[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Beginner's Quests

When you create a new family, your characters are on the ship sailing to the New Continent. These are quests designed to help a new player learn how to play the game. In v2.1.18, only the first and last quests are available. More tutorial quests are added in v2.4.

[The First Fleet] Rum Errands
NPC: Ricardo
Location: Deck of the Jaclina
Reward: Healing Ampules x5
  1. Talk to Najib Sharif to get the High Quality Rum for Ricardo.
Transference Report
NPC: Jonathon
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), J6
Reward: None
  1. Talk to Jonathon for an introduction to Granado Espada.
Shop Trainsaction Tutorial
NPC: Shop Transaction Instructor
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), H4
Reward: Beginner's Nutrition x10
  1. Talk to the shop transaction instructor to try out actual transaction.
  2. Purchase a bottle of rum with the 50 vis that the instructor gave you.
Useful Tips Tutorial
NPC: Tutorial Tips Soldier
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), H5
Reward: Healing Ampules x10
  1. Talk to the tutorial tips soldier.
Barrack Mode Tutorial
NPC: Barracks Guide
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), H4
Reward: Beginner's Mithridart x10
  1. Form a party of 3 characters and talk to the barracks guide.
The Call of Nunez's Cameo
NPC: Nunez
Location: Coimbra (Tutorial), G4
Reward: None
  1. Talk to Nunez to move out of the tutorial map to Reboldoeux, Office of Pioneer Support.
Basic Combat Education
NPC: Basic Combat Trainer
Location: Reboldoeux, Office of Pioneering Support
Reward: Soldier RNPC card
  1. Defeat 5 Reboldoeux Soldiers (Lv1).