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Patch Highlights v22.19.56 ~ v22.38.05

The following patch notes are translated from Korean live servers. Both American and European servers are currently at v21.84.39.

Imperial Wheel S

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for July 2014. This month, the featured rewards are the new rumins with dual statistics, Sesil Card, and Jack O'Lantern Pet. In Japan servers, Armonia Weapons have ATK Rating 37 and built-in ATK +10% vs All Races, Penetration +5, and Immunity +5.

Europe Game Update - Armonia Episode 1

EuroGamez has updated European game server to Armonia Episode 1 (v21.84.39). See Missions and Quests for related guides.

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Hole of Abyss

This mission was added in v21.72.18.

Preview - Armonia Episode 2

IMC has released a new update preview 업데이트 미리보기 - 아르모니아 에피소드2 and a new mini-site 그라나도 에스파다. According to the mini-site, Armonia scenarios will have up to 5 episodes.

It's the same old crap over and over again. New quests, new free character (followed by lots of cash characters), new missions that drop crap, new equipment to make players spend more on cash items...

UI Skin - D-Blazing

Added UI skin - D-Blazing for v21.77.84 game client (Armonia Episode 1). This skin is originally designed by D-Blazing. Not very motivated to play lately... zzz

See UI SKINS page for download links.

Young Divino Event

Another Korean event that has been exported to other regions. Talk to Little Divino (event NPC) in Cite de Reboldoeux (G4). Kill the monster in the daily event mission (5 minutes), which will increase in difficulty each time it has been completed. Little Divino must not be killed.

Little Divino begins with ATK 100, DEF 1, HP 1,000, and ATK Speed +0%. You can boost Little Divino by giving it Energy of Elements for ATK +100, DEF +5, HP +3000, or ATK Speed +5%. The first boost costs 10 Energy of Elements, the second boost of the same statistic costs 20, etc. Energy of Elements (non-tradable event item) drops from all monsters in any map.

Little Divino (Pre-Boost) • Lv.1 Wildlife • Light Armor • None • Medium
HP 1,000 • ATK Rating 1 • ATK 100 • DEF Rating 1 • DEF 1
Penetration 0 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 0 • RES - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0

After killing the monster, click on the Treasure Chest to drop the reward items.

In Singapor…

UI Skin - Phoenix Origin ST

Added Phoenix Origin ST skin for v21.77.84. This skin was originally designed by Reyva from G1 server. This is the semi-transparent (ST) version. If you still have not updated your skins for Armonia Episode 1 patch, you can download the updated packs for other skins as well.

See UI SKINS page for download links.

Infinite Challenge

This mission was added in v21.53.30. Along with Viron Clock Tower and Fury Montoro, this is one of the missions that drop Expert Enchantment Chips.

Updated roulette tables for v22.19.56.

Nightmare of Abyss

American game client has been updated to v21.84.39. The changes include:
Added premium dungeon - Ancient Armonia En Celar.Revised Time Paradox mission roulette reward to NPC-based.Added boss artifacts for Einwind, Novia, Sekhmet, and Argus.Revised field raid bosses - Einwind and Novia to drop artifact materials. Respawn in 36-72 hours.Cecile (aka Sesil) - Lyndon Box 07/02-16, 2014. See Patch Notes - July 02, 2014 and Patch Highlights v21.77.84 ~ v22.14.65 for more details. All families will get a free Ancient En Celar Pass (1 day) upon login. The pass is immediately activated.


Nightmare of Abyss event has started for 07/02-16, 2014. Talk to Sirius (event NPC) in Reboldoeux and complete a daily quest for 10 Tokens of Abyss. The quest involves:
Nightmare of Abyss - Kill all Remnants of Abyss (Demon AR/DR 59) in event mission (20 min).

In addition, World Cup Event is now also available for American servers until 7/23, 2014. See FIFA World Cup 2014 Event. Red Ball package c…