[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Nightmare of Abyss

American game client has been updated to v21.84.39. The changes include:
  • Added premium dungeon - Ancient Armonia En Celar.
  • Revised Time Paradox mission roulette reward to NPC-based.
  • Added boss artifacts for Einwind, Novia, Sekhmet, and Argus.
  • Revised field raid bosses - Einwind and Novia to drop artifact materials. Respawn in 36-72 hours.
  • Cecile (aka Sesil ) - Lyndon Box 07/02-16, 2014 .
See Patch Notes - July 02, 2014  and Patch Highlights v21.77.84 ~ v22.14.65 for more details. All families will get a free Ancient En Celar Pass (1 day) upon login. The pass is immediately activated.


Nightmare of Abyss  event has started for 07/02-16, 2014. Talk to Sirius (event NPC) in Reboldoeux and complete a daily quest for 10 Tokens of Abyss. The quest involves:
  • Nightmare of Abyss - Kill all Remnants of Abyss (Demon AR/DR 59) in event mission (20 min).

In addition, World Cup Event is now also available for American servers until 7/23, 2014. See FIFA World Cup 2014 Event. Red Ball package costs 8,800 T-Coins.

Other GE servers are also having this event: