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[Sword2] Revelations - July 2011

Quinzel has announced that Sword 2 will be releasing Revelations patch (v6.7) in July 2011, but not this week according to Raiden here. World-Cross PvP will be included in a beta state. See also Sword 2: Revelations introduction on the official website.

We are releasing the expansion this month as planned (barring any MAJOR impediments). The outlook for our plans are looking good at this time which makes me very happy and also very nervous.

As for the Cross-World PvP server, we will introduce that feature in game with Revelations, but it is officially in a "Beta" state. IMC has mentioned that among all the versions of the game that have already released this feature that there were several issues that are still being worked on till this day. We will add the known issues to the patch notes once are closer to release. As many of you know, we were first expecting to release this feature with Renaissance, but were then strongly advised by our partners to wait until the 6.7 version at minimum so that it would at least be presentable as a "Beta" feature. As first impressions often last, and because we were strongly advised, we decided to attempt to release the Cross World PvP with Revelations instead. We invite all of you to try out this feature and we hope that with your feedback along with current progress from our partners we will be able to improve it with time. [Source]

Since this patch will update from v5.0 to v6.7, you may see GE-SG Update v6.3 and GE Singapore v6.7.1 for more details on new patch features. See also Book of Fire: Patch Notes for compiled patch notes from Korean test servers.

Update: Well, we won't be getting World-Cross PvP after all. But good try, G1! Thanks to Garmar of Orpesia for notifying about this new update.

Of course as soon as I open up my big mouth something happens to contradict that which I said - So the good news is that Revelations is still on track for the schedule of releasing this month and VERY SOON! The bad news is that last night we found a MAJOR bug with the Cross-World PvP servers so we cannot even release it as a "Beta". Apparently, this was a similar issue sGE had experienced and IMC was just able to trouble shoot it yesterday. We are going to work with IMC again to look into the issue on our end, but there is no guarantee that the same resolution that was found for sGE will work for our version. We will update you on the Beta of Cross-Worlds once we are closer to having a version that is up to the standards of releasing as a Beta, but until then this is our final update. (I guess there are both PROS and CONS to not releasing a feature first.)

I lean towards the mindset of - if it's not ready then it's not ready. We make a concerted effort to deliver what we can, as soon as we can, but we don't want to rush giving out broken content because that's just not fair to players - and what is the point of broken content? Well, Raiden is steadily working on patch notes so we will have those for you all soon, ideally before launch. We'll be posting a separate pinned topic later. [Source]