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IAH/WAYI Update - Faction Renewal

WAYI updated Taiwan servers to v20.10.24 on Nov 27, 2013. The update essentially contains the contents of Revised Faction System.

Update Events (11/27/2013-01/02/2014)
Login daily for various freebies. Bonus items are Christmas Rocket (8 logins), Christmas Fantasy rod costume (15 logins), Catherine's Christmas costume (22 logins), and Rudolph Pet Box (29 logins). Newly created family will also get free event character cards for Tora, Elisa, Cruz, Veronif, and Grace. There will also be EXP +100% during event period.

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Likewise, IAHGames also updated Singapore servers to v20.10.24 (X-Trap 6800). There is Combat/Stance EXP +100% boost until Dec 05, 2013. Links to related articles will be added when they become available.

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Thanksgiving 2013

During Nov 27 - Dec 04, 2013, kill rabbits in field zones for Thanksgiving Rice Cakes (Touch of Heaven buff for 20 min) and Full Moon Piece. Exchange the latter for various items from Event NPC in Reboldoeux.
EXP Card Grade 70 - Rice Cake x5Veteran G EXP Card - Rice Cake x50Training Card A - Rice Cake x25Training Card B - Rice Cake x50Korean Traditional Costume (7 days) - Rice Cake x50Korean Traditional Hat (7 days) - Rice Cake x50Rabbit Hairlace (7 days) - Rice Cake x50Brown Bunny Band (7 days) - Rice Cake x50Rabbit Hat (7 days) - Rice Cake x50Mortar (7 days) - Rice Cake x100Full Moon Rabbit Doll (7 days) - Rice Cake x100Korean Traditional Costume (permanent) - Full Moon Piece x50 Korean Traditional Costumes come in 4 types - female elementalist, male fighter, male musketeer, and male scout. You can also get a return package if you have a Lv.10+ family that has not login since Oct 13, 2013.

Cano's Marine Look costume set was supposed to be available for free in Rosa's Note eve…

Imperial Wheel S: Nov 2013

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for November 2013. The top prizes are now a set of end-game items... Unlike previous releases, the end date for this month's casino is not specified (labeled as "???"). It seems like they want to milk the players more as well. See GMラバトの『新アイテム』紹介ブログ! for GM's introduction.

Fighter Support Set
Tyrant Axe + Strata Devil Shield

Selane Support Set
Tyrant Ice Bracelet (x2)

Roht Support Set
Tyrant Axe (x2)

Kess Support Set
IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle + Enhanced [Heavy Stinger] Ring

Kess Costume Set
Witness of History • Body Costume (Kess)
General Hat • Hat (Kess)
See 케스 신코 for screenshots.

Tyrant Axe
Blunt • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 280
Trigger 10%, Penetration +5, ATK Speed +10%, Stun 5%, Immunity -10

Tyrant Ice Bracelet
Ice Bracelet • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 295
Trigger 10%, Penetration +10, Immunity -10

Tyrant Cannon
Cannon • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 565
Trigger 5%, Penetration +10, Accuracy +10, Blind 5%, Immunity -10

Meanwhile, other servers are fo…

Mad Auto Baron

Mad Auto Baron mission was introduced in v10.6. See Party Missions for basic information about party missions.

Cabeza de Gigante - Argus

This mission is required for Family Attribute Quests. The unique loot is Recipe - Will/Hope of Argus, which grants INT/STR +10. The enhanced recipes are available in Magia/Vent Pioneer Merchant Shop at Rank B and above.

A note about map names... The dungeon is by default named Gigante (meaning "giant"). If you follow Sedecram scenario quests, Baron Igorni will talk about giants who lived there in the past. Of course, there is the giant head in Sedecram (Tierra Putrefacta) itself. So Interna/Corazon/Cabeza de Gigante prefers to the innards, heart, and brain of the giant... while Heavenly Sedecram dungeon map represents the giant's lungs.

The "Bahia" nonsense comes from IAHGames' attempt to unnecessarily rename Gigante Island to Bahia Island. As a result of Find - Replace All function, all references to giants (gigante) become bahia, which makes the names nonsensical... T3Fun pretty much ripped off IAH translations when the servers were first launched, so the…

Selling Elizabeth's Painting

Elizabeth in Kielce (K9) wants you to sell her painting in Coimbra. This is one of the daily quests to increase Kielce Merchant Favor. Sometimes, her painting is so bad that they enrage people to become Super Saiyan.

Coimbra Scoundrel • Lv.150 Human • Soft Armor • None • Medium
HP 52,794,720 • ATK Rating 76 • ATK 1,223,877 • DEF Rating 76 • DEF 102
Penetration 0 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
However, they cannot hit flying characters... so what happens if you wait it out for 12 minutes?

The end result is the same, even if you stay alive to the end. Notice she is selling the same damn painting everyday? She just ripped the painting from Dr. Torsche's Mansion to pass off as her own. No wonder the scoundrels are tired of her crap.

GE Europe 2 Soon

A new publisher will be opening its GE servers for Europe region, after the failed service by RNTS on August 01, 2013. See End of GE Europe for details. The new GE Europe Facebook says on Oct 24, 2013:
Granado Espada Official European Service will be re-launched by EuroGamez GmbH. EuroGamez said that they will launch the English version very soon and the German version and French version will be followed early of next year.  The teaser site is now online at The font for Coming soon... looks nice. Anyone knows the font name?

The teaser video features scenes from Bristia 2-2 and Bristia 2-3, so the game version will probably be v19.15 or later. The teaser artwork package can be downloaded here, including 20 large (1200 px) .JPG files.

Interestingly, they actually have a Join Translation Project (German). I hope this means they won't have "Wild Wild Wild Wild Boar" in the game. Will Catherine still be a gangbanger in this version?  They plan…

Twisted Spacetime Room

If you are doing this mission within your faction, it is recommended to do with the minimum number of people (12), if possible. This way, the entire faction can have enough people for multiple runs per week, maximizing the drops for the entire faction.

Mission Information
Location: Lucifer Castle Death Corridor (F2)
Frequency: 1/week
Participants: 12-30
Duration: 120+ minutes
Entry Cost: None
Requirement: Completed Judgment Day scenario; Portero at Death Corridor (F3/G3) must have been killed since maintenance.

Bahama Episode 1

Bahama Episode 1 - Prophet's Forest has been added in v20.16.82 (live server). The entire scenario requires the following characters/items:
Sharon - created for quest dialogues; see Recruit Sharon questsWitch's Hat x1 (not consumed) - quest reward in Bahama Pioneering Scenario 🔗Stalactite Piece x10 - drop by Cave Robber Ghost in Bahamar Underground Cave 1FSnake Skin x5 - drop by Black Fish in Bahamar Underground Cave 1F

Baron Igorni wants you to clear the swamp of mutant honeycombs. After meeting Sierra with her Witch's Hat, she left the house. Leonora asks you to follow her to the Swamp of Peril. After saving Sierra from Royal Honeycomb, she reveals that the honeycombs do not come from the swamp area. She gives you a jewel called Spirit of Forest and asks you to meet her in the Swamp of Peril.

The Forest Guardian appears and stops you from going further, despite Sierra's pleas. Royal Honeycomb attacks, but you push pass it and confront Nena. Sierra explains that the P…