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Level: 14
STR 4 ☼ AGI 4 ☼ CON 4 ☼ DEX 5 ☼ INT 5 ☼ CHA 5
Stances: First Aid, Fortitudo, Amicus, Castis
Job Skill: Heal
Weapon/Armor: Caliburn/Leather
The following is the quests required to recruit Viki and acquire his Castis (aka Testis) stance book:

Boy and Golem
NPC: Viki
Requirement: Lv.72
Reward: None
Talk to Dr. Torsche in Viki's Hut (El Tejado Verde, G3), when he visits Ulrik on Wednesday (GMT+8). Talk to Viki and agree to update him on the trends in the cities.Talk to a girl in Reboldoeux (G5) about trendy food and trendy toys.A boy from Plateau, Viki
NPC: Viki
Reward: EXP card (Lv70; 64,000 EXP) x3
Collect Cacao Sonador x1 and ROBO R 90 x1. See separate quests below. Boy, you must have a dream
NPC: Diego
Reward: ROBO R 90
Talk to Diego in Reboldoeux (F8) about ROBO R 90.Collect Wild Boar's Molar Tooth x20 from Saberboar (Lv.18) in Cathari Falls.Collect Jezebelnium Plywood x20 from Barrel Octopus (Lv.36) or Crate Octopus (Lv.36) in Jezebel Glen.Collect Roboten Jewel x5 from Phobitan Wa…

Strange Hinges & Clocks

There were no changes in recruitment quests for Karjalainen and Angie in Singapore GE. So, it is unlikely that the strange items (20 each) required by Viki's quest will be reduced, especially given Hrin's vague response.

I spent weeks in Dr. Torsche's Mansion Grand Library and managed only to acquire 8 strange hinges from the haunted desks. However, there is actually an easy way to acquire the strange items required by Viki's quest. You can farm strange items in Forgotten Territories (FT): Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex.

I used a Lv65 Summoner Catherine with a one-day FT pass. In about 18-19 hours, I managed to acquire strange cogwheel x14, strange spring x16, strange tube x26, strange clock x22, and strange hinge x40.

Surprisingly, strange hinges (very rare drop in Grand Library) are so common in FT. Perhaps, the GMs rigged the drop rate to get people to buy FT passes, thereby making Viki an "almost-premium" RNPC.

Beginner's Quests

When you create a new family, your characters are on the ship sailing to the New Continent. These are quests designed to help a new player learn how to play the game. In v2.1.18, only the first and last quests are available. More tutorial quests are added in v2.4.

[The First Fleet] Rum Errands
NPC: Ricardo
Location: Deck of the Jaclina
Reward: Healing Ampules x5
Talk to Najib Sharif to get the High Quality Rum for Ricardo.Transference Report
NPC: Jonathon
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), J6
Reward: None
Talk to Jonathon for an introduction to Granado Espada.
Shop Trainsaction Tutorial
NPC: Shop Transaction Instructor
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), H4
Reward: Beginner's Nutrition x10
Talk to the shop transaction instructor to try out actual transaction.Purchase a bottle of rum with the 50 vis that the instructor gave you.Useful Tips Tutorial
NPC: Tutorial Tips Soldier
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), H5
Reward: Healing Ampules x10
Talk to the tutorial tips soldier.Barrack Mode Tutorial
NPC: Barracks Guide

Nimrod Bridge Invasion

The pioneers of Carracci failed to defend the bridge in the Nimrod Bridge Invasion event. As a result, monsters (e.g. Novia) invaded the cities of Coimbra and Auch. A big problem is that the monsters in towns can attack players, but players are still unable to attack in towns.

Unfortunately, the event is geared towards high-level players with good equipment. There is nothing in the event for low-level players. And even veteran characters with moderate equipment still end up with nothing. This seems to be a frustrating trend in GE itself, where the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer, and the middlers get nowhere.

2 RNPCs Released Per Month

Apparently not all RNPCs will be immediately available in v2.4. Here is a quote from Hrin:

Actually, not all the RNPCs will be out immediately once we launch V2.4. There will be 2 RNPCs released per month. Tentatively, Viki will be released in Jan 2008, but we are still awaiting IMC approval. Once we get news, we will post up the calendar of events on the website.

According to the Version Update, the first 2 RNPCs are Karjalainen and Angie, then followed by Viki and Feng Ling.

According to Hrin, Viki's quest is the same as Korean/Jap version, i.e. can be activated only on Wednesday. About the strange hinges and clocks, she simply said that "Viki is meant to be difficult to get...".

Hrin's quotes are taken from...

Spirits of Joaquin

Throughout the Prison de Joaquin, you will find long, metallic sarcophagi, which are clickable. Clicking on them however does nothing. And standing close to one usually result in an exclaimation (!) from the sarcophagus and your characters start taking damage from no apparent source.

In fact, the damage is dealt by invisible spirits of Joaquin, located within the sarcophagus. Simply stand close to the sarcophagus and use Detection skill. The Spirits of Joaquin will appear and attack. These spirits seem to have a higher drop rate than regular mobs in the prison. (The monster level varies, depending on which level of the prison you are at. See stat blocks below.)

Restoring Patrol Mode

Normally, if a character is revived after dying, he loses his patrol mode (also called keep mode). You can re-trigger the patrol mode of your squad mate's characters.

Simply revive the dead character with Resuscitation skill, and then use Detection (or Provoke) skill near the character. This will restore the character's patrol mode and allow him to attack nearby monsters, assuming he's on patrol mode when he died.

Note that this works only for characters who are in your squad, and it doesn't work for scout's auto-heal.

Finding Exact Coordinates

You can check your exact coordinates by typing /where into the chat window. This will return with a message on the left side of the screen (like broadcasts using microphones), which says something like...

(x:3456, y:4567, h:3567)

I'm not quite sure what use these coordinates have as yet. Leave me a message if you have more information.

Korean & Japanese Voice Packs

You can change the character voices to Japanese or Korean by replacing se.ipf file in Granado Espada\ge folder. Be sure to backup the original file. The following links are taken from jGE se.ipf and Se.ipf 2.5X Korean version.

Japanese GE
Part 1/3 : se.part1.rar (95.78 MB)
Part 2/3 : se.part2.rar (95.78 MB)
Part 3/3 : se.part3.rar (4.64 MB)

Korean GE v2.5x
Extract first SE part1.rar and SE part2.rar then after extracting the 4 zip files you can now extract SE part 1 to continue to its volumes till part 3...

SE 1: Part 1 | Part 2 ☼ SE 2: Part 1 | Part 2SE Part 3

However, please note that this is illegal by the game terms and conditions, as verified by Hrin here.

GE Free To Play

GE is going F2P. Maybe it’s a plot from the beginning to get people to buy more GVC by declaring P2P business model. Anyway, beta players and those who have topped-up 1 GVC will get a loyalty package. See Official Announcement for details.

Existing game time will be converted to 35 G-points per day. Some people complain that the conversion rate is too little. Well, some simple math will reveal that you are getting more than what the game time is worth.

For example, 90-days GVC will get you 90-days game time + 15k G-points or 18k G-points without game time. Do the math... (18000-15000)/90 = 33.3 G-points/day.

Do the same for 30-days GVC will get you 26.6 G-points/day. 365-days GVC is worse, giving you 27.4 G-points/day. Maybe 35 G-points/day is not much of a bonus, but you are definitely not getting ripped off.

sGE v2.4 Bahia Island

Bahia Island patch (v2.4) is now available. The patch is about 700MB, and can be installed immediately without conflicting v2.1.18. The patch materials can only be accessed after server patch on 20 Dec 2007. See patch features at IAHGames and PlayGE.SG.

There are 3 ways to download the patch: Download the customized BitTorrent client and run it to download the patch.
Download the .torrent file and open it with your own BitTorrent client (e.g. µTorrent).
Download via HTTP in 12 compressed parts (.rar) from Savefile.For more information, see the official notice and Hrin’s mini-FAQ in the forum.