans to expert level. Now, I decided to return to the game to take a look. Prices have gone off the roof. Enhancement boosters now cost 11-12m vis each, compared to 1-2m vis before I quit. (The new RNPC Vicente Rio demands the boosters for him to join your family.) Check the articles on v2.6 Updates.

Game Features v2.6
Enter Chaos RequiemArena of the AncientsGuns Ablazin' WeekRoyal RumbleGarim's NestGroup Chat & Mini-BossesCatch the Spearfish!Soldier's WeekBattlesmith's WeekFishin' Chips Week
Enter the TigerHidden TerritoryRNPC Vicente Rio
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