Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 6: Mamund & Escudo Pechers

This week is mainly focused on the wizard and scout, who went on an active hunt for escudo pechers, finally finishing Alejandro's lame quest. I had a hypothesis that escudo pecher and merman chieftain alternate their spawning, but it proved to be wrong as I found an escudo pecher and merman chieftain together at the same time (see screenshot).

I wasn't sure if I wanted to get Viki, since clocks are so expensive. Then, I realised his quest items cannot be removed from the inventory until you get his character card. No choice, I hunted Violent Gehcos, and got Mamund on the 8th kill. The wizard, scout, and Jack went to grind in mansion Forgotten Area, farming 34 strange cogwheels, 29 strange springs, 47 strange tubes, 80 strange hinges, and 42 strange clocks.

The veterans spent some time in Capybara Plantation, picking a mysterious steel piece in Capybara Plantation and a HQ emerald in Mine Passage.