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Cabeza de Gigante - Argus

This mission is required for Family Attribute Quests. The unique loot is Recipe - Will/Hope of Argus, which grants INT/STR +10. The enhanced recipes are available in Magia/Vent Pioneer Merchant Shop at Rank B and above.

A note about map names... The dungeon is by default named Gigante (meaning "giant"). If you follow Sedecram scenario quests, Baron Igorni will talk about giants who lived there in the past. Of course, there is the giant head in Sedecram (Tierra Putrefacta) itself. So Interna/Corazon/Cabeza de Gigante prefers to the innards, heart, and brain of the giant... while Heavenly Sedecram dungeon map represents the giant's lungs.

The "Bahia" nonsense comes from IAHGames' attempt to unnecessarily rename Gigante Island to Bahia Island. As a result of Find - Replace All function, all references to giants (gigante) become bahia, which makes the names nonsensical... T3Fun pretty much ripped off IAH translations when the servers were first launched, so there you have it.

Mission Information
Location: Coimbra Nimrod Bridge (I8)
Frequency: 1/week
Duration: 200 minutes
Participants: 1-24
Entry Cost: 10 Amethyst Pieces and 2,500 reputation points
Reequirement: None

Amethyst Pieces are dropped by Vespanola (1/100) and Elite Vespanola (1/50) within the mission itself. They are also dropped by various monsters in Tierra Putrefacta and its dungeon. In T3Fun servers, Amethyst Piece is also available in the Feso Shop for 2,000 Feso.

Brain of Argus is a flying creature, so preferably bring shooters or magic-users. The attacks are mostly mental damage, so bring Emilia to use [Spiritual Shield] skill.

A. Vespanola
Except for Argus' area in the elevated location, there are Vespanola and Elite Vespanola throughout the map. They will respawn after a while, so you can collect some Amethyst Pieces for the next mission, if desired. They also drop Magical Amethyst and Recipe - Belt (any).

Vespanola • Lv.120 Undead • Heavy Armor • None • Medium
HP 16,473 • ATK Rating 62 • ATK 3,187 • DEF Rating 62 • DEF 161
Penetration 10 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 25, Ice 25, Lightning 25, Mental 12

Elite Vespanola • Lv.123 Undead • Heavy Armor • None • Medium
HP 46,268 • ATK Rating 63 • ATK 4,235 • DEF Rating 63 • DEF 185
Penetration 10 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 48, Ice 48, Lightning 48, Mental 32

B. Argus
At the start of the mission, a zone notice will say: Mind of Argus has summoned Argus. Argus will then appear near the Brain of Argus. If Argus is lured too far away, it will disappear and immediately be summoned again with full hp. You may not attack the Brain of Argus, if Argus is still alive.

Its attacks deal mental damage, so use [Spiritual Shield] skill to reduce its damage. Argus has some area skills, so spread out the attackers and get Emilia to use [Whole Cancellation] on it, if needed. It can buff itself with [Benediction], which increases its ATK Rating and DEF Rating.

Argus • Lv.132 Lifeless • Heavy Armor • None • Large
HP 3,162,624 • ATK Rating 68 • ATK 7,223 • DEF Rating 68 • DEF 258
Penetration 50 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 65, Ice 65, Lightning 65, Mental 70

C. Brain of Argus
When Argus dies, a zone notice will say: Protection of Argus has faded. Now, you may attack the Brain of Argus, although it is considered flying, so melee characters may have problem hitting it. Three Bribantra will also appear nearby, but you do not need to kill them. They deal mental damage.

The brain does not attack, but if you do not kill it within 3 minutes, it will summon Argus again. Note that the Bribantra do not disappear by themselves, so each time Argus is killed, three more Bribantra will appear. Therefore, if you cannot kill the brain fast, you may want to kill the Bribantra to avoid them stacking up.

Brain of Argus • Lv.130 Demon • Heavy Armor • None • Large
HP 15,842,400 • ATK Rating 67 • ATK 10,800 • DEF Rating 67 • DEF 255
Penetration 0 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 60, Ice 60, Lightning 60, Mental 60

Bribantra • Lv.126 Lifeless • Heavy Armor • None • Large
HP 1,844,160 • ATK Rating 65 • ATK 4,007 • DEF Rating 65 • DEF 233
Penetration 50 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 55, Ice 55, Lightning 55, Mental 55

Brain of Argus typically drops Lv.100 Enchantment Chip (3), Veteran Enchantment Chip (2), Lv.100 Weapon/Armor (2), Lv.92 Elite Armor (1), and sometimes Le Noir.

Bonus roulette costs 5,000,000 Vis. In v19.56.87, the bonus roulette will yield twice the normal number of items on Saturday for this mission. The following roulette table is taken from T3Fun game client (v19.71.76).

Roulette Reward Ratio Rate
Honor Card B/C/D/G 10,000 10.01%
Pure Gold Bar (x10) 12,000 12.01%
Recipe - Artisan Gloves (any) 100 0.10%
Recipe - Artisan Boots (any) 1,000 1.00%
Recipe - Will of Argus 10 0.01%
Recipe - Hope of Argus 10 0.01%
Recipe - Artisan Belt (any) 500 0.50%
Recipe - Crafted RES Necklace (any) 500 0.50%
Recipe - General Plate, Elite Le Noir 100 0.10%
Elite Le Blanc 20 0.02%
Lv.100 Armor 12,000 12.01%
General Plate, Elite Le Noir 20 0.02%
Lv.92 Elite Armor 11,000 11.01%
Le Noir 15,680 15.69%
Lv.100 Weapon 12,000 12.01%
Lv.92 Elite Weapon 15,000 15.01%
Essence (any) 5,000 5.00%
Essence (any x3) 5,000 5.00%

Video Links
The following videos recorded the old version, which is located in Interna de Gigante instead.

There is also a field version of the same boss. This usually requires a fair amount of camping, since the boss has a long respawn window.
  1. Go to Tierra Putrefacta (I6) to move to Interna de Gigante (G2). 
  2. Use the 1st Warp Gate (F4) to move to E5. This consumes 1 Amethyst Piece.
  3. Use the 2nd Warp Gate (H11) to move to Corazon de Gigante (F11/G11). This consumes 1 Amethyst Piece (?).
  4. Kill 3 Bribantras at H9, E9, and D5/D6. Each will drop 3 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips. When all are dead, more Bribantras will appear at F6/G7.
  5. Kill 8 Bribantras at F6/G7. This will create a Warp Gate to G4. The gate will vanish after around 1 minute (?).
  6. Use the Warp Gate (G2) to move to Cabeza de Gigante (F11).