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[KOR] New character—Javad (자베드) uses grimoire and robe.   ⭐  

GE Steam 1st Anniversary Event

SEA server is having GE Steam 1st Anniversary Event 🔗 from Nov 14 to Dec 19, 2018. Receive a 30-day Pioneering Journal, which gives AR 33-36 Weapons, Cursed Weapon Costume, and 1050 event tokens.

Event tokens are also dropped by field monsters, and can be traded to Event NPC for 4 levels of rewards (total 1800 tokens), which includes Strata Devil Armor, Character Card Box III, Master Card, Veteran/Expert Enchantment Chips, etc.

Violet & Weapons

European server is importing Violet & Weapons event from Korean server. This event rewards +7 AR 33-37 event weapons. It involves enhancing special AR 33 event weapon to +7, then trade to the next AR weapon and enhance to +7 again (and again until you get the desired AR weapon), and finally trade the +7 special event weapon for a +7 normal weapon of the same AR. Enhancement requires special event boosters acquired from field monster drops or daily event quest to complete 8 ranks worth of missions.

Participants must have family level 20 and achievement score of 1,000.

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Recruit Coa: Snake Girl

Snake Girl quests were added in v29.79.16. Coa is also known as CoA (Europe) or Koa (USA).

You will need to give the following items:
Blue Armonoium Ore x5Chocolate x5Great Bristia Style Egg Stew x1Great Illier Style Wild Boar Steak x1Great Illier Style Wolf Steak x1Great Illier Style Comodo Steak x1High Quality Cloth x500Old Journal 1 x100Old Journal 2 x100Old Journal 3 x100 You will need to kill monsters in the following maps:
Camellia TeiaArmonia LatinaRiver of FireBonavista River or Rion PlainPrison de Joaquin Altar of DespairShelter of Resistance[Optional] Bahama Marshlands, Swamp of Darkness, or Swamp of Peril

[130][Snake Girl] Prey
Prerequisites: None.
Trigger quest mail by moving to Frourio with Leftover Meat Piece (quest item) in inventory.The quest item is dropped by monsters in Camellia Teia.Talk to Panfilo in Frourio (I8).Collect Rabiosa's Hind Shank (quest item) x500 by killing Rabiosa (50%) in Camellia Teia.Talk to Panfilo in Frourio (I8) to give the above items.Collect …