[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

UI Skin - Black V1

Originally created by LeaderSC  (Korea) in 2011, this is the old version 1.x of Black skin. I have updated Black V1 as a separate skin pack, since Black V2 looks significantly different from V1.

Armonia Episode 1 Skin Update
The latest update (v21.77.84) has modified the default UI skin, specifically gauge.bmp file. New gauge bars for the login EXP bonus below the mini-map were added. All skins on this blog have now been updated for this.

There are also 5 new files - charlist_main.bmp, charlist_title.bmp, questlist.bmp, scrollbar.png, and treeskin.tga. I have no time to customize them, so they are left out of the updated skin packs. It would not be an issue since the game client will automatically load the default skin for any missing files. If you want the full set of files, extract the default skin (Renaissance) first, then extract the other skin and over-write all files when prompted.

Download the updated skin packs at UI SKINS page.


SpyderDan77 said…
Thanks for giving us the updates guys! :) I appreciate this. Keep up the good work!