Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

My First Treasure

Since Anahita (scout) has reached Lv.92, I decided to try out the treasure hunt at Island of Fire. I found my first treasure at zone 2 (I4) at 8pm today! It seems that only veteran/expert can open the treasure chest. When Anahita tries to open it, it says, "Unable to open the treasure chest due to low promotion level." But luckily, my veteran Catherine is there.

So, the drops are Lv.100 grim-wight, Lv.84 elite staff of simurgh, and Lv.84 elite calabrone. It could have been better, of course. Lv.100 elite rapier may not sell since it has the same AR as Lv.92 elite rapier. I'd have preferred a Bracelet of Ziz or Behemoth, but it is better than nothing. :)