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Sword 150: Viron

To: Office of Pioneering Support

I wish to inform the Office of Pioneering Support that Ashardalon family has returned to Granado Espada after fulfilling its commitments in mainland Vespanola for almost 2 weeks.

On our way back to the New World, we stopped by Viron, the island previously known as the End of the World. Viron is still under direct rule of Vespanola, and its citizens are apprehensive of New World pioneers. Later, we discovered that Captain Ricardo has managed to open a route to Viron from Port of Coimbra. Several more things have changed in the New World since we left. For details, see [Sword2] Revelations (v6.7).

Meanwhile, Mirajane (Lisa) reached Lv.100. The family also bought Centurion Costume for Reboldeaux Soldier, which can be upgraded with Superior Centurion Costume Quest, at the cost of 600k feso. Please be informed that some family members have re-registered under new names with the officials in town by paying 2 Great Stones (100k feso) each. They are as follow…

Magic Circle 19

Magic Circle 19 (Korea) is now available until Aug 11, 2011. The first prize set includes Ludin Character Card, 50 Socket Fluxes, 100 Ring Boxes, and 3 Rose Wing Coupons (90 days). The featured costumes below were previously released in Imperial Wheel R6 (Japan) in April 2011.

Heart of Imagine Costume • Male Wizard Heart of Imagine Costume • Female Wizard Wild Short Hair • Male Wizard Wave Curl Hair • Female Wizard

[SG] More Angel Weapons
Meanwhile, IAHGames has released more Angel Weapons, including crossbow, elemental bracelet, rod, and shotgun, for 3 Gold Tokens each. There is also Pigeonne Costume/Hair for Valeria for 10/7 Tokens. They are also selling eyewear products now... See [HCOF] Angel Weapons and New Costumes! and [HCOF] Gunnar's Advanced Gaming Eyewear.

Imperial Wheel V: July 2011

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been released from July 25 to Aug 03, 2011. See 5周年記念特別企画「インペリアルホイールV」開催!! for the notice. Other notable prizes include [Punisher] Stance Book. Click on image below for full-size view.

The Secret of Aquichtus
Weapon Costume • Dagger

The Inexorability of Ventuamos
Weapon Costume • Sabre

The Loyalty of Terhea
Weapon Costume • Sword
The official default English name actually says The Ioyalism of Terhea. There is no such word as ioyalism in English. Besides, the word 忠義 means loyalty.

Rapier of Imitator
Rapier • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 207
ATK +5% (10) • Penetration +8 • Block +10

Crossbow of Apostate
Crossbow • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 369
ATK +5% (18) • Penetration +10

Tonfa of Wrath
Tonfa • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 215
ATK +5% (10) • Penetration +5 • Block +5

Emerald Summer Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Grace Bernelli
See 『グラナドエスパダ』日本オリジナルコスチューム大事典 45 for concept art of this costume.

The Gladiatrix Costume
Body Costume • Female Fighter
Variant colored texture of The G…

Red Tiger & v9.0 Teaser

Red Tiger Pet is now available until July 29 in Hellena's Circus of Fate. Red Tiger heals and buffs [Protection of the Tiger], which grants Monster Blow Damage +10%, Penetration +5, Immunity +5, DEF +10, Critical +5, and Movement Speed +10%. See [HCOF] Red is for Raiders! (SG) and Tiger Box IV (US).

Red Tiger Pet costs 2 Gold Tokens, which is the same as Kurenai Recipe (AR33 Great Sword). Other pets are much cheaper - Cockatrice/Capybara/Phobitan (30 Tokens), Yellow/White Tiger (30 Tokens), Fortune Cat (25 Tokens), and Panpan/Pigling/Rudolph (20 Tokens).

[Notice] Removal of Shelter Passes in v8.5
In addition, Shelter Passes will be removed in v8.5. There will be no compensation for 7-days passes and event passes. Shelter Pass (1-day) will be replaced with 250,000 Feso instead.

[Korea] v9.0 Teaser Micro-Site
See also Korean micro-site 그라나도 에스파다 5주년 기념티저 for the latest version. The first page features v9.0 teaser video. There are some information on new characters like Ludin, Beroni…

[Sword2] Revelations v6.7

Sword 2 has released Revelations update (v6.7.1). The last update (v5.0.23) was in Feb 2011, so this new update took about 5 months. X-Trap is currently v3072.
Revelations Release NotesSword 2: Revelations Teaser For other related patch articles, see GE-SG Update v6.3 and GE Singapore v6.7.1. See also Book of Fire: Patch Notes for compiled patch notes from Korean test servers.

There are also 2 new boxes added to the cash shop. See Quinzel's VI and Raiden's VI for details.

Quinzel's Surprise VI includes Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Pisces, Figure Skate Costume (f/fig), Blue Serpent Hat (f/wiz), Torosmata Ren Costume (m/sco), and Colchicum Costume (Lisa).

Raiden's Box of Rage VI includes Dragon's Lumiere Rod (AR32 rod), Symbol of Scorpio, and Katana (AR30 sabre).

Blog Header v6.7
Blog header has been updated for v6.7. Some renders are taken from Vietnam GE forums here. The previous header for v5.0.23 is as below:

Sword 149: Male Wizard & Elementalist

Artemisia (Calyce) reached Master Lv.7, and Adelina reached Veteran Lv.4. This raised the family to Lv.45+3. Despite having EXP +50% event for 2 weeks (see here), the family really couldn't be bothered to actively train by killing Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers in Secret Area of Caebolan. There just wasn't enough free time to do so, plus it is really boring.

The family also recruited 2 more characters to complete the set of male stock characters. Empedocles (m/ele) was named after the Greek natural philosopher who first proposed that matter is composed of four elements - air, earth, water, and fire. Icarus (m/wiz) was named after the son of Daedalus who flew too close to the sun and fell to his death in Greek mythology. Taking advantage of the Stance EXP Boost event, Mistilteinn (m/fig), Marcion (m/sco), Icarus (m/wiz), and Empedocles (m/ele) quickly mastered all their basic stances. 

Sacharissa (Idge) also crafted Artisan's Belt for Adorabelle (f/ele) and Eisheth (Crazy…

2011 Summer Update Preview 2

Korean Granado Espada has released Part 2 of 2011 Summer Update Preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 2011년 여름 업데이트. See also 2011 Summer Update Preview (Part 1).

1. Farm
Ustiur Farm can be entered up to 5/day. Farming produce ingredients for dishes. Recipes are also sold by NPC. The reward can be acquired using Farm Tokens.

You can buy a land to farm crops as determined by farming level. You can plant seeds by dragging them onto the ground. The growing crops can be attacked by wild animals. You can purchase turrets to protect the crops. The wild animals also have a chance to drop items. Crops require frequent attention. You can check your farm status from the top menu - My Family Information > Farm (Ctrl + Shift + F).

Wandering merchant can show up at the farm, involving random rewards and Scissors-Paper-Rock guessing games. You can perform fishing with a fishing rod, involving time and fishing level. You can also trap Cockatrices and Capybaras with trap installations. The lower the hit points, …

Cat Hat & Cat Bands

This week's maintenance added a few files to Sword 2 game client. Among them are the model/texture files of 3 hats for stock characters - Cat Hat, Black Cat Band, and White Cat Band. As yet, they are still unavailable, although G1 may release them later as event items or as drops from cash shop boxes.

[Sword2] Revelations - July 2011

Quinzel has announced that Sword 2 will be releasing Revelations patch (v6.7) in July 2011, but not this week according to Raiden here. World-Cross PvP will be included in a beta state. See also Sword 2: Revelations introduction on the official website.

We are releasing the expansion this month as planned (barring any MAJOR impediments). The outlook for our plans are looking good at this time which makes me very happy and also very nervous.

As for the Cross-World PvP server, we will introduce that feature in game with Revelations, but it is officially in a "Beta" state. IMC has mentioned that among all the versions of the game that have already released this feature that there were several issues that are still being worked on till this day. We will add the known issues to the patch notes once are closer to release. As many of you know, we were first expecting to release this feature with Renaissance, but were then strongly advised by our partners to wait until the 6.7 versio…

Sword 148: Male Fighter & Scout

Ishtar (Valleria) Expert Lv.10 inside Castilla Mine. Elsewhere, Cameron (Catherine INT) and Arcee (Catherine DEX) reached Lv.100 and mastered all their stances. Since there will be family level bonus for having stock characters of different gender in the future (v7.5.0), the family decided to start training a few male stock characters to take advantage of the Stance EXP Boost event.

Mistilteinn (m/fig) was named after the legendary sword which Hrómundr Gripsson seized from an undead king in an Icelandic saga. Marcion (m/sco) was named after the early Christian arch-heretic who rejected the Old Testament as contrary to the teachings of Jesus and delineated one of the earliest known Canon of Scripture.

Since the event colony (Rion Praire) was held by a neutral clan, there was no Joaquin raid this week. That freed up some time to do other things. Griffon mission yielded Symbol of Capricorn and Symbol of Virgo, while all 5 Rafflesia missions dropped awesome Mega Talt. Furthermore, the…

Quinzels & Raiden's Box V

I forgot to check the forums after maintenance. Anyway, there are 2 new boxes (250 Gold each) in cash shop for Sword 2. See Quinzel's V and Raiden's V for details and complaints about the low drop rate for the new costumes.

Quinzel's Surprise V includes Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Aries, Lavender Costume (Selva), Wild Back hair (Nar), Asupplegion Costume (f/fig), and Mabro Metis Costume (m/wiz). Raiden's Box of Rage V includes Dragon's Fury Javelin (AR32 javelin), Elite Magnum (AR30 pistol), and Symbol of Virgo.

GE-SG Fan Kit v2.x

Someone asked me recently about the old fan kits for this game. The one from IAHGames seemed to be gone now. (The old link was broken.) What I found in my HDD is about 16 MB. Click on link below to download, if interested. These are mainly just some old pictures, concept art, and renders.

See Sword 2: Media for Sword 2's fan kit instead.

"Red" Faction Fight Clarification

There are more "red" families inside Royalist Faction Fight today again, but at least this time it does not seem intentional. Unlike Rmans family a few days ago (see Sword 147: Red Tiger), these "reds" are not actually camping the warp gate or beacon, and, from I could see, are not buffed either.

So I bet people who don't think things through properly are going to accuse Phalanx clan of exploiting this bug. Well, no. We have no intention of doing this. This is the Royalist Faction Fight. We are not in a squad with any Republicans today. In fact, no war has been declared on this new Royalist clan at that time. So there is really no way we can make them "red" to us. These new Royalist players are in a war squad with the Republicans (i.e. Othrys/Saturnine), however. That is how they fight us in Queen's Gate in the first place. So this red status inside Royalist Faction Fight is triggered by them (unknowingly), not us.

I'm not going to explain p…

Sword 147: Red Tiger

Ryuk (Kurt) reached Expert Lv.4, while collecting some Ancient Runes. The family finally traded +6 Elite Schvarlier Armor [Evasion +12, Lightning RES +5, Mental RES +7, DEF Rating +3 • 2S: Absorb +6/+6] for Red Tiger Pet. The trading family managed the drop in 34 Red Tiger Boxes. Hobbes (Red Tiger) was named after the anthropomorphic stuffed tiger in Calvin & Hobbes comics, which was in turn named after the philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Of course, this red tiger made the white tiger (see Sword 144: White Tigers) completely worthless.

Adorabelle (f/ele) traded away her +6 The Fire of Palermo (fire bracelet) with [ATK + Life] enchantment for another one. The re-enchantment process used 45 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters to enchant it with [ATK + ATK Rating] enchantment. The bracelet's 3rd socket was opened after 16 attempts. Luckily, it was successfully upgraded to +7 with only 20 Upgrade Accelerators and 2 Lacquers +6: Expert.

The weekly Griffon mission dropped Sym…

Panfilo's Potluck Beta

IAHGames is launching a new web game - Panfilo's Potluck (PPL) - for Singapore Granado Espada. See [PPL] Panfilo's Potluck is here! **BETA Launch** and [PPL] Terms and Conditions. Beta launch period is July 01-07, 2011.

Basically, you select 1 out of 3 dishes by paying 1,000 G-Points to get a random item. Using iCash Card as standard, 84,000 G-Points will cost SGD 60.00 (USD 48.94). So each play costs SGD 0.71 (USD 0.58). It's basically another gambling game, really.

The PPL List of Prizes includes Angel Rod (AR33), Angel Dagger (AR33), [Innocentio] Stance Book, Elite Le Blanc (DR30), Artisan's Accessory Recipes, etc. But the current list of prizes is not exhaustive and thus misleading, meaning there are less desirable items that are not listed there at the moment. For the more common items, see the forum topic here.

For players' critiques, see Panfilo's Potluck - The New Scam and IAH Kiddie Casino Expands - Panfilo's Potluck.

[GE-SG] v8.5 Part-Time Teste…