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Asoka Releases

Asoka has been released in Granado Espada: Russia since April 20, 2011 in random boxes sold via Cash Shop. The sale of boxes has been extended to May 4, 2011. Other loot includes Jade Phraxi and Raid Phraxi costumes for scouts. See Асока уже в Новом Свете! and Сундуки в продаже до 4 мая!.

[Sword2] Unleashing Asoka
Quinzel has updated information regarding Asoka Limited Edition Set here. There will be only 500 sets, and each will include Asoka Character Card, 3 Silver Phoenix Wings (permanent), and 13100 Gold.

The first 250 sets will become available on May 3, 2011 (5pm PST), and the remaining 250 sets will become available on May 4, 2011 (9am GMT). Each set costs USD 85.00.

According to this, Kurenai will be released shortly after the limited edition sets. [Sect of Moonlight] stance book will "very likely" become available in Feso Shop "close to around Asoka LE set release".

We knew going in, not everyone was going to be able to afford her. The reality is we can on…

Magic Circle 16

Magic Circle 16 (Korea) is now available until May 11, 2011. Other rewards include [Innocentio] stance book, 3 Rose Wings (90 days), 100 Ring Boxes, and 10 Principal Ampules.

Capitaine Costume + Hair • Male Musketeer Black Pearl Costume + Hat • Adelina Esperanza
Note that Adelina the Pirate is unable to use Black Pearl Costume Set. More screenshots are available at 이번 신규 코스튬... (Korean Screen Board).

Treasure Shooting 1

Granado Espada: Japan has released a new web game named Treasure Shooting. The first installment will be available from April 28 to May 02, 2011. See the catalogue 『グラナドエスパダ』日本オリジナルコスチューム大事典 for more concept art. This month's installment introduces the new Fallen Angel's Curse (堕ちた天使の「呪い」) weapon series. Other items include Fate of Castilla (DEF 232, DR31 metal armor). Click on image below for full-size view.

Zweihander of Soul
Great Sword • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 458 • Expert Exclusive
ATK +5% (22) • Penetration +4 • Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK +3 • ATK Speed -15%

Cannon of Detractor
Cannon • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 531 • Expert Exclusive
ATK +5% (26) • Penetration +4 • Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK +3

Hammer of Sloth
Blunt • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 261 • Expert Exclusive
ATK +5% (13) • Penetration +4 • Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK +3

Wind of First Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Claire

Camisa de Soldado Blanc Costume
Body Costume • Fighter

Capitaine Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Ma…

Joaquin Barrier (Siege)

Server Time: 2pm daily
Location: Thueringen Lakeside (E5), Reboldeaux Queen's Gate (F9/G9)
Squad Size: 1-10 families
Duration: 30 minutes

This is a daily event mission (since v3.2 to v5.0) that can be completed solo easily and quickly. The main problem may be being active at 2pm (server time). If you can be around at that time, just do a quick run for free Enchantment Chips and maybe some other loot. This mission will be revised in a future update. See Revised Joaquin Barrier (Siege) for details.

Note that there is another event mission called Joaquin Barrier (Defense) which occurs at 2am daily and is considerably harder to solo due to the massive amount of mobs spawning to destroy your colonies. In Sword 2 (v5.0), the server notice for Joaquin Barrier (Defense) erroneously say that it is Joaquin Barrier (Siege) instead. You can tell them apart by looking at the in-game clock - one is in the morning, the other is in the afternoon.

For Lv.3 mission (channel 1), the mobs consist of …

Sword 137: Black Reaper

Quetzalcoatl (Nar) borrowed a +7 Cha'ac's Vengeance (aka Hestia) to finally master his Waxing (aka Semilunar) stance. Ishtar (Valleria) reached Expert Lv.2, and started training Enhanced Tactics (Lv.1 → 23) stance. The family also recruited Ryuk (Lv.60 Kurt), who was named after the black death god featured in Death Note manga. Together, they spent a day in the Secret Citadel within Caebolan, and Ryuk (Kurt) eventually reached Expert Lv.1 and acquired Grim Rapiere (Lv.1 → 22) stance. Also, Sir Lyndon will refuse to speak with the family, if either baron character is in the team.

The weekly raid loot for this week consisted of Symbol of Aquarius and Symbol of Cancer from Team Arena, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Virgo, and Elite Le Blanc (wiz) Recipe from Griffon mission, Marcia Poleax Recipe and Qualified Belt from Joaquin Underground Prison, Elite Le Noir (mus) Recipe and Artisan's Leather Belt Recipe from Torsche's Basement, and Elite Variltorta Recipe from Arsene'…

Asoka In America, Angelic Cannon In Singapore

Asoka will be released in Sword 2 with 500 limited edition sets. Each set includes Asoka Character Card, 13100 Gold, and 3 Silver Phoenix Wings (Permanent). The release date is "Soon™". See Asoka Limited Edition Set Coming Soon for the official notice.

The notice doesn't mention Sect of Moonlight stance book. In some game editions, the book was sold in Feso Shop, but not always. In Singapore servers, it was released in their web game instead (see [HCOF] Launch of Asoka). I hope a G1 staff would clarify this... Soon™, of course. It would be LOL if they release a 2nd limited edition set for the stance book without character card. But G1 doesn't seem so driven to milk cash cows, so it probably won't be so bad.

Asoka Update
According to Quinzel here, Kurenai will be released shortly after the limited edition sets. [Sect of Moonlight] stance book will "very likely" become available in Feso Shop "close to around Asoka LE set release". The exact laun…

Vietnam v6.3 Update

Granado Espada: Vietnam will be launching Viron (v6.3) patch on April 26, 2011. The patch will contain Raven, along with the various forest maps of the Devil's Island. For more v6.3 details, see GE-SG Update v6.3.

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Change Text Color

It is possible to change the default chat color to the yellow text used for item links.

To do this, simply type the following into the chat window:

The bold text above can be replaced as you wish. The alphanumeric code between ($?) and ($$) can be any number or alphabet, so long there are a total of 21 characters. So far, changing the code doesn't seem to make a difference. If the number of characters is not 21, then the code will end up showing in chat instead of changing the text color. The (ItemName) section can be changed to whatever text you have in mind.

Thanks to Cloak of G1 forums for sharing this.

Sword 136: Jormongand

Maimonides (m/mus) trained Loki (Tiburon) until the latter reached Lv.100, while Ishtar (Valleria) reached Veteran Lv.5. Karjalesia (Karjalain) crafted Gold Earring for Qilue (f/sco).

The weekly loot were Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Capricorn, and Symbol of Aquarius from Team Arena, The Diamond Dragon (rifle) from Lightning Gate, Hell Spit (rapier) from Fire Gate mission, Le Noir (fig) from Uraeus mission, Symbol of Aquarius from Griffon mission, Eye of Veilant Recipe (great sword) from Joaquin Underground Prison, and Crafted Key [Room of the Dead] from Accursed Skeleton Dungeon. The family has used up all its Expedition Memos, so there won't be any more Uraeus mission for a while. And of course, the last Uraeus mission drops 2 Mega Talt again. God forbids that the snake should drop any Constellation Box.

Karjalesia (Karjalain) crafted Jormongand Mark, and the bored Masters ventured into the Lair of Jormongand in Vegas Javier (F12) using up 500 Reputation Points. They fought …

War of Factions 2011

IAHGames is hosting another PVP event - [Event] War of Factions 2011. Essentially, the factions (aka clans in Sword 2) occupying certain colonies each week will get bonus rewards, such as 300 Lightning Orbs, 100 Constellation Boxes, 200 Elemental Jewels, etc.

I mentioned before elsewhere that the game is driven towards more and more PVP/PK content, partly because encouraging more direct player competition results in more cash shop usage and hence more profits. This is a business after all, and it is basically how most free-to-play (aka pay-to-win) games make money. This is the reality of the situation.

That's what IAH wants, imba people to get more imba so they will spends a lot in-game to compete against another imba people then after that put a milky scheme, ban the imba people who spends a lot. Equals to extra profit to IAH. [Source]
For more critique of the event, see IAH Event War of Factions = Corporate Welfare. It is basically the same thing everywhere, whichever server or …

Castilla Episode 3

You must have completed Castilla Episode 1 and Episode 2 to proceed with these quests. All quests must be done in sequence. See also Castilla Quest Items for drop rates, and Castilla Tower of Chaos for details on the bosses.

[130] News
Reward: 1 Veteran G (14m) EXP Card
Talk to Armada 2 Jace in Castilla Temple (G9) to give her Bottle of Rum or Boost Potion. Boost Potion is available from Cash Shop and Feso Shop. Bottle of Rum is available from Jack Space in Porto Bello (Tutorial) for 5 vis each. The listed reward is only for giving her Boost Potion.
[130] Exploration
Reward: None
Talk to Marina in Castilla Ruins (B7).
[130] Status Report
Reward: None
Talk to Sofia in Castilla Garrison 1 (G9).
[120] Manuel
Reward: 10,000 Crossbow Bolts*
Talk to Manuel in Castilla Temple (F2/G2). In v5.0, you need 3 Gold Relic Pieces to get there from the temple entrance. After v8.5, the warp spots can be used for free. Note (*): I used Calyce to talk to him, so you might get something else with a different …

Sword 135: Destruction of Steel

Lara (Brunie) was promoted to Expert Lv.1, after training Hermes (Ramiro) to Lv.100. Ishtar (Valleria) reached Veteran Lv.4.

Adorabelle (f/ele) re-enchanted her +6 The Delphinus (LOE bracelet) to ATK + ATK Rating, using another 131 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters. It was then successfully upgraded to +7, using 40 Upgrade Accelerators and 4 Lacquers +6: Expert. Her new armor was enchanted with DEF Rating +3 after 2 Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters. The extra Evasion seemed kind of useless on robes though. It was upgraded to +7 after using 240 Upgrade Accelerators, 5 Lacquers +5: Veteran, and 8 Lacquers +6: Veteran. The 2nd socket was opened after 10 attempts.

The raids for this week yielded Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Virgo, and Le Noir (mus) Recipe from Team Arena, Lightning Gun and Artisan's Shoe Recipe from Lightning Gate, Elite Destruction of Steel (great sword) from Joaquin Underground Prison, Symbol of Pisces and Symbol of Cancer from Griffon, and Le N…

Hippies of the New World

Sword 2 is celebrating Earth Day by holding a screenshot contest in the forum. Contest ends on April 22, 2011. Each of the 10 winners will receive 3 Flower Bands (Max HP +300 for 30 days) and 3 Sage Necklaces (AR/DR+3). See Hippies of the New World for details.

The Ultimate Dish!

From now until May 5, 2011, Granado Espada (Singapore) is having The Ultimate Dish! event, whereby players can spam cash shop to get random event items. Collect a certain set of items fast and win prizes (while stock last). The top prizes include iPad2, Elite Le Noir (DR 32), Angel Polearm (AR 33), Greek Croma Recipe (DR 33), and Asoka Card.

This is basically a remake of the old cash shop spamming events, like Leonora's Knowledge (July 2010) and Help Efreet Become King (Dec 2009). Like the previous events, certain event items are likely to have very low drop rate, enticing spending players to spend even more to make the most of it. See Gambler's Fallacy for this mindset. The worst part of it is that you need to collect the item set fast, ahead of other players. Since the item set is somewhat worthless after the prize has been claimed, this resulted in a sort of feeding frenzy. Obviously, this type of events is successful (in terms of profits for IAHGames), hence the remakes o…

Castilla Treasure Hunt

Castilla Treasure Hunts always begin on the hour. While not every hour of the day has a hunt, many of them do. At the start of each hour, there may be a server-wide notice: [Notice] Castilla Treasure Hunt starts.

When the notice appears, you can make your way to Castilla Ruins, and run around the map to search for the treasure chest using detection skill from Install Trap stance. After 5 minutes, there will be another server-wide notice: [Notice] 5 mins before the Castilla Treasure Hunt ends.

After 10 minutes, there will be one last server-wide notice: [Notice] Castilla Treasure Hunt has ended.

While you hunt for the chest, the annoying javelin-wielding mobs will knock you down repeatedly. This is somewhat similar to Fire Isle Treasure Hunt in the last zone. When the chest has been found, there will be a server-wide notice: [Notice] <Insert Family Name> Family discovered Castilla Treasure Chest.

Once the chest has been found, you can open it with either 1 Ancient Relic or 1 Anc…

Sword 134: Griffons

Lara (Brunie) reached Veteran Lv.10, while training Flatulus (Gracielo), Ahab (Alejandro), and Daedalus (Yeganeh) to Lv.100. Ishtar (Valleria) also reached Veteran Lv.3. The Masters were actually gaining levels just from raiding, so it seemed pointless to actively train them. Qilue (f/sco) reached Master Lv.8, Artemisia (Calyce) and Thelandira (f/mus) reached Master Lv.5, and Athena (f/fig) reached Master Lv.4.

The Masters did the usual run of raid missions, and looted Qualified Leather Belt from Joaquin Underground Prison, Artisan's Grieves Recipe from Accursed Sedecram, and Le Noir (mus) from Uraeus. Once, there were even 2 Ancient Star Orb Boxes from Joaquin roulette and 2 White Gold Bars from Torsche's Basement roulette on the same day. (Amazingly, they have the same value... 1 Ancient Star Orb Box = 1,000,000 vis = 1 White Gold Bar!) Ugh.

Mystra (f/wiz) finally took the time and trouble to scavenge for Egg Shells of Griffon in Vegas Javier, and the family completed Griffo…

Imperial Wheel R6

Imperial Wheel R6 (Japan) has been release for April 1-5, 2011. See the catalogue 『グラナドエスパダ』日本オリジナルコスチューム大事典 for more concept art. The default English names for the new items have not been updated in the data tables, so the names below are actually the item class names. Click on image below for full-size view.

Rod of Hermit
Rod • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 308
Max SP +15% • [Third Element] Skill Level +1 • [Spell Hail] Skill Level +1

Shotgun of World
Shotgun • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 269
ATK Speed +10% • [Encounter Stroke] Skill Level +1 • [Blow Impact] Skill Level +1

Scythe of Death
Polearm • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 382
ATK Speed +10% • [Tornado Choque] Skill Level +1 • [Levantar] Skill Level +1

Heart of Imagine Costume
Body Costume • Male Wizard
Body Costume • Female Wizard

Wild Short
Hair • Male Wizard

Wave Curl
Hair • Female Wizard

Belle De Jour Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Catherine Torsche
Previously released in Dec 2010 for Korea. See Magic Circle XII.

Fate of Castilla
Metal Armor • DEF Rating 3…