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SNW 5: Eskarina & Adorabelle

The veterans continued to grind at Scorching Plateau, picking several recipes for Shaft Hammer, Pizarro, Elite Sniper Rifle, Quattro Pinned, and Killer Bee. After using up 74 chips, the +6 Wooden Controller is still unenchanted... looks like buying enchant boosters is unavoidable. Eskarina, named after the only female wizard in Discworld featured in Equal Rites, joined the family.

Today, the veterans brought home 5 HQ rubies, and bought 2 veteran scrolls for 5m each. Oh, and Alejandro is still waiting for his escudo pecher's arms... got 8/10 so far only after 3 Trinity 2 missions. Really lame quest.

The family left DRAGON'S~EMPIRES clan for several reasons: 1. weekday war (I'm not interested in PK/PVP), 2. not raid-active, and 3. no veteran quest support (swamp angler, mine dairies, etc.).

Ashardalon Family
Week 5: 07 Sep 2008