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[KR] New cash costumes for Leoneles and Teen Rachels. ☆ [EU] Synodia (v28.94.65) update delayed to Jan 23, 2018.

Troublemaker Kumba Event

SEA server has started Troublemaker Kumba Event πŸ”— until Jan 31, 2018. In addition, Koko Pet will loot faster during the event, and provides buff: Damage to monsters +10%, Penetration +5, Immunity +5, DEF +10, Critical +5, Movement Speed +10%.

Talk to Event NPC to start an event mission. Destroy rocks and kill an event monster 3 times within 5 minutes. You can redo mission if you fail.The monsters have very high DEF, so use magic attackers. Talk to Event NPC again for Event Token x1 and some random reward (Soul Crystals, etc.)

Hungry KumbaLevel 100   Size Medium   HP 300   ATK Rating 100   ATK 2,160   Penetration 0   0  ❆ 0   0  ♥ 0DEF Rating 50   DEF 9,999   Immunity 0   RES 0  ❆ 0   0  ♥ 0
The tokens can be exchanged for Barrack Slot (2 tokens), Angel Weapon Costume (3 tokens), Master Card (5 tokens), Evil Weapon (6 tokens), etc.

Recruit Kael: The Clown of Illisia

The Clown of Illisia quests were added in v28.45.94. This guide is based on USA game client (v28.50.39). See Patch Notes for later changes (if any).

Synopsis : Even though he left Patrician faction, Leona says that Kael is still a wild card that could tip the scales in the Evora-Patrician conflict. Joshua promises to help you get to Kael in exchange for punishing slackers in the Witchcraft Troops. It seems Joshua has been counting how long since they knew each other (5 years 2 months 12 days). Kael gets angry when Dietrich threatens his family (Baron Pai). Joshua beats him allegedly for the 100th time, saying that she used to admire his passion. Kael agrees to help in retaking Imperium Glory, but refuses to be part of Evora-Patrician conflict.

You get some runes for Kael to court Joshua or Neely, then you help Joshua to provide some materials to Bethel slums. Joshua visits the slums only to find it under attack. She fights White Wolf who then escapes. After Jason recovers, he says th…

USA Web Login Event: Jan 2018

American server has a new website login event. Unlike previous login events, you must login to the website πŸ”— before the window will pop-up.

Update: Apparently, new accounts have a different set of rewards. See here πŸ”— for screenshot. Thanks to RIP for the information.

Play-Time Event: Jan-Apr 2018

USA server is having a new Play-Time Event πŸ”— from Jan 10 to Apr 10, 2018 (i.e. 91 days). See here πŸ”— for event mechanics. Weapon Ticket and Growth Booster can be used together to exchange for a +7 Elite Constellation Weapon (Event). To get all 4 unique items, you need an average of 110 points (18.3 hours) per day.

The Symphonia Ep.4 Scenario: The Symbol of the Titan

The Symphonia Episode 4 scenario was added in v28.40.08. This guide is based on USA game client (v28.50.39). See Patch Notes for later changes (if any).

Synopsis : Only a select few are allowed into Imperium Rex, so Leona gets you to bribe Joshua with some crap from the New Continent. Chief of Staff Mikhail lends you his Silver Wolf Insignia as a member of Kadapia Parliament after you acquired some supplies for him. Labid and Dorr intercept you as you enter Imperium Rex. After beating up some brainwashed parliament members, you find Kael despite the misgivings of Dietrich and Amy. Apparently, he's a playboy with groin of steel. He flirts with Lynn, but Kranus interrupts and everyone flees.

The warp gate opens and Monblant Bethel arrives with his troops despite not having the authority to use the gate. Monblant decides to prove his loyalty by punishing you who entered the palace armed, even if he has to become a traitor in the process. Monblant orders Kael, who is a patrician, to …

Patch Notes v28.94.65 - v29.13.53

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

Added new character—Rada πŸ”— to Lyndon Box. Added her skill rings to Chester's Ring Box.Modified amount of Expert Enchantment Chips dropped by Elminor in Lucifer Basement Lab (Hard) mission to 10.Fixed some minor issues with buffs, quests, and missions.
Added new Rank 7 solo missions—Imperium Glory and Imperium Rex.You can enter 1/day. Addition entries for Home Premium Service (Explorer Pack), Rank 7 VIP medal, and Rank 7 VVIP medal.Added new weekly mission—Remnant of the Sky Road.Requires 3-30 players, and 5 Elemental Jewels to re-enter. Modified Friend/Block Lists to display numbers. Increased Block List limit from 50 to 100.Fixed the drop of disabled leather recipes in Bahama Prophet's Forest.
Added Rubiana to Heavenly Character Card Box.Fixed issues with Panfilo's skills.Modified market price for Mercenary Contract to match…

Edit Font Settings

Some time ago, a maintenance patch for SEA server includes reducing font size for the story book, so that the text does not overflow. This can be replicated for other server's game clients. Do the following:
Extract ui.ipf using GE Tools.Use Notepad to open skindef2.xml in Granado Espada\ge\ui\uixml folder.Search for the line that includes "StoryBook_Page". The line should read something like this:<font name="StoryBook_Page" type="2002.ttf" size="16" color="#32200f" underline="no" bold="no" dropshadow="no" italic="no" outline="no"/>
Change the value for size from 16 (default) to 12.Save and close Notepad. Close the game client if it is currently running.Recompile Granado Espada\ge\ui folder using GE Tools to create a new ui.ipf file. Naturally, you can also change other font settings based on their names. Do not change the names or other user interface (.xml) files will not wor…