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The following patch notes are translated from Korean live servers. American server is currently at v21.77.84.

For patch notes of earlier versions, see Patch Highlights v21.76.73.

  • Fixed some quest issues for Armonia Episode 1 and Armonia daily quests.

  • Added Lost Armonia premium dungeon. Entry requires Lost Area Pass  (7 days), which costs 300,000 Feso. 
    • This map has 4 zones with monsters ranging from Lv.130 (AR67/DR68) to Lv.142 (AR73/DR74).
    • Boss monsters include Ancient Abyss Sorrow and Ancient Abyss Gloom. 
    • The notice board here offers repeatable hunt quests for EXP Cards. You can choose 2,000, 5,000, or 10,000 kills.
    • See AI古代練工新熱點 - 古代艾莫尼亞地城區 .
  • Increased difficulty and rewards of field bosses Novia and Einwind in Gates of Ice and Lightning.
    • Respawn in 36-72 hours.
    • The bosses now drop materials for new artifacts.
  • Added new boss artifacts. The final unique artifact grants Magic Penetration +10. See 新區王神器系列 - 魔法貫穿型 .
  • Revised Rumble Fight. Auto-revive when all characters are dead for 1-30 seconds. Buff drops to Lv.1. Item drops increased. Revised Rumble Fight shops.
  • Revised Time Paradox missions. Roulette does not automatically start after boss dies. 
  • Cannot summon families to Cite de Armonia. Any family below Lv.30 already there will be moved to Auch.
  • Changed buff icon of Tierra de la Sed.
  • Fixed dialogue bug for unsuccessful sale of Elizabeth's painting.

  • Added new character - Mireille , available in Lyndon Box .
  • Added Blessing of Armonia item, which can be acquired from NPC in Armonia Cathedral for Armonia Holy Water + 1-2 Expert Enchantment Chip(s).
  • Added Custom Weapon Costume (30 days). See 客製化武器裝飾系統 .
  • Added Increased Vault Slot - 900 items. The 30-days version costs 400,000 Feso.
  • Rumble Fight trial system ended and removed.
  • Revised skills of Abyssal Wolf in Armonia Latina.
  • Revised Kielce Night.
    • Reduced Bristia Soldier's Box drop rate.
    • Modified spawn criteria for Jurgen and Thief Capri.
    • Reduced population for Lv.118 monsters, and increased population for Lv.116 monsters.
  • Reduced Bristia Soldier's Box drop rate in Kielce Night.
  • Removed Elemental Jewel from Alchemy roulette.
  • Reduced EXP of monsters in Dangerous Delivery daily quest mission in Kielce.
  • Revised Time Paradox missions. Roulette chest appears after boss dies.
  • Revised Viron Clock Tower mission, relating to boss dead bodies.
  • Revised Recruit Quests slightly for Edward and Claude.

  • Revised Colony War leagues.
    • League A (80% market reserves, 11 colonies): Abertal, Bahama Swamp of Peril, Katovic Snowfield, Ustiur Zona Uno & Dos, Porto Bello Deserted Quay, Via Fluvial, El Lago de Tres Hermanas, Lago Celeste, King's Garden, Tetra Hill
    • League B (20% market reserves, 7 colonies): Old Port of Coimbra, Rion Praire, Bona Vista River, Pradera de Cenisa, Jezebel Glen, El Tejado Verde, Ferruccio Junction
  • Added Ancient Armonia Weapons (AR34, meant for making weapon crystals).
    • Available from World-Cross PVP Shop and Clique War Shop.
    • Reduced costs of Empire Weapons (AR33).
  • Increased difficulty and rewards of field bosses Sekhmet and Brain of Argus.
    • Removed Bribantra in Corazon de Gigante. Can go directly via the gate to Cabeza de Gigante.
    • Tombstone of Ferruccio in Inside the Crater will reappear after 30 minutes.
    • The bosses now drop materials for new boss artifacts. Respawn in 36-72 hours after death.
  • Revised Tierra de la Sed buffs.
    • Level 1: ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK vs. Monster +10%, Max HP +5%, Combat EXP +20%, Stance EXP +10%.
    • Level 2: ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK vs. Monster +10%, Max HP +5%, Combat EXP +30%, Stance EXP +10%.
  • Added Sierra Card (Event) to Mini-Game Shop.
  • Revised [Holy Shielder] stance book quest.
    • Changed Training Card reward for [Holy Shielder] quest to event-type cards.
    • Stance book can now be traded.
  • Revised Vincent quest... changed some locations.

  • Modified some stances and skills. 
    • Affected stances (in order of list) are Rapiere (and Grim Rapiere), Equites, Sabretooth, Vigilar, Illusion Garde, Punisher, Shadow Sting, Flintlock, Wanted, Heavy Stinger, Ambrosia, Madness, Trickinesis, and Cannon Shooter.
    • [Invisible Stalker] skill cannot be re-used for 3 seconds after cool-down and no attack.
    • [Show Time] job skill = cast 3.2s → 2.0s. If 12/24 PC within 15m, add Evasion 10%/15%.
    • [Reflect Skin] job skill = cool 45s → 30s, duration 15s → 20s, DEF/RES +50 → +20.
    • [Dream of Doll] job skill = simplified animation.
    • See 技能規劃修正(2014年5月)  (Chinese) or 그라나도 에스파다 21.99.51  (Korean) for details. Use Google Translate  if necessary.
  • Revised re-spawn time of various field bosses. They will spawn after maintenance.
    • Diablo, Uraeus, Vergo the Cursed = 36-72 hours.
    • Griffon, Decarabia, Queen Eater = 24-48 hours.
  • Reduced amount of Elemental Jewels and Feso Stones needed by various quests (e.g. Kano, Viron).
    • Adriana's favor quests grant twice as much favor as before.
    • Reduced Recruit Ion alternate quest items to bypass Time Paradox.

  • Revised Infinite Challenge mission.
    • Removed Shiny Crystal Chest from reward.
    • Created separate roulette tables for every 10 rounds (instead of 1 table for all rounds).
    • Revised bonus roulette cost by rounds - 1,000,000 Vis (round 1-10), 2,000,000 Vis (round 11-20), 3,000,000 Vis (round 21+).
    • Removed accessory recipes from Round 1-30 reward.
    • Revised monster attack patterns.
  • Revised Baron system. Initiating attack on player now grants 50 baron points.
  • Revised time to click roulette chest at the end of mission for Castilla missions, Griffon, Rafflesia, Occulta General's Room, and Lost Time of Glory.

  • Added new character - Sesil , available in Lyndon Box .
  • Added new pet - Rabbit , which buffs EXP +30%, Stance EXP +30%, and Drop Rate +30%.
  • Using Treasure Book of Heaven has a chance to get bonus reward, such as 5 Steroid Potions, 3 Barrack Slots, Pet Box (Rabbit), Character Card Box, etc.
    • Character Card Box  can drop a premium character card, such as Cherlyn, Friede, Selene, Rose Spirit, Rachel, Montoro, Cannon Shooter Claire, Valeria Vendetta, etc.
  • Revised World-Cross PVP.
    • Reduced base ATK of all magic and shooting stances by 14.2%.
    • Revised assorted skills for stances - Trickinesis, Cannon Shooter, Rapido Cruz, Soul Bringer, Sabretooth, and Vigilar. 
    • Added 7-days necklaces to WXPVP Shop.
    • See PVP技能修正、派系戰、領地戰等微調  (Chinese) for details.  Use Google Translate  if necessary.
  • Revised Clique War.
    • Improved NPC leaders, Simon and Gabriela. Splash damage up to 5 targets. Defeat grants 3,000 contribution points.
    • Increased drop rate of stones in Culverts.
    • You must wait 1 minute to gain contribution points for repeatedly killing the same player.
    • Improved NPC soldiers. They can now inflict debuffs.
    • Auto-revive wait time is now 30 seconds.
  • Bahama Expedition Box and Memo are integrated into a single item.
  • Precious Metal Merchant will no longer sell dyes.
  • Added Nena Card to Mini-Game Shop.

  • Removed some old items, which are no longer used, from the game. See 일부 아이템 일괄 삭제 for the list of items.
  • Revised Sesil's [Arc Sting] stance. 
    • Increased [Wild Sense] buff duration to 2 minutes.
    • Reduced [Support Ballista] range to 8m.
    • Added knock-down to [Order Point Shot].
  • Revised monster tactics for Clique War.
  • Modified Trade Lock option.
  • Started Divino Event - 천공제단에서 온 디비노 오픈 .


Do you perhaps know the new Roulette Tables of Infinity Challenge?

No idea. I uninstalled kGE client a long time ago. I can check if you can upload ies.ipf file from kGE client though.