Halloween 2018

IMC has released the annual Halloween event for 2018. Other servers would probably get the event in the next 1-2 weeks. Simply talk to Event NPC in Reboldoeux for a daily event quest to complete 7 ranks worth of missions and receive 5 event tickets.

Event items can be traded for Halloween Costumes for Jaina/Daisy (30 tickets), Halloween Hair for Jaina/Daisy (20 tickets), Vampire Costumes for Leona/Calyce/Grandies/Valeria Vendetta (25 tickets), Vampire Hair for Leona/Calyce/Grandies/Valeria Vendetta (15 tickets), Halloween Pumpkin Hats for Stock/Viki/Ludin/Montoro/etc. (10 tickets), Abyss Weapon Costume [ATK vs. Monster +10% for 30 days] (20 tickets), etc.

New Halloween Costumes for Rosa, Van, and Executor Anis plus Halloween Weapon Costumes are available as cash packages.

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