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Lagnado Botpada

Another movie poster edit... this one is from Wall-e. Click on picture for full-size view.

SNW 8: Veteran Elementalist

Adorabelle (elementalist) continues to train in Fire Island, Skeleton Dungeon 1F-2F, and Topolo, finally becoming a veteran. A wooden controller was picked in Skeleton Dungeon 2F from the normal mobs. Then, it is back to Scorching Plateau for veteran leveling. The family joined Telos clan (Lv.52 royalist), bringing the family level to 16.

Anahita (scout) found her first treasure at Fire Island Zone 2 (I4). See My First Treasure.

Disaster Move

I came up with this after reading the funny edits of movie posters in Orcalia's Blog, which unfortunately hasn't been updated recently. This one is of course about the server migration for sGE. Click on picture for full-size view.

Carracci Is Really Dead

As long predicted, the servers in Singapore GE are merging on 7 Oct 2008. The three PK servers: Cervantes, Caravaggio and Vivaldi will migrate into the new world named Bach. The two non-PK servers: Carracci and Pachelbel will migrate into the new world named Rembrandt.

R.I.P. Carracci

Hrin mentioned here that there will be a World Migration Package (pending IMC approval) for anyone who logged in during 7 Sep to 7 Oct. This includes 3 of each items (1 day) - FT pass, AT pass, combat manual, stance manual, lucifer wings, and devil wings.

For official notices, see World Migration Family and Faction Transfer Guide and Granado Espada World Migration Official Announcement.

On the other hand, IAHGames is prepared to release on 17 Oct 2008 GE v2.9: Secret of the Culverts. Wait... Is "culvert" even a word?

Well, apparently it is. According to Wikipedia, a culvert is a conduit used to enclose a flowing body of water. Read more here. Maybe it has to do with Garim's Nest?

GE Renders, Dolls, & Chibi

Official Fan Kits
Fan kits include concept arts, maps, renders of characters and monsters, etc. The Korean fan kit include costumes from later versions, like beach wear.

Singapore GE Fan KitKorean GE Fan KitSword of the New World Fan Kit

Character Dolls
See Demetrius' GE Dollz and Extrassy's Edits & Pixel Dolls. A few samples below.

Character Chibi
The compiled Chibi from Taiwan GE (see below) is missing the following - Romina, Rescue Knight, Grenmah (Grandice), Kurt, Eduardo, Garcia, Baek Ho, Vicent Rio, Viki, STR/DEX/INT Catherine, Tiburon, Ramiro, Calypso, and Claire.

Besides the Taiwan GE Chibi, Shinobeez has 2 more chibis - Chibi Andre and Chibi Adelina.

My First Treasure

Since Anahita (scout) has reached Lv.92, I decided to try out the treasure hunt at Island of Fire. I found my first treasure at zone 2 (I4) at 8pm today! It seems that only veteran/expert can open the treasure chest. When Anahita tries to open it, it says, "Unable to open the treasure chest due to low promotion level." But luckily, my veteran Catherine is there.

So, the drops are Lv.100 grim-wight, Lv.84 elite staff of simurgh, and Lv.84 elite calabrone. It could have been better, of course. Lv.100 elite rapier may not sell since it has the same AR as Lv.92 elite rapier. I'd have preferred a Bracelet of Ziz or Behemoth, but it is better than nothing. :)

Capybara Mine Passage

The Mine Passage is accessed from Capybara Plantation by using 4 Keys of Capybara on the marker stone. In the same way, 4 more keys are needed to open the marker stone in this map to go to 3F where Hell Breaker resides.

Here is an annotated map of the Mine Passage...

A pioneering memorial (v2.6) has been added at B7. The Treasure Chests are the same as those in Capybara Plantation.

Underground Lockers contain the Mine Diaries, quest items needed for one of the Toubkal Quests.

Lockers can be opened if you have Key Chain of Mine (see Toubkal Quests). They give a random item, such as Lv.84 Enchantment Chip, Lv.90 EXP Card x3, Diamond Coupon, Mystic Amber/Spinelle x5, or Resurrection Potion x20.

Each Electric Tin Mine drop 1-5 Pebbles (Pieces of Turmaline) on the ground for anyone to pick. Once emptied, each tin mine refills itself with pebbles after 3 hours.

The Golden Bats (Lv.108) are the same as those in Capybara Plantation, except they are tougher.

The mini-boss Gullfaxi (Lv.103) loo…

Capybara Plantation

The Capybara Plantation is accessible from Abertal. A pioneering memorial (v2.6) is added at I5.

The marker stone requires 4 Keys of Capybara to open, allowing access to Mine Passage. The keys are rare drops by the normal mobs, but are more frequently acquired from Golden Bat (Lv.106). The bats' locations are annotated on the map above.

Dropping 200 Food of Capybara into Capybara Food Pack provides a special buff. Alternatively, you can fight with a specific strategy. Use a character (e.g. fighter) to attack the bat, drawing its hostility. Since the bat moves slowly, use that character to keep running around all the other characters, who attack it with ranged attacks. (If the other characters use melee attacks, the bat may change target.) Just keep the bat rotating in circles near the attacking characters until it dies.

The Key of Capybara can also be used to open the Treasure Chests to get random items, such as assorted potions (e.g. mithridart), Fallen Champion ambers, and rarely, …

Toubkal Quests

Plateau Investigation
The following quests are available from Toubkal Plateau Investigator in Abertal (D8). Except for the repeatable quests, these quests must be done in sequence.

Anteater [Repeatable]
Reward: Random reward - Mystic Amber x5, Mystic Spinelle x5, Diamond Coupon x1, Lv.90 F (150k) EXP Card x3
Collect Ears of Anteater x50 by killing Anteater (Lv.102) in Abertal.Moving Stone? [Repeatable]
Reward: Random reward (see Anteater quest above)
Collect Piece of Stone x100 by killing Moving Rock (Lv.101) in Abertal.Horn of Blade Antelope [Repeatable]
Reward: Random reward (see Anteater quest above)
Collect Horn of Blade Antelope x100 by killing Blade Antelope (Lv.104) in Deprimida Valley.Investigate Celemantis
Reward: Lv.100 Polish x3, random reward (see Anteater quest above)
Collect Slough of Celemantis x100 by killing Celemantis (Lv.103) in Via Fluvial.Investigate Imago
Reward: Key Chain of Mine, Lv.100 Polish x3
Collect Skin of Imago x50, Leg of Imago x50, and Rock Imago x50 by killing …

SNW 7: Advancing the Magic-Users

This week, the focus is on leveling Eskarina (wizard) and Adorabelle (elementalist). Eskarina grinded in Topolo Durga and Skullic Dungeon 1F, before retiring for Adorabelle to train in Rion Dungeon Hollow with Jack. With that, the base family level finally increased to 13. It is time for Adorabelle to train Elemental Lord stance, but the LOE bracelets in the market are too expensive (1-2m). So maybe it is time to hunt the violent bear or violent ghost baron again.

The team killed 19 Violent Joaquin Bears, but still no LOE bracelet. Instead, they picked Spotlight 3 mission and Pommel ring in Joaquin Crater. The veterans went to Capybara Mine Passage again, discovering that the refill rate of pebbles in electric tin mines is 3 hours. Oh, another Capybara Knight dropped MSP.

Angel Wings For New Veterans

K2 had an event to reward new veterans with 3 free angel wings by August 30. After some confusion, the veterans finally received the wings today! Here is Eskarina levitating on her angel wings with a branch!

Incidentally, the branch has AR 23, instead of 21 like normal Lv.84 weapons. It is a special rod (no, not misc. bracelet, for goodness' sake!), which allows the use of all non-veteran wizard stances. It dropped in Abertal.

For more information on the event, see Veterans get rewarded!.

SNW 6: Mamund & Escudo Pechers

This week is mainly focused on the wizard and scout, who went on an active hunt for escudo pechers, finally finishing Alejandro's lame quest. I had a hypothesis that escudo pecher and merman chieftain alternate their spawning, but it proved to be wrong as I found an escudo pecher and merman chieftain together at the same time (see screenshot).

I wasn't sure if I wanted to get Viki, since clocks are so expensive. Then, I realised his quest items cannot be removed from the inventory until you get his character card. No choice, I hunted Violent Gehcos, and got Mamund on the 8th kill. The wizard, scout, and Jack went to grind in mansion Forgotten Area, farming 34 strange cogwheels, 29 strange springs, 47 strange tubes, 80 strange hinges, and 42 strange clocks.

The veterans spent some time in Capybara Plantation, picking a mysterious steel piece in Capybara Plantation and a HQ emerald in Mine Passage.

Giant Keeper of Carracci Is Dead!

The Giant Keeper (Lv.128; AR/DR 66; 11.3m HP) of Carracci is dead! Eminence faction has taken it down with 3 squads in 20 minutes. Nostradamus landed the final blow. Congrats! After Caravaggio, Carracci is the 2nd server in sGE to defeat the Giant Keeper.

Screenshot by SuperiOrity. See the discussion here. See Requiem on the maps beyond the Giant Keeper.

SNW 5: Eskarina & Adorabelle

The veterans continued to grind at Scorching Plateau, picking several recipes for Shaft Hammer, Pizarro, Elite Sniper Rifle, Quattro Pinned, and Killer Bee. After using up 74 chips, the +6 Wooden Controller is still unenchanted... looks like buying enchant boosters is unavoidable. Eskarina, named after the only female wizard in Discworld featured in Equal Rites, joined the family.

Today, the veterans brought home 5 HQ rubies, and bought 2 veteran scrolls for 5m each. Oh, and Alejandro is still waiting for his escudo pecher's arms... got 8/10 so far only after 3 Trinity 2 missions. Really lame quest.

The family left DRAGON'S~EMPIRES clan for several reasons: 1. weekday war (I'm not interested in PK/PVP), 2. not raid-active, and 3. no veteran quest support (swamp angler, mine dairies, etc.).

Ashardalon Family
Week 5: 07 Sep 2008

Window Mode Resolution

On older monitors, the only resolution available under client Config window may be 1024 x 768. This is fine, if you play the game in full-screen. But when you set the game to window mode, there will be a slight problem.

Firstly, even after shifting the window up as far as possible, the game hot-key bar (where the skills are displayed) will be completely blocked by Windows task-bar. Secondly, even if you set Windows task-bar not to be kept on top of other windows, you'd see that the game hot-key bar is still cut-off at its bottom half.

This can be fixed by setting an unconventional resolution.

Simply open user.xml in Granado Espada\release folder with Notepad. (Backup first, if desired.) Edit the line by changing the height value to 740 (or less, depending on your monitor, Windows skin, etc.). Do NOT change the width value. Save, and start game client.

Average Cost of Enchantment Chip

An accidental creation... my +9 Cinquedea! This one is upgraded from +0 straight to +9. This has a probability of... 50% x 25% x 12.5% x 6.25% x 3.125% = 0.00305%! This came from breaking Lv.40 daggers to sell chips.

The older entry Enchantment Chips: Buy Or Make? covered the topic of breaking daggers for enchantment chips. But if you are selling chips, you might want to know the average cost of making those chips to determine your profit. So what is the average cost of breaking a dagger for enchantment chip?

Let's say, we have 1,000 daggers for enhancement. On average, 50% of them (500/1,000) will break at +5. Out of the 500 remaining +5 daggers, 75% of them (375/500) will break at +6. Out of the 125 remaining +6 daggers, 87.5% of them (109/125) will break at +7. Out of the 16 remaining +7 daggers, 93.7% of them (15/16) will break at +8. The sole remaining +8 dagger has 96.9% chance of breaking at +9.

Now, let D be the cost of the dagger, and E be the cost of enhancing it by +1.


Soul Mothtein

In Prison de Joaquin's Altar of Despair (F6), lies the Tombstone of Vernal, with the following engraved message:

When war raged across the country, the Prison de Joaquin, whose Iron Door had been locked for Three-Years, was completely forgotten. Within that enclosed space, the dying prisoners turned into monsters. They killed and ate each other. The place was rapidly becoming a living hell. "Why did they shut us in here?" "Why hasn't our suffering been reported to the outside world?" The prisoners devoured each other and became increasingly insane. The vindictive spirits mutated into monsters and now they cannot live as human beings. To whom it may concern, I wish you pray for our spirits by lighting up the 24 candles that are built deep inside the prison. From Holio Bernal, with survivors of the 3rd Prison.

In the next floor of the prison, the Torture Chamber, there are 24 Torches of Bernal (Lv.75) located in the middle of the map, near F3. The…