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SEA Update: Revised Colony War

SEA server has updated to v29.11.12 (Revised Colony War). In addition, there is a new event involving defeating monsters in event missions. Rewards include Expert Enchantment Chips and Strata Devil Weapons.

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Private Patch Server

This is a guide on how to setup your private patch server for Granado Espada. This may not work for SEA server, which uses Steam to update files.

💣 WARNING! This guide is provided as is. Tamper with the game client at your own risks!

First you need to prepare the custom patch files. The following is the basic method without requiring any 3rd-party tools. Alternatively, you can use GE Tools to directly create IPF from folder (function 2), replacing Steps 1-3. 
Place all your customized files in the appropriate folders according to the folder structure of the associated .ipf file. Do not include unmodified files.For example, char_texture.ipf has 3 folders—monster, npc, and pc folders. Make sure the files are located in the proper folders.If you need to know the folder structure, you can extract the original .ipf file to find out by reversing Steps 2-3. Alternatively, use IPF Extractor or GE Tools. Do not include the base folder (e.g. char_texture…

Recruit Selene: A Frozen Girl

A Frozen Girl quests were added in v29.19.21. This guide is based on American client v29.47.00. See Patch Notes for later changes (if any). Selene's original English name (as listed by IMC) is Selane.

You will need to give the following items:
Yellow/Red/Green Rafflesia Leaf x10 each You will need to complete the following raid missions:
Inside the Crater (Rank 4) or Occulta General's Room (Rank 4)Rafflesia (Rank 3 or Rank 6)Griffon (Rank 3 or Rank 6)Lucifer Garden Individual Mission - Sauterelle (Rank 5) You will need to kill monsters in the following field maps:
Katovic Snowfield or Frozen PlainRion Plain or Bonavista River

[130][A Frozen Girl] A Girl At the Tower of Ice Wizard 
Prerequisites: Completed Investigate Ice Wizard's Tower 🔗 quest.
Trigger quest mail by moving to Snowfield of the Ice Wizard. Talk to the Frozen Girl in Snowfield of the Ice Wizard (K5; channel 1 only). Collect Large Philosopher's Stone (quest item) x5 by killing Sekhmet (20%) in Inside the Crat…

Lynn's Gift Again

Europe server is having another Lynn's Gift 🔗 event from Feb 13 to Mar 13, 2018. Like the previous Lynn's Gift 2015, it involves attendance check (30 tokens), field hunts, rank missions, and scenario quest completions. The rewards include Pet Box (Black Dragon), AR33-36 Weapons, Expert Enchantment Chips, etc.

Recruit Rosa: Woman Who Sings Courage

Woman Who Sings Courage quests were added in v27.56.86. This guide is based on USA server (v28.25.81). See Patch Notes for further changes (if any).

Every time you talk to Rosa, she will show you her statistics. You must raise all her statistics to required amount. Her initial and required statistics are:

STR 10/40 (+30), AGI 15/50 (+35), HP 15/50 (+35), DEX 20/40 (+20), INT 40/80 (+40), SEN 25/70 (+45)
Her statistics improve depending how you respond to her during conversation.

[130][Woman Who Sings Courage] Meeting With Rosa
Prerequisites: Family Level 40.
Trigger quest mail by moving to Port of Bahia.Talk to Rosa in Port of Bahia (H9). Your responses will determine what item will be required for the next quest.1. Do not think we would fall for what you said.1. That was harsh. We are the customers here...1. It goes this way... [Archangel's Heart]2. Let us listen first. And then we will decide. [Shiny Crystal]2. Hey! It was just a joke. How much is the watermelon? We will buy all yo…

Illisia Daily Quests

These daily quests were first introduced in v28.08.63 (The Symphonia Episode 3), then further expanded in v28.20.48 and v28.43.06. This guide is based on USA game client (v28.50.39). Check Patch Notes for later changes (if any). These daily quests involve collecting quest items in Imperium Arma or Imperium Rex.

[Daily] Illisia Notice Board
Trigger quest mail by moving to Illisia.Click on the Notice Board in Illisia (F7). Initially, there will be 3 random daily quests available at the notice board. Each quest completion grants Illisia Notice Board Favor Rate +1. As you complete more quests, the number of available quests will increase (e.g. 4 quests at 50 favor rate). You can take all quests available even if you have not completed the quests from the previous day.

Illisia Quests
[Daily/Illisia] A Cozy Bed
Reward: Mission Accomplishment Illisia x1.
Talk to June in Illisia (G10).Collect Flurry Fur (quest item) x50 by killing Great Geckos (20% or 100%) in Imperium Arma or Imperium Arma (Twi…

Scenario: The Future of Barons

The Future of Barons scenario was added in v27.88.42. This guide is based on USA client (v28.50.39). See Patch Notes for later changes (if any). Thanks to Castiaguard for verifying the alternate routes.

You will need to give/use the following items:
Otite Perfume (optional) x1 per day (approximately 2)Composite Steel x100 Iron Ore x10Reputation Points x4,000 (optional) Skull of Spino x3 Reinforced Leather x100Magical Amethyst x3Liquefied Gas x3Pure Otite x5 You will need to complete the following raid missions:
Heaven's Altar Protection (Rank 4)Inside the Crater (Rank 4) Nest of Garim (Rank 4; optional) Griffon (Rank 3)Demonic Medusa (Rank 4)Lucifer Garden Single - Sauterelle (Rank 5)Lucifer Basement Single - Cortes (Rank 5)  or Cabeza de Bahia (Rank 4)Lucifer Garden Single - Arbremon, Mantara, or Demonic Jurgen (Rank 5)Lucifer Basement Single - Cortes or Death Wraith (Rank 5) You will need to kill monsters in the following field maps:
Snowfield of the Ice WizardBahama Prophet'…