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SEA Update: The Symphonia Final Episode

SEA server has been updated to The Symphonia Final Episode (v28.83.31). See Maintenance for Dec 27, 2017 ๐Ÿ”— for patch notes. If you are using custom skins, you have to update button.bmp to add the missing icons. Also, delete familyskill1.bmp and familyskill2.bmp from skin folder to use the default files instead.

Christmas 2017

IMC has released the Christmas Event 2017, which will be exported to other regional servers. Talk to Event NPC (Leona) in Reboldoeux to start the event.

๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„ Pioneer Diary & Wings
If you have at least Family Lv.20, you can claim Leona's Pioneer Diary and 3 Snow Angel Wings (Event; 7 days) from Event NPC. Tip: You need 4 Master Lv.1 characters and 1 Veteran Lv.2 character to reach Family Lv.20.

The diary runs for 14 days, giving AR33-34 Weapon Box (x2), AR35-36 Weapon Box (x1), Master Card (x2), Character Card Box III (x1), etc. Snow Angel Wing grants AR+1, DR+1, ATK +10%, DEF +10, HP +1500, SP +300, and HP Absorb 5%. The wings are automatically activated.

๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„ Daily Event Quest
Collect Christmas Event Token x30 by killing monsters of a randomly determined race in the field maps. These quest items drop on the floor and can be looted by squad members. Like other similar events, the quest items stop dropping when the quest family has the required amount in inventory.

Trade the qu…

12 Days of Christmas

USA server has started a Christmas event. Login to T3Fun webiste ๐Ÿ”— each day and click to claim an item. A reminder that the website uses Flash, so Firefox may not work properly. Use Chrome.

Rare Character Merchant Summon Stone includes any one selected character—Asoka, Ralph, Cadet Elisa, Cadet Adriana, Battle Smith Idge, Battle Cook Panfilo, Emilia the Sage, or Soho of the Wind. Ring Box Package contains 10 of each skill ring box—Chester, Veiren, Curan, Richard, and Genos.

The four mystery rewards for complete attendance are Nina Card (Event), Enhanced Accessory Merchant Stone (Event), Pioneer Piercing (All Stats +3) artifact, and Christmas Blessings (ATK +3%, Penetration +3, Immunity -3) medal x3.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Automated Logins/Clicks
You can use freeware TyperTask ๐Ÿ”— to automate website login and clicks, using a series of normal text (username and password), {click x,y} codes, and {delay=number} codes. Click code requires screen coordinates that you can find with Options-Track Mouse. Del…

USA Update: The Symphonia Episodes 3+4

USA server has been updated to The Symphonia Episodes 3+4 (v28.50.39; Patch 222000). The previous update was almost 3 months ago. The new X-Trap is 10.2016-2396.

It seems T3Fun did not post all the patch notes. The update actually patches up to Episode 4. Kael (v28.45.94) is included, but not the skill updates (v28.56.40), so I'm assuming we are at v28.50.39, just like European server.

If you are using skins, you may need to update button.bmp file by copying and pasting the buttons for Rank 7 and Extra missions.

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Rubiana's Blessing Event

European server has imported Rubiana's Blessing event for 57 days until Jan 30, 2018. (For Korean server, this was the update event for The Symphonia Final Episode patch.) You can collect event tokens by talking to Event NPC (x50), clearing 10 ranks worth of missions (x100), or hunting monsters in fields. The rewards include Curse/Vernier Weapon Costumes, Expert Enchant Chips, Character Card Box III, etc. Besides fixed reward packages, you can also use excess tokens in the reward shop.

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[DEU] Rubiana's Blessing ๐Ÿ”— Dec 12, 2017 - Jan 30, 2018
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Patch Party Emblems

The family and party emblems have never worked for American server, probably because T3Fun can't be bothered to set up a server for players to upload their own emblems. Other servers allow uploading of emblems, but the emblems may not be working properly for bonus roulette and single roulette.

This modification is necessary for the bonus roulette and single-item roulette (e.g. Letizia's Shiny Box) to use the URL defined by client.xml file (see Part II below). If your game client already shows the emblems properly for both the bonus roulette and single-item roulette, skip to Part II.

For SEA server, if you are using the ui.ipf file from here, the modifications are already included. Otherwise, do the following:
Extract ui.ipf with GE Tools.For SEA server, use ui00041.ipf instead. Open singlerullet.xml in Granado Espada\ge\ui\uixml folder with Notepad.Find the line which begins with <webpicture (usually line 5) and replace url="http://someip…

SEA Update: The Symphonia Episode 4

SEA server has updated to The Symphonia Episode 4 (v28.66.08). The new event requires you to complete 10 ranks worth of rank missions for 2 event items. You can exchange them for Strata Devil Weapon (40 event items), Evil Weapon (20 event items), G34/35 Valeron's Powder (8/10 event items), etc.

External Links
Update Nov '17 ๐Ÿ”—
Scheduled Maintenance for Nov 29, 2017 ๐Ÿ”—
Refining Event for Artisan Victor ๐Ÿ”— 11/29-12/27, 2017

Change Mouse Cursors

Some time ago, someone asked me about changing in-game mouse cursors, apparently because the default cursors are too large when using a huge screen for the game. (I won't know; my screen isn't that big.) In any case, here is a quick guide to changing in-game cursors.

The in-game mouse cursors consist of 19 bitmap (.bmp) files with 32x32 pixels, stored inside ui.ipf file. Transparency in .bmp files is determined by Fuchsia (#FF00FF) color. You can view the cursors themselves by extracting ui.ipf file (or ui00002.ipf file for SEA server).

First, you need to convert your cursor (.cur) files into .bmp files, using Fuchsia color to replace transparency. You will need an icon/cursor editor; I use the free IcoFX Portable ๐Ÿ”— as an example.
Start IcoFX Portable. Select File ➢ Import Image, and select the desired cursor (.cur) file.The default Windows cursors are found in C:\Windows\cursor folder. You can find more cursors online—DeviantArt: Windows Cursors ?…

Patch Notes v28.72.30 - v28.87.01

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v27.40.06, while European server is at v28.50.39. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

IAHGames GE File Archive

The old website for SEA GE (IAHGames) can still be accessed with Wayback Machine ๐Ÿ”—. This allows one to find the download links for the old game client, specifically from Google Drive ๐Ÿ”—.

Region: South East Asia (Singapore)Version: 25.08.73 (New Era Episode 2)Publisher: IAHGamesLanguages: English (all text; sound for up to Bahama), Korean (sound for Armonia + New Era)
Since the installer files may be deleted from Google Drive at any time, I have created an archive of selected files from that game client. You can download IAHGEArchive_v250873.7z (467MB) from MEGA ๐Ÿ”— (Misc folder). folder All the above .ipf files have been extracted. Other .ipf files are unlikely to differ from game clients of other regions, thus they have not been included.

If for some reason you want to reuse these old files (e.g. character voice files), do the following:
Extract the same .ipf file of the current version with GE Tools.Copy t…

SEA UI Modification & Font

The new SEA server was launched on Steam. The packaging of IPF files is slightly different in that previously one massive file (e.g. bgm.ipf) is separated into smaller pieces (e.g. bgm00001.ipf, bgm00002.ipf, etc.). This customization involves some basic UI changes.

๐Ÿ’ฃ WARNING! Tamper with the game client at your own risks! If error occurs, you may have to completely reinstall the game client. Client modifications (however harmless) are generally frowned upon, so do not post this in the official forums.

The current game patcher seems to be warped in dimensions. The image is 606x505 pixels, but Steam actually forces it to become 755x675 pixels. I have resized the image so that it fits Steam's requirement. Simply download the image above, and replace background.jpg in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Granado Espada For SEA\release\res folder with it.

This is a privately customized file meant for use by SEA game client (v28.36.84) only. It includes 5 modi…

SEA Server Grand Opening

SEA server (v28.36.84) has officially opened on Steam after maintenance (10:00-16:00 GMT+8). It is available only via Steam ๐Ÿ”—, using Steam login instead of the standard client login.

The opening event comes in 3 parts:
Pioneer Journal (30 days): Login to claim a daily item, e.g. Barrack Slot x20 in all, Master Card x1, Weapon Costume x1, Constellation Weapon x3.Event NPC Daily Quest: Soul Crystals, Barrack Slots; Pet Box (Phobitan), Master Card x3, Lhote Card, Rascel Card, Character Card Box III, etc.Family Level (up to 60): Barrack Slots, Evil Weapons, Pet Box (Black Tiger), Character Card Box III, etc. ... Hm. Frankly, still not too impressed with what they are offering, considering what old players have lost with the wiped accounts. ๐Ÿ˜‘

[Event] The GM's Request (1)
Reward: (a) Mystic Ampule (Event) x10, Rose Wing (7 days) Gift Box x1; (b) Principal Potion (Event) x3; (c) Beginner Complete Manual (Monster ATK +10%, Monster Damage Received -5%, EXP +20%) x1, Beginner Complete Acc…

Attendance Login Event

USA server is having a daily login event (via website ๐Ÿ”—) for 30 days (10/27-11/25). Note that the website requires Flash, so you may not be able to login with Firefox. Use Chrome instead. See Resolving Login Problem in T3Fun Website ๐Ÿ”— for details.

There are also family level requirements for some rewards:
Family Level 10: Constellation Weapons, Elite Le NoirFamily Level 20: Evil Weapons, Greek CromaFamily Level 30: Strata Devil Weapons & Armors

I'm guessing this event is supposed to be the equivalent of Walk Flowery Paths event for Europe/Korea, since more often than not, T3Fun does not want to patch. I wonder if we will still be getting the standard Halloween Event this year?

Overall, it's a good event. Be glad for it, and not complain about prices dropping. Say NO to inflation. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Laila's Legacy
Craft the following weapons during 10/31-11/06 and get Strata Devil Earrings (Event). The NPC who sells/trades the recipe and the required items are listed below.
Elite La R…

Halloween 2017

Korean server has started the annual Halloween event for 2 weeks. This will most likely be exported to other regional servers next week as well.

Talk to Event NPC in Reboldoeux to do a daily quest to collect Lost Halloween Pumpkin (quest item) x10, which are dropped on the floor after killing monsters of a randomly determined race (e.g. undead). Similar to Leona's Red Seeds, once you have 10 quest items in your inventory, they will stop dropping. Each completed quest gives Halloween Ticket x5 and Halloween Candy (EXP +30% for 30 minutes) x20.

The event shop trades the following event items for Halloween Tickets:
Vampire Costumes for Leona, Calyce, Grandies, Valeria Vendetta - 25 tickets Abyss Weapon Costume (ATK vs. Monster +10% for 30 days) - 20 ticketsVampire Hairs for Leona, Code Name L, Valeria Vendetta - 15 ticketsPremium Custom Wing Ticket - 15 ticketsHalloween Pumpkin Hat - 10 ticketsEnhanced Tribe Ampule - 3 ticketsPet Food, Expert G EXP Card, Training Card G - 2 tickets…

Walk Flowery Paths Event

Europe server has imported Walk Flowery Paths ๐Ÿ”— event until Dec 05, 2017. There are 5 groups of rewards:

Attendance + Scenario: AR34/35/36 Weapon, Strata Devil Armor, etc.Attendance + Family Level: Strata Devil Weapon, Enhanced Accessory, Bristia Accessory, etc.Attendance + Rank Mission: Dazzling Obsidian/Spodumene, etc.Attendance + Play Time: Character Card Box III, etc.Attendance: Soul Crystals, Training Cards, Ring Boxes, Steroid Potions, etc.
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[EU] Walk Flowery Paths ๐Ÿ”—Oct 24 - Dec 05, 2017

Recruit Liung: Mystic Fighter

Mystic Fighter quests were added in v26.89.74. This guide is based on v27.40.06. See Patch Notes for further changes (if any) in later versions.

You will need the following items:
Clear Rum x200Ice Crystal x200Bristia Style Stir Fried Octo x1Pebble x20 You will need to do the following missions:
Leo Room (Rank 3) or Demonic Ice Wizard's Tower (Rank 3 or Hard)
Synopsis : Liung was beating Viron soldiers while waiting for baldy to show up. Gracielo took offense but got his ass kicked instead. Liung then beat up Gascon, but Baek Ho dragged him off. Baek Ho recognized Liung as the son of Seol Ran from Dang. Apparently, Seol Ran often trained with White Dragon, Baek Ho's master. Liung tried to Lightning Bomb, a skill even his mother failed to use properly.

After recovering from his injuries, he apologized to Gracielo as Fritz showed up. Fritz called Liung over to fight Stratavista, but now asked him to test himself. Liung fought Phobitan General and said only the two daughters of …

Europe Update: The Symphonia Episodes 3+4

Europe server has updated to v28.50.39 (The Symphonia Episodes 3+4). See ์นด์—˜ ์˜์ž…ํ€˜์ŠคํŠธ ๐Ÿ”— for an outline of Recruit Kael quests.

There will be +100% EXP, Stance, and Drop Rate until Oct 31, and 1 Vis Bonus Roulette Event until Oct 24.

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SEA Launch Road Map

More news about the relaunch for Granado Espada SEA... The publisher hasn't been communicative with the potential players since the website was setup. They didn't respond to players' inquiries about old accounts or even the date of release since the start of October. They didn't even tell you what are in the founder's packs or what version the server will start with...

Well, they finally did so. They are starting with The Symphonia Episode 3, updating to Episode 4 in late November, and Episode 5 in late December. That's fairly fast, but so was T3Fun when USA server first started... As expected, no transfer from the old server. The founder's packs basically contain cash items and bulk of Enchantment Chips. See Future Schedules and Founder's Pack Products ๐Ÿ”— for details.

According to Service Opening Notice ๐Ÿ”—:
We are happy to announce that we are currently preparing to release Granado Espada for SEA on the Steam platform. We will be servicing the game in…

Recruit Rose Spirit: A Red Rose Petal

A Red Rose Petal quests were added in v27.40.06. This guide is based on v27.40.06. See Patch Notes for changes (if any) after this version.

The quests require the following items:
Chocolate x5Tofu x100High Quality Cloth x100 The quests require the following raid missions:
Curse of Red Sunset Forest (faction mission) Hell Breaker (Rank 2) Inside the Crater: Sekhmet (Rank 4) Gate of Ice: Ice Wizard's Tower (Rank 4) Gate of Lightning: Silent Maze (Rank 4) The quests require killing monsters in the following maps:
Bahama Prophet's Forest
Synopsis : After Montoro died, the Rose sisters were released from Moonlight Garden. Raven sent you to suppress the rampaging monsters that were fighting among themselves. Rose Heart did not trust you since you broke Montoro's seal. Rose Spirit then apologized for hurting you. You learnt that Rose Heart was made only for battle, and that Rose Spirit was the thinker and decision maker.

While Rose Heart was being treated by Key Holder, Rose Spi…

Patch Notes v28.48.47 - v28.71.02

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. Even Korean server is slowing down in its updates. It used to be 1 major update (scenario episode) per month, but now there is nothing for 9 weeks... American server is currently at v27.40.06, while European server is at v28.00.72. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

Recruit Joshua: The Gold Flame of Illier

The Gold Flame of Illier quests were added in v28.10.94. This guide is based on USA game client (v28.50.39). See Patch Notes for further changes (if any).

Synopsis : Joshua sends you to clean up all the monsters in the basement and the command room. Major Cheryl seems to be obsessed with Joshua, sending you to deliver a classified document. Joshua says that the Witchcraft Troops was performing bio-mechanical experiments, while monsters are invaded Imperium Arma. Unlike Montoro, they don't experiment on humans.

Her family aide revealed that Joshua was born when her brother who was 20 years older left home, so she was disguised as a boy as a replacement. When she was 15, her father died and her brother returned as the new count. Orden brainwashed the soldiers using insignias, so Joshua asks for a mountain hoard of them. You bring them to Violet for destruction. Joshua's magical power is exhausted after dealing with Dorr, so you feed her weird stuffs to recover her mana.


Recruit Friede: Freedom

Freedom quests were added in v27.29.12. This guide is based on v27.40.06. For changes (if any) after this version, check Patch Notes. The default English name (based on Korean client) for this character is actually Freeday.

The quests require the following items:
Big Watermelon Slice x10Golden Apple x75Beet x75Giant Cockatrice Egg x10 The quests require doing the following raid missions:
Demonic Dr. Torsche's Mansion (Rank 1 or Hard) missionDemonic Ice Wizard's Tower (Rank 3 or Hard) mission The quests require killing monsters in the following maps:
Red Sunset Forest, Blood Fog Forest, or Crow Forest
Synopsis : A "trap" was wandering around Viron and beating up Taikbin who wanted him to play with his elephant. His stage name was Friede, who was the lead vocalist of a band in Vespanola. He thought he wouldn't be recognized in the New Continent, so he wanted to explore without being bothered by fans.

Friede annoyed a griffon with his out-of-tune lute, then tried to …

Call of Laila

American server is having Call of Laila ๐Ÿ”— Event for 3 days. Basically, complete the 3 daily quests for a Strata Devil Accessory. Family must be at least level 40. Rewards will be sent starting on Oct 03, 2017.

Sep 29 (Fri): Strata Devil Boots (Event)
[Paradox Exploration] Death Wraith[Merchant Union] SCHIFF Hotel AdvertisementIf you haven't started Kielce Favor Quests at all, talk to Port Guard in Kielce (D9).If you haven't started Merchant Favor Quests at all, talk to Cain in Kielce (J5).Talk to John in Kielce (J5).[Daily] Supplies of the Punitive Force
Sep 30 (Sat): Strata Devil Belt (Event)
[Paradox Exploration] Demonic Jurgen[Scar] Shiny Flower[Daily] Faith and Wealth
Oct 01 (Sun): Strata Devil Gloves (Event)
[Paradox Exploration] Rose[Port Union] Mop Up PiratesIf you haven't started Kielce Favor Quests at all, talk to Port Guard in Kielce (D9).If you haven't started Port Favor Quests at all, talk to Jode in Kielce (E9).Talk to Anthony in Kielce (D9).[Daily] Asphodel Co…

Thai Update: Revelation of the Stars

Thai server has updated to Revelation of the Stars (The End of Jurgen) patch on Sep 25, 2017. There is also an attendance event, giving 11th Anniversary Medal, Montoro Card, and Montoro Polar Bear Costume.

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