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Asoka Releases

Asoka has been released in Granado Espada: Russia since April 20, 2011 in random boxes sold via Cash Shop. The sale of boxes has been extended to May 4, 2011. Other loot includes Jade Phraxi and Raid Phraxi costumes for scouts. See Асока уже в Новом Свете! and Сундуки в продаже до 4 мая!.

[Sword2] Unleashing Asoka
Quinzel has updated information regarding Asoka Limited Edition Set here. There will be only 500 sets, and each will include Asoka Character Card, 3 Silver Phoenix Wings (permanent), and 13100 Gold.

The first 250 sets will become available on May 3, 2011 (5pm PST), and the remaining 250 sets will become available on May 4, 2011 (9am GMT). Each set costs USD 85.00.

According to this, Kurenai will be released shortly after the limited edition sets. [Sect of Moonlight] stance book will "very likely" become available in Feso Shop "close to around Asoka LE set release".

We knew going in, not everyone was going to be able to afford her. The reality is we can only have about 1000 of her in game. That is a "forever" number not a "right now" number. That being the case we wanted to offer a guaranteed way to get her. This is it. We may offer her as prizes in events, as super rare in random boxes, or a super rare promotion benefit. But that is it. If you want to guarantee you will have her this is your only opportunity.

This is really an offer for our top 1-5% of buyers. We know they have the capital and generally look at this as an easy choice. Everyone else will need to wait and when they get a chance at her it will never be a 100% guarantee. The luxury of having her now and knowing for a FACT you will have her is easily worth the price. The rest of the items in the pack are gifts. I say that knowing I am in that top 2% and I will be buying her as soon as she is out.

All in all, I think there are a lot of people here saying that they won't buy her but will end up with her in their family come next week. We saw the same reaction to the War Rock CE. We initially thought that we'd never sell through the number of units we had allotted. Then we sold through all of them and more!

There is a lot of noise in thread from people who thought they would be able to get her. I think the big mistake we made was not being clear about her price at the get go. In hindsight it was unfair to raise hopes like that. Though in our defense we thought being clear on the quantities we had available would indicate the price would be high. That was a bad assumption on our part and we are sorry. In the future, we'll be much clearer. [Source]

The reality is, we do feel the price is worth what is being sold. Even if we don't sell through all 500 this week, we'll have more to sell in other ways later. The real goal here was to give players a chance to get her GUARANTEED! imcGAMES and HanbitSoft both wanted to just keep her rare in a random box or something. We'll do that but we feel there are players who have the capital and who have supported us who deserve a chance to just pick her up without getting hand cramps trying to click random boxes.

This [limitation of 1000 Asokas] was dictated by imc. We fought to raise the limit. They wanted it MUCH lower. [Source]

No actually it would not. In a box she would have a rate nearer to 1/1000 which means it would take well over $80 to get her. Add to that the chance that at that rate you could spend $1000 and still not get her. [Source]


Silfo said…
how strong is her?
Silfo said…
and, where is her?
Ashardalon said…
Her stats are available here. For opinions of her PvP/raid effectiveness, you should ask in IAH Forums since sGE players already have Asoka.