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Rosa's Rock Festival

European and SEA servers have imported another Korean server event—Rosa's Rock Festival for 2 weeks. Talk to Event NPC Rosa to join a special event mission.

Inside the mission, talk to Rosa to choose easy (AR/DR 60-62) or hard (AR/DR 71-74) mode, then kill 50 wildlife monsters, followed by Dark Celberos (lifeless). Both modes gives 3 event tickets. Hard mode gives more Soul Crystals, Principal Ampules, Veteran Enchantment Chips, and Expert Enchantment Chips than easy mode.

The event shop includes Weapon Costume Summon Stone - Bernier/Curse/Character (15 tickets), Weapon Costume Exchange Coupon (10 tickets), various wings (10 tickets), great dishes (10 tickets), and Training Card G (1 ticket).

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Weekend Token Rush

T3Fun is having Weekend Token Rush 🔗 event for Jul 28-29, 2018 (Sat-Sun). Simply collect Bounty Hunter's Guild Tokens during the event period for rewards on Jul 31, 2018 (Tue). Note that Demonic Missions (Hard) do not include tokens as roulette rewards.

The rewards include:
50 tokens = GE 12th Anniversary Pioneering Diary100 tokens = Ring Box (event) x15, Warp Free Pass (15 days, Event)300 tokens = Weapon Costume Summon Stone - Bernier (Event), High Master Card (Event) x2500 tokens = Pet Food x300, Wings of Red Devil (7 days) x21000 tokens = Coral Rumin Pioneer diary will be removed on Sep 03, 2018 (Mon), and its contents are:

SEA Update v29.69.56

SEA server has updated to v29.69.56, featuring... uh, arrangement function for warp list, I guess? There's nothing much really. It's just one patch before Altria Episode 1. See Scheduled Maintenance for July 25, 2018 🔗 for patch notes. Oh, and last week, they recycled the old Young Divino Event (2014) with updated rewards.

Europe Update + Pioneer Journal Event

European server has updated to v29.69.56, featuring extended item slots. If you are using custom skins, download the latest skins (v29.58.64) from here. There is also the 12th Pioneer Journal Event (1 week) for Family Lv.25+.

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Localize Mod: Change Sizes

You can resize certain things in-game on your client side to make them appear bigger or smaller. Open the appropriate .ies file and look up the Name or ItemName column to find the correct ClassName. You may need to cross-reference the dictionary_local file. Then, find the Scale column to adjust the default value. See Modifying Localize File first if you are unsure about what to do. The following are some examples on what you can resize.

Resize Drop Items
Most drop items are in datatable_item_etc.ies file, while others are in their respective item categories (armor, ring, glove, recipe, etc.). For example, let's resize Petrified Hearts that are dropped by Sacred Vespanola Soldiers, so it's easier to click on them. If you need to farm 1000 Seals of Hero to craft Viscount Montoro's Ring, you make the seals easier to see/click while you farm them... Oh, how about Shiny Box that drops in Viron forests? Let's make them all bigger.
SetPropertyNumber("Item", "pet…