Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 7: Advancing the Magic-Users

This week, the focus is on leveling Eskarina (wizard) and Adorabelle (elementalist). Eskarina grinded in Topolo Durga and Skullic Dungeon 1F, before retiring for Adorabelle to train in Rion Dungeon Hollow with Jack. With that, the base family level finally increased to 13. It is time for Adorabelle to train Elemental Lord stance, but the LOE bracelets in the market are too expensive (1-2m). So maybe it is time to hunt the violent bear or violent ghost baron again.

The team killed 19 Violent Joaquin Bears, but still no LOE bracelet. Instead, they picked Spotlight 3 mission and Pommel ring in Joaquin Crater. The veterans went to Capybara Mine Passage again, discovering that the refill rate of pebbles in electric tin mines is 3 hours. Oh, another Capybara Knight dropped MSP.