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SNW 4: Veterans

Catherine bought 2 Lloyd Control Rings for a total of 2.5m. After breaking 2 wooden controllers, she finally got a +6 wooden controller. Family became poor again after buying blue crack for Outrage Shot and veteran pioneer equipment. Still trying to sell HQ ruby to buy Lv.100 chips and upgrade accelerators.

Ashardalon Family
Week 4: 31 Aug 2008
The Gay Lord celebrates the veteran promotion...

Carracci Is Dead?

Today, I decided to login one last time to Carracci server, before I uninstall GE-SEA/ANZ from my computer. Of all those on my friend list, only 3 are online. Two of them are people I barely know, the other one is a hardcore botter, so the entire program can't even function as a bloated 5.6GB instant messenger anymore.

The towns are rather empty of players. Mystery powders still cost a bomb (7m+ vis). And most surprising to me is that all the colonies are dominated by one faction (Eminence). What happened? Are most players no longer active, such that the few active ones all group into one faction and thus automatically get all the colonies?

Carracci is so dead...

Edit: After the war, it is still the same. See Carracci Colony War Results 31 August.

AR & DR Updates

According to the Japanese 散歩道 site, the significance of high ATK Rating (AR) and DEF Rating (DR) is reduced in v2.5.13.

An AR60 attacker used to deal 200% damage to a DR50 defender, now the damage is reduced to 155%. Likewise, a DR60 defender used to take no damage from a AR50 attacker, but now he takes 45% damage.

The chance of an attack missing the target has also been reduced from 4% to 2% per difference.

A bit of an old news... but I find the table rather useful, so I stole it. :p

SNW 3: Rushing Towards Lv.100

After out-grinding in Rion Dungeon last week, the team (Lv.77) moved on to Old Port of Coimbra and El Canon de Diabolica. At Lv.84, Ustiur quests became available, and it is camping in Skeleton Dungeon 1F. After buying 3 veteran scrolls for 5m each, the family is pretty broke. At Lv.95, the team moved on to Topolo Durga to farm mega ores.

Ashardalon Family
Week 3: 24 Aug 2008

ATK/DEF Rating of High-Level Equipment

I have always been a little confused about the AR/DR of Lv.100 equipment. Here's a compilation of information I found in the forums.

DEF Rating
Lv.80 Pioneer, Lv.92 Normal
Lv.100 Normal (e.g. La Ventisca)
Lv.84 Elite, Lv.100 Pioneer
Le Blanc, Lv.100 Schivarliere,
Lv.100 Andre's Designs (e.g. Clara Mago)
Lv.92 Elite (e.g. Elite La Ventisca)
Le Noir, General Plate
Elite Le Blanc, Elite Schivarliere
Elite Le Noir, Elite General Plate

ATK Rating*
Lv.80 Pioneer
Lv.92 Unique, Lv.100 Normal
Lv.84 Elite
Bracelet of Three Kings
Lv.100 Pioneer
Lv.92 Elite (Los Toldos), Lv.100 Elite (e.g. Bracelet of Ziz, Elite Pizarro)
Chess Series, Serpent Series, Golden Series, Fire Series,
Lightning Series, Elite Bracelet of Ziz
Deprodine Series

Note (*): LOE bracelet is always 2 AR less than normal weapons.

Of course, the equipment can be further upgraded/enhanced to increase AR/DR.


Lv.84 Elite or Lv.100 Arm…

Client Configuration Window

I stumbled upon an old thread here in the IAHGames forums, concerning a problem that I had as well. The game client configuration window is not optimized for 1024x768 resolution, resulting in an elongated window which extends beyond the screen.

Viper17 has kindly provided a solution using an alternative geconfig.exe file. Simply download the file and replace the one in Granado Espada\release folder. Backup original file first, if desired.


Resale Scam

I came across a player called 4lyfe, a Lv.3 family who may have an alternate family called gunzforlife in Orpesia server. I think he is possibly a scammer, as he tried his scamming trick on me a couple of days ago.

Here is how it works:
Scammer places an item (e.g. +6 Lv.28 dagger) with the market manager at a very high price, using the anonymous seller option.Scammer pretends to be noob, not knowing how to use the market (or just can't see the item), then asks the potential victim to buy such an item for him. If the victim buys the item for re-sale to the scammer, the scammer pretends to AFK or logs out completely, leaving the victim with a useless over-priced item.
Luckily for me, I didn't buy his stupid dagger. Unfortunately, it seems many people were scammed and are still getting scammed. And please do not say it's the players' own fault for being so stupid that they got scammed. Remember, stupidity is neither a crime nor a moral defect. Scamming is definitely either …

Starstorm Archive

Since I have pretty much retired the Starstorm family in Carracci server, I made an inventory of the stuffs I had. It's not much, but well, here they are.

Family Name: Starstorm_2 (See Name Change - IAH'ed)
Server: Carracci
Family Level: 14
Faction: None
Character Slot: 10
Personal Shop Slot: 4
Family Reputation: 1857

Female Fighter - Veteran 72% ~ STR+1
Catherine - Veteran 71% ~ CHA+1
Female Scout - Veteran 7% ~ CON+1
M'Boma - Veteran 4% ~ INT+1
Catherine INT - Veteran 41% ~ INT+1
Viki - Veteran 22% ~ CHA+1
Bernelli - Lv.84
Idge - Lv.84
Emilia - Lv.68
Elementalist - Lv.1

Lv.84 +5 Elite Plate, DEF 18 Movement 20%
Lv.84 +5 Elite Ring Mail, DEF 18 MaxHP 22%
Lv.84 +6 Elite Ring Mail, DEF 19
Lv.84 +5 Elite Robe of Pluto, DR+3
Lv.84 +6 Elite Robe of Pluto, DEF 15
Lv.84 +5 Elite Alegrias, DR+2
Lv.84 Elite Robe of Neptune
Lv.84 +4 Elite Laranja e Preto, DEF 20
Lv.68 +4 Elite Studded-leather Armor, DEF 17
Lv.68 Elite Justocorps, DEF 14

Lv.100 +5 Bracelet of 3 Kings ~ ATK …

Island of Fire Zones

Since I'm training a set of new characters, I have decided to copy this over for ease of reference. I always found this map from Sannpomiti very useful for deciding when to go to which zone in the Island of Fire. I'm not too sure what the tick represents, but possibly the area where the boss spawns. You may not change channel in this map.

Free Zone (Lv.66-76) provides Lv.64-76 chips, pure talt, bulk of silver, etc.

Zone 1 (Lv.78-88) requires a key costing 100,000 vis, and is a good place to farm Lv.84-88 chips. You may get Lv.92 unique weapons as well.

Zone 2 (Lv.90-100) requires a key costing 500,000 vis, and is good for farming Lv.92-100 chips.

Zone 3 (Lv.105-108) requires a key costing 800,000 vis, and is a place for farming veteran boots and gloves. You may get Lv.88 chips as well.

SNW 2: Tortoise Hunts

Adelina (Lv.36) joined the family to assist in the collection of tortoise materials for Claude and Lorch, since the fighter refused to do so. (It was too boring.) Although I intended to do all 3 tortoise quests together, I managed to finish the quest for Jose while grinding in Porto Bello the Hold last week. Catherine (Lv.1) also joined the family in Gigante Beach until Lv.48, solo-ed in El Lago and El Tejado Verde, then supported by scout in Sacred Dungeon at Lv.58. Thereafter, it's grind-fest at Rion Dungeon Hollow.

Ashardalon Family
Week 2: 17 Aug 2008

Underground Relics

Since my new Catherine has reached Lv.58, it is time to revisit the Underground Relics. Underground Relics (also called Dungeon Ruins and Sacred Dungeon) is a dungeon filled with various kinds of skeletons (Lv.58-61 Undead), ideal for training mid-level characters. The skeleton mobs have nasty knock-back skills, so it may be advisable to bring a scout in case a character dies. The normal mobs drop gold piece, refined aidanium, piece of ruby, Lv.60-64 equipment, and Lv.56 enchantment chip.

To open the Underground Relics, you must drop the Key of Dungeon Ruins on the stone marker in Pradera de Ceniza (E5, channel 1 ONLY). The key is dropped by monsters in the same map. Once the entrance is opened, the key is "consumed" and a server-wide notice will flash at the top of every player's screen.

[Notice] FAMILYNAME Family has opened the Entrance of Underground Relics.

At this point, everyone may enter the dungeon through the stone marker without having to use a key. 10 minutes af…

Sword of the New World Voice Pack (v2.6)

This is the se.ipf file from Sword of the New World (v2.6), the North America/Europe (NA/EU) version of Granado Espada. The file contains various .wav files, which can be extracted with IPF Extractor.

In this version, Catherine sounds really confused. Every time she is selected, she says in a rather blur voice, "What should I do??" A very confused girl.

To install, download all 3 .rar files and then extract se.ipf file (247 MB) into Granado Espada\ge folder with WinRAR. Backup the original file first, if desired.

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Note that modification of the game client is technically illegal. You might also be interested in Japanese & Korean Voice Packs blog entry as well.

Pioneer Shields

I tested out all the pioneer shields (aka ancestral shields). The block rate below is that of a veteran fighter (agility 6) using Lv.25 Back Guard. Appearance indicates which normal shield (available from NPC) a pioneer shield looks like when equipped. The block rates of other stances (Lv.25) can be calculated accordingly: High Guard (+22), The Defender (+26), and Stave Guard (-7).
Iron Shield
Kite Shield
Templar Guard
Crusader Ward
Royal Guardian

The Lv.80 pioneer shield is only slightly worse off than Lv.84 Elite Royal Guardian (DEF 22, Block 41). Of course, being a pioneer item, pioneer shields do not end up with "blanks" when using enchantment chips. But the bad thing is that you cannot get DR+2 option on the shield.

See also the other blog entry on Pioneer Equipment. In Sword of the New World, glazium is called polish and pioneer equipment are called ancestral equipment.

Edit: Thanks to DeLaFeuillade…

Catherine's Buttocks!

A lucky day! In my Sword of the New World account, Lloyd dropped me a Catherine's Pelvis, Catherine's Left Arm, and Strange Clock on my 2nd day in the mansion while I was still level 56. Since Lloyd has a small provoke range, he does not usually come after you. Instead, you must actively run around to attack Lloyd.

Here's a nice table from Port Coimbra website:

SNW 1: Arrival in the New World

I downloaded Sword of the New World and started an account in Orpesia on 4 Aug 2008. I'm surprised to find that the default quarters (i.e. barracks) have 15 slots, instead of 9 slots in GE-SEA/ANZ. Gracielo joins the family at level 40, mainly to take quests with level requirements, thereby avoiding having to return to maps that the team have out-grind. Two days after arriving in the New World, the family accepted an invitation to join DRAGON'S~EMPIRES clan.

Ashardalon Family
Week 1: 10 Aug 2008

Family Portrait Generator

From the Sword of the New World forums, I discovered a website for customizing the characters in a family and their levels. Register a free account at Another Lonely Soul's forum to use the website (JavaScript must be enabled).

Update: The signature site has moved to a different host on Feb 2009. See here.


Ashardalon Family
Family Level: 54+3 (83%)
Affiliation: Dronarati (Royalist)
War Title: Lv.3 High-Rank Guardian
Family Reputation: 1,164,839
Region: United States
Server: Orpesia
Version: v8.5.2
Total Expenditure: USD 30.00
Profile Update: Dec 02, 2012
The Ashardalon family arrived in the New World on August 4, 2008. Since then, the family has plowed through the pioneering obstacles and completing various quests. They are presently exploring the Clock Tower of Viron and Lucifer Castle Basement (v8.5). See the family journals here.

Clan Membership
These are the clans that the family has been involved with since their arrival in the New World.
DRAGON`S~EMPIRES: 08/2008 - 09/2008
Telos: 09/2008 - 03/2009Othrys: 08/2009 - 08/2009Phalanx: 03/2010 - 07/2011Halcyon: 08/2011 - 10/2011Albatros: 01/2012 - 05/2012Schiavona: 06/2012 - 01/2013
About the Family Name
Ashardalon is the name of an ancient red dragon who replaced his wounded heart with a demon and consumed pre-incarnated souls to sustain …