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Ashardalon Family
Family Level: 54+3 (83%)
Affiliation: Dronarati (Royalist)
War Title: Lv.3 High-Rank Guardian
Family Reputation: 1,164,839
Region: United States
Server: Orpesia
Version: v8.5.2
Total Expenditure: USD 30.00
Profile Update: Dec 02, 2012

The Ashardalon family arrived in the New World on August 4, 2008. Since then, the family has plowed through the pioneering obstacles and completing various quests. They are presently exploring the Clock Tower of Viron and Lucifer Castle Basement (v8.5). See the family journals here.

Clan Membership
These are the clans that the family has been involved with since their arrival in the New World.
  • DRAGON`S~EMPIRES: 08/2008 - 09/2008
  • Telos: 09/2008 - 03/2009
  • Othrys: 08/2009 - 08/2009
  • Phalanx: 03/2010 - 07/2011
  • Halcyon: 08/2011 - 10/2011
  • Albatros: 01/2012 - 05/2012
  • Schiavona: 06/2012 - 01/2013

About the Family Name
Ashardalon is the name of an ancient red dragon who replaced his wounded heart with a demon and consumed pre-incarnated souls to sustain his life-force. He was featured mainly in 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons game module, Bastion of Broken Souls. In later game releases, other dragons have emulated his heart-replacement method, giving rise to a cult of disciples. There is now also a board game named Wrath of Ashardalon.


AthenaMaster Lv.10 Adorabelle Master Lv.10
ThelandiraMaster Lv.10 Mystra Master Lv.9
QilueMaster Lv.10 Ambrosia Master Lv.10
AlustrielMaster Lv.6 Eisheth Master Lv.3
PazuzuMaster Lv.10 Tethys Master Lv.10
WendigoMaster Lv.1 Lisbeth Master Lv.10
SeleneMaster Lv.10 Vairocana Master Lv.10
SoteiraMaster Lv.10 Aribeth Master Lv.6
LolitaMaster Lv.10 Barret Master Lv.1
OrpheusMaster Lv.10 Tsurara Master Lv.2
MardukMaster Lv.10 Yetzirah Master Lv.2
IshtarMaster Lv.10 Lara Master Lv.1
CandideMaster Lv.3 Ryuk Master Lv.1
MirajaneMaster Lv.1 Brisingamen Master Lv.1
ShotaroMaster Lv.10 Selvaria Master Lv.1
CameronMaster Lv.1 Arcee Master Lv.1
MnemosyneMaster Lv.1 Galatea Master Lv.1
SinonMaster Lv.1 Icarus Master Lv.1
GilgameshMaster Lv.1 Lawliet Master Lv.1
QuetzalcoatlMaster Lv.1 Zarathustra Master Lv.10
AngelicaMaster Lv.1 Yaoi Master Lv.2
AribethMaster Lv.7 Sinon Master Lv.2
ArtemisiaMaster Lv.10 Lourdes Master Lv.10
TlazolteotlMaster Lv.1 Averroes Master Lv.1


SasoriExpert Lv.1 Gloriana Expert Lv.1
IfritExpert Lv.1 Voltaire Expert Lv.1
WillikinsExpert Lv.5 Maimonides Expert Lv.4
ArchimedesExpert Lv.1 Daedalus Expert Lv.1
NurarihyonExpert Lv.1 Phlegethon Expert Lv.1
RemExpert Lv.1 Alicia Expert Lv.1
AsclepiusExpert Lv.1 Sacharissa Expert Lv.1


SyluneVeteran Lv.4 Cacofonix Veteran Lv.1
AnastasiaVeteran Lv.1 Flatulus Veteran Lv.9
LokiVeteran Lv.1 Geryon Veteran Lv.1
EmpedoclesVeteran Lv.1 Moloch Veteran Lv.1
TimaeusVeteran Lv.1 Marcion Veteran Lv.1
MistilteinnVeteran Lv.1 Magrathea Veteran Lv.1
EskarinaVeteran Lv.1 Hermes Veteran Lv.1
TantalusVeteran Lv.1


CthulhuLoot Nyarlathotep Offense Buff
OreoLevel Buff Cerdotado Loot
ByakkoOffense Buff Hobbes Offense Buff
NoelHeal Bahamut Offense Buff


Lloyd said…
hi there.. may i know where can i find the family portrait generator that you are currently using? the new and round 1, not the square 1. cause i search all over your blog and i still cant manage to find it.. please let me know if possible.. thx~
Ashardalon said…
It's not a portrait generator. It is manually made using PhotoShop. It is modified from GE Face Icons.
Lloyd said…
well.. it looks pretty good.. i like it.. =)
Sy.lar said…
Can you give me your skin please?
Pangea said…
Hello there!
I was looking for your email but it sent me here, so please,write me back at pangea@tlen.pl :<
I have a rather weird question ^^"
I'm about to cosplay le noir female elementalist and i'm looking for some reference pictures of her dress, especially from the back view and i can't seem to find any. I see that you are somewhat pro guild in this game sooo i was wondering if you could send me some detailed screencaps of her dress to my email?? I would be much obliged :3
Player said…
hi there may i know the font you are using for your family portrait?
Ashardalon said…
Edwardian Script ITC
rndbit said…
Hey Ashardalon! I stumbled upon this great blog while searching for info about granado espada. Reading your posts i noticed that you are reading info from ies files of game client. I was wondering if you would be willing to share information about file format? ^_^