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Taiwan v10.17 Update

WAYI has updated Taiwan Granado Espada to v10.17 on July 25, 2012. It seems like Taiwan has the most  advanced game edition after Korea and Japan. The game client can be downloaded here. See the mini-site GE王者之劍:完美女僕歡迎您的到來! for details.
New Characters - Mary, Tora, RacelNew Expert Stances for Catherine, Jack, Angie, Yeganeh, Karjalain, PanfiloPatch Notes v10.17

[Event] Support the Frontline - July 25 to August 29, 2012
Talk to Racel in Coimbra to get 1 event quest per day to collect specific items, such as Wolf Meat, Ring Crystal, Dragon Heart, etc. The rewards include EXP Cards and Training Cards. After completing 25 quests, the reward will be Racel Character Card.

[Event] Dr. Torsche's Treasure- July 25 to August 08, 2012
Talk to Dr. Torsche to start a event misssion once per day. Defeat up to 14 boss monsters, which drops 1 treasure chest each. Talk to Dr. Torsche for reward. The more chests you recovered, the better the reward, which includes Promotion Recipes, EXP Cards, Boost Po…

Magic Circle 31

Magic Circle 31 (Korea) has been updated until August 08, 2012.

Archaic Academic Style • Costume + Hair for Ralph Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: Feb 2012 (Japan)
Party Dress - The Zoo • Costume for Ludin Sugar Snow Hair • Hair for Ludin

Imperial Wheel V: July 2012

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated until August 01, 2012. Scarlet Admiral Costume (F/Mus) is also included among the loot. See GMガイズの新34等級武器・コスチュームご紹介 for more weapon details and costume screenshots. In addition, the chance of getting +8 weapons has been reduced by 1%. See 武器交換チケット「付与強化値確率変更」について for details.

Soul Bringer Set
[Soul Bringer] Stance Book • Enhanced [Soul Bringer] Stance Ring

Jormungand Pet Set
Pet Box (Black Dragon) • Pet Food x50

Black Dragon Javelin 
Weapon Costume • Javelin

Black Dragon Pistol 
Weapon Costume • Pistol

Black Dragon Sabre 
Weapon Costume • Sabre

Evil's Regret
Weapon Costume • Tonfa

Abyssinian Summer Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Veatrice

Mary's Summer Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Mary

Baby Doll Costume
Body Costume • Catherine (Summoner)

Rad'light Javelin
Javelin • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 295
ATK Speed +10%, Critical +10
[Focus] Buff • ATK Speed +10%, Critical +50, Penetration +15

Feoh'light Rod
Rod • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 335
ATK Speed +…

Cadet Adriana Event Preview

IAHGames will be including Cadet Adriana character card in an upcoming event. Details are not available yet, but based on the screenshot provided by [CM] Calleigh here, it will be related to Singapore's National (Independence) Day which is on August 09 (Thu). So players can expect it within 1-2 weeks from now...

Meanwhile, there is Jack Space Bounty Hunter Event until August 02, 2012.
Update: The event is now available from July 26 to August 16, 2012. It involved hunting event monsters to collect alphabets to spell "Cadet Adriana", i.e. A x4, C x1, D x2, E x1, I x1, N x1, R x1, T x1... That's a lot of "A"; I hope the drop rate for "A" doesn't suck. See [sGE] Cadet Adriana National Day Event for details.

Darkness vs. Monsters & New Rings

In v10.19.1, there are 2 changes that received attention in Play Forum Feature Articles.

[Darkness] Debuff Skills
The debuff skills from [Darkness] stance has been modified to be able to affect normal monsters. However, the probability of debuff on bosses is still near-zero. What's the point, really? Normal mobs die relatively fast, making it more trouble than it's worth to debuff them. Well, maybe if they will work on the mobs (e.g. Vampire Bats) in Lucifer Castle, which have stupidly high hit points... Supposedly, the skills will work on the mobs in Castilla missions as well.

The sample videos showed [Darkness] skills working on mobs in Red Sunset Forest, (Revised) Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex, and Occulta Bounty Hunter mission. On the other hand, they didn't work on Demonic Necroshaman and Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers. See 몬스터들과 조우한 다크니스, 과연 for videos and details.

Improved Enhanced Stance Rings
Precious Metal Merchants can craft Improved Enhanced Stance Ring, requiring…

Side Quests v10.6

It has been more than 1 month since G1 announced here that they won't be patching to v9.5 due to issues involving contract renewal, and players are still kept in the dark at the moment (see here). Everyone is seriously bored right now already. I wonder if they are going to update only at the end of the year.... 

Anyway, I'm really not motivated about the game as it is right now. So rather than post translations of quests or missions, I will just consolidate a list of links instead. 

Side Quests v10.6
Five new sub-quests were added in v10.6. The rewards are nothing special, mostly just some Veteran EXP Cards. Check out the sub-quests at Japanese Wiki links below. Grace's sub-quest requires the completion of Grace's previous sub-quest,Secret of Prison de Joaquin. All others require the completion of the related characters' recruitment quests.
Najib Sharif - Appraisal of Travel BoxSelva - The Place Closest To GodRomina - Explore the New WorldBrunie - Toubkal RuinsGrace -…

Weakened LOE Normal Attacks

I have decided to translate an article from the Chinese site Blue Moon Waltz, since this may have significant concerns for many players on the English servers. See Lord of Elemental & Forgotten Magic Are Nerfed In v10.16.3 for the original article in Chinese.

In v10.16.3, IMC has reduced the damage of normal attacks for [Elemental Lord] and [Forgotten Magic] stances. The damage reduction was reportedly about 50%.

Players of Japanese servers have raised questions concerning the nerf, and the issue was referred back to IMC. The reply was that the previous normal attack damage was an "abnormal state", and the correction in v10.16.3 was considered to be the proper one. All regional editions of the game will receive the same correction when they update to v10.16.3. [Source]

Additional Notes
After the v10.16.3 nerf, [Activator] stance has the best normal attack damage out of all stances using elemental bracelets. After the clarification by IMC, the Japanese admin conducted a no…

Agate Angel

We couldn't be bothered to passive train any more, but a few characters still advanced somewhat since last journal entry... Vairocana (Ralph) reached Master Lv.3 from participating in assorted raids. Lolita (Claire) reached Master Lv.3 as well. Mystra (F/Wiz) and Alustriel (ETS) reached Master Lv.5 and Lv.2 respectively in Castilla Tower of Chaos. After running through Castilla Mine, Shotaro (Viki) was promoted to Expert Lv.1. His place was then taken by Archimedes (Jack) who reached Veteran Lv.9.

The cannon users purchased Angel Cassiel's Cannon and L'Activite de L'Agate, upgrading from their previous +7 Conqueror Cannons. We also crafted a new robe, but it consumed almost 800+ chips and it still has crap enchantment... So Tethys (ATP) had to spam Occulta Bounty Hunts for chips, and the only worthwhile thing from roulette was Crafted Psychokinesis RES Necklace.

Mufasar dropped Recipe - Magic Leather Belt, and a crap load of rubbish like Lv.84 elite equipment and Lv.92…