Patch Notes v30.05.85 - v30.22.95

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers from Aug 16 to Oct 04, 2018. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Added 24th and 25th barracks, using 8 and 9 slots each; up to family level 85.
  • Reduced difficulty for Leader of New Era quests. See here ðŸ”— for details.
  • Modified Sierra's daily quest from Heaven's Altar Protection mission to Balanced Room Nightmare Unicorn.
  • Fixed drop rate of Viscount Skull Ring in Room of the Dead missions.
  • Fixed mission lobby issues.
  • Fixed Perfect Shiny Crystal quest item drop rate.
  • Fixed issues in Joaquin Barrier Siege, Bloody Navy, Torsche's Mansion Basement missions.
  • Fixed Recruit Rosa quest issues.
  • Fixed issue for novice item exchange.

  • Added new character—Aisha ðŸ”— to Lyndon Box ðŸ”—. 
  • Initialized family attributes for accounts with family level 86+.
  • Modified Rank missions.
    • Increased amount of Rank Tokens dropped by boss.
    • Reduced amount and rate of Rank Tokens in roulette.
    • Increased rate of Enchantment Chips and "Jewelry" (accessory?) in roulette.
    • Modified Enchantment Chips from event chips to normal chips.
    • Increased Red Armonium Ore from 1-2 to 4 in Rank 6 roulette.
    • Increased Solarion and Illisia Damaged Weapon from 1-2 to 4 in Rank 7 roulette.
    • Adjusted balance of missions.
  • Modified Bounty Hunter's Guild (Normal) missions.
    • Increased amount of Extra Tokens in roulette.
    • Modified bosses to drop Enchantment Chips: Lv.92 (Porto Bello, Torsche's Mansion), Lv.96 (Joaquin, Skeleton), Lv.100 (Bahama, Sedecram, Mine, Secret Tower, Sphinx, Minotauros), Veteran (Occulta, Ice Wizard's Tower, Medusa).
  • Modified Bounty Hunter's Guild (Hard) missions.
    • Boss drops 4-10 Pure Gold Bars, and has 20% chance to drop 1 White Gold Bar.
    • Three bosses drop Extra Tokens.
    • Increased amount of Extra Tokens in roulette.
    • Reduced cost of bonus roulette.
  • Modified Lucifer Castle missions.
    • Boss drops 1-8 Pure Gold Bars, and has 20% chance to drop 1 White Gold Bar.
    • Increased amount of Extra Tokens in roulette.
  • Modified Tigres Prison, Bloody Navy, and Royal Road missions.
    • Increased amount of Extra Tokens in roulette.
  • Modified Castilla (Normal) missions.
    • Enchantment Chips remain the same as before.
    • Boss drops 1-8 Pure Gold Bars.
    • Increased amount of Extra Tokens in roulette.
  • Modified Castilla (Hard) missions.
    • Boss has a chance to drop Expert/Master Enchantment Chips.
    • Boss drops 5-10 Pure Gold Bars, and has a 25% chance to drop 1-2 White Gold Bars.
    • Increased amount of Extra Tokens in roulette.
  • Modified recovery of activity points for completing daily quests.
    • Before: Restores 3-6 activity points per daily quest.
    • After: Restores 20 activity points per daily quest, up to a maximum of 10 quests (excluding Ancient Dungeon's hunt quests).
    • These daily quests include: Bethel, Illisia, Synodia, ArmoniaKielce 🔗, Altria, Lonely Musketeer's Devil Weapon quests, city faction quests (e.g. Leader Among Leathers!), and Ancient Dungeon's hunt quests.
  • Fixed some issues with Vicktor's daily quest, Private Raid Death Wraith mission, Enchantment Chips in private missions, daily quest recovery, and Pioneer Support Veteran NPC.

  • Added NPC Teresia to Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.
  • Modified activity point recovery in relation to Teresia.
  • Removed ancient monument NPC in Frourio.
  • Increased Daydream buff from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Fixed Indicacion buff in New Era Episode 3 quest missions.
  • Fixed issues with mission roulette and Castilla missions.

  • Added new costumes for Crusader Daria and Doom Slave, available via cash packages. See Costume Boutique ðŸ”—.
  • Added Sakura to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Modified Castilla scenario quests by removing Triumph Filler requirement in Episode 3 and increasing drop rates of all quest items from 50% to 100%.
  • Modified various quests that requires previous Rank missions. See the table here ðŸ”— for details.
  • Fixed issues with Private Mission Camellia Teia, Tomb of the Titan side quests, and changing Warp List order.

  • Added auto-enhancement of accessories.
  • Added Batch Archive function to warehouse's consume/other/premium consume/premium other tabs.
    • Move items to warehouse in bulk, up to 50 items; cannot repeat within 30 seconds.
  • Replaced Pet Food and Vault Slots in VIP Gift Box.
  • Fixed issues with Reward Officer Ezra, disappearing boss monsters in private missions, tool-tips with Rank Token Shop, 
  • Modified Occulta General's Room mission to move to Coimbra Nimrod Bridge upon failure.
  • Fixed monster appearance in Private Raid Camellia Teia mission.
  • Fixed awkward running animations, Emilia's summer costume, and Recruit Rosa quests not proceeding properly.
  • Started Grabber's Full Moon Evolution Event 🔗 for 2 weeks. Grabber Pet gets extra event buff and drops event items.

  • Added new character—Navas ðŸ”— to Lyndon Box 🔗. 
  • Modified various stances and skills. See Sept Balance Change 🔗 by egado for translation.
  • Added enhancement for stance rings and unique (job?) rings.
    • Failure will either maintain or drop enhancement value. Ring will not be destroyed.
  • Rings for Expert level use Expert Enchantment Chips (including Event types).
    • Max HP +50 per +1. Max HP +1000 at +10.
    • Stats (e.g. STR) +1 per +5.
  • Unique rings use Master Enchantment Chips.
    • Max HP +100 per +1. Max HP +2000 at +10.
    • All Stats +2. Damage received -2%.
  • Added costumes for Lady Rachel, Crusader Daria, and Misa for purchase in Dressing Room.

  • Added Time Crystal: Accessories to roulette reward.
  • Improved drop rate of Shield of Kranus for Synodia scenario from 10% to 50%.
  • Changed Necklace Artificer achievement rewards to Soul Crystal (Event).
  • Fixed damage color for charging skill output.
  • Fixed lobby issues for some Bounty Hunter's Guild missions.
  • Fixed some missions that do not end after clearing.
  • Fixed Frost Storm skill not applying debuff properly.
  • Fixed map movements for some missions like Castilla Mine.
  • Fixed equipment issue for Navas.
  • Started Thank You! Soldiers ðŸ”— event for 1 week.

  • Revised Expedition system. 
  • Added Aisha to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Fixed wrong stat enchantment for Improved Fleuret Glacier Stance Ring.
  • Fixed issues with some Armonia quests.