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Visiting Los Toldos

The veterans decided to visit Los Toldos, meeting up with Kurt Lyndon. Having purchased a load of mysterious powders earlier, they prepared to farm pure otites...

After several unsuccessful attempts to pimp Kurt (or Eduardo) off as a whore mercenary, they decided to keep him waiting for the pure otites that will never come. Heheheh!

Two Elite Antique Pistols were made, but even after so many chips, they don't seem as good as the +5 Veteran Ancestral Pistols. Only one managed a somewhat decent stat (ATK 38%), but no accuracy or ATK speed bonus. The family is getting really broke now.

SNW 12: The Armor-Smith

Lv.100 Grim-Wraith, Grim-Wight, and Grim-Shout were all broken when upgrading to +5. Silver Controller: ATK became +6 thereafter. The veterans moved on to the Frozen Plain to farm for elite armor recipes without success. Two Sword Breakers and a Wooden Whistle were found at Scorching Plateau. Eskarina (wizard) resumed her training in Fire Island, after buying a +5 Elite Moonstone Rod for 15m.

The pet egg hatched, and a new member joined the family. The poppet was named Cthulhu. The family also recruited Sacharissa (Idge), who is slowly training to become a master armor-smith.

The Game That Makes No Sense

With Update 4 (v2.9) patch, Tiburon continues scamming chips at Gigante Port. Now, the entire game makes no sense at all. See more at Rock Paper Scissors Game Bug topic.

My Scissors vs. His "Paper" = I lost ... Maybe his "Paper" is actually a Rock? Wait, if so then it should be a draw for the next match.

My Rock vs. His "Paper" = I won ... So his "Paper" can also be Scissors?!

The same thing happens with his "Scissors", which may be either Paper or Rock... Yet, My Scissors vs. His "Scissors" ends with a draw!

WTF is going on, man?

You call yourself a champion? You don't even know how to play, noob!

kGE v3.1.04 Update

Some new info from Granado Espada v3.1, taken from GE v3.1.04 and Web Controller.

New Costumes
New costumes were added for female elementalist, female wizard, female musk, male musk, and male scout. See below for a few samples.

New Food Pet: Roast Piglet
The pig is a looter pet, just like Poppet (aka Glover, Grabbermon). It however can loot drops further away (15m, compared to Poppet's 10m) and loot twice as often (2 seconds, compared to Poppet's 4 seconds). It consumes more pet food though. And seeing the way things are going, I won't be surprised if you need to give the Pet Keeper some Blue Crack to sniff or something equivalent.

Musk: What do these chicks see in this pig?

Revised Secret Guard
The lame reputation reward for Secret Guard will be improved by 33%.

Web Controller
This online program allows you to remotely monitor your characters' HP, SP, and EXP. It also allows you to chat, including private messages, system notices, and shout/broadcast messages. It also has the …

sGE v2.9 Update

IAHGames has released update v2.9: Secrets of the Underground, including new RNPC Calyce. Download the patch here.

v2.9 Features
Feso ShopAll About ClaireSecret GuardSecret Tower RaidFight ClubBroomy & Battle KitWarehouse SaleGossamer & Grime

Family Level Calculator

A Japanese website hosts an online Family Level Calculator for Granado Espada. (JavaScript must be enabled.) This is useful to see how much more levels a character needs (or a new character adds) to level up the family.

Each row denotes one quarter/barrack (バラック), with 9 columns (1 for each character) and 2 sub-rows. Input character level into the top blue sub-row (レベル). Clicking out of the input box will cause the bottom yellow sub-row to calculate family points (家門p). Veterans and experts should input their levels according to each 10%. For example, a 45% veteran will be level 104, while a 21% expert will be level 112.

At the very end of the table, there are two calculated figures. The left box shows the family level (家門レベル), excluding clan/faction involvement. The right box shows the total family points (合計家門ポイント).

Edit: This calculator should be accurate before v3.2 where family points were changed for veterans and above.

Trace Route

Sometimes, when there is persistent lag, disconnection, or login problems, it might be useful to run a trace route command. You can run it from the command prompt, but it may be more convenient to make a batch file to run whenever you need it.

1. Find out the server IP address
Firstly, go to Granado Espada\release folder and open serverlist_recent.xml with Notepad. You should see a line that looks like this:

server GROUP_ID="1002" TRAFFIC="0" ENTER_LIMIT="100" NAME="[US] Orpesia[Med]" Server0_IP="" Server0_Port="13579" Server1_IP="" Server1_Port="7000"

The bold portions are the IP addresses for server 0 and server 1 of the specific server (e.g. Orpesia).

2. Create a batch file
Create a new text file in Notepad (Ctrl-N), and type the following text, replacing with the IP addresses of the server (see step 1).

@echo off
echo Tracing route to Server 0...

Poppet For Pet

With Update 4 (v2.9) patch, pets have invaded Granado Espada. Now, the rich can legally bot... loot while AFK. Here is a guide on how to acquire a bot... pet.

Now, Catherine bot can have more bots... pets! Moppet (healer) and Poppet (looter)!

Bot Pet FactsThere are currently 2 types of pets - Poppet (looter) and Moppet (healer). Names may differ according your localized edition of GE.
A pet does its specific job (e.g. looting) about once every 5 seconds.A Poppet (looter) does not prioritize loots. It may very well ignore Recipe - Elite Dragon Coat and loot a Very Good Beef instead. (It just isn't very smart, but hey, it's cute!)Each pet food feeds the pet 5% energy, allowing it to function for 1 hour. You may feed it up to 100% energy with 20 pet food for 20 hours.A new pet starts with 25% energy level.
Pet food can be acquired from Feso Shop: 1 pet food for 3k feso, 10 food for 30k feso, 100 food for 270k feso, and 200 food for 470k feso.

How To Get Your Bot Pet
Essentially, you ha…

SNW 11: Bellem Ruins Revisited

The veterans continued to train in Scorching Plateau, finding another Sword Breaker. Marksman's Magic Bullet, Peace Insignia, and Silver Controller: ATK were found in Katovic Snowfield, while they were farming for Cabbages. (90 more cabbages to go... Oh, the pain!!)

Adelina, Gracielo, and Viki did some of Soho's new quests, stopping when Soho gave them a Forgotten Area pass for a quest to kill forgotten mobs in Porto Bello Hidden Deck.

After Update 4 (v2.9) patch, the family went to the Hidden Mushroom Cave, and after a few attempts, figured out how to get the egg (i.e. kill Moppet first). The pet egg is nicely incubating in the hatchery at the moment.

The veterans also entered Bellem's Ruins. On the 4th entry, the veterans finished off Lv.100 Dream Blade Antelope and the other bosses with some effort, but just can't kill King of Greed (with his Protect buff) within the remaining time limit.
Castor x2, Giant Cockatrice, Dr. Fran Mothtein - Elite Mystic Knife & Wooden C…

Jap GE Voice Pack (v2.9)

This se.ipf file from Japanese GE (v2.9) has been kindly provided by D`Arwyn of Orpesia... again. This pack includes Calypso's voice. Simply download and copy the se.ipf file into Granado Espada\ge folder. Backup the original file first, if desired.


Korean GE Skins

With Update 4 (v2.9) patch, the game UI skin format also changed. Sword of the New World can now use the user skins made by Korean players. Visit Korean GE UI Skins. (You don't need to read Korean, just click "Preview" and "Download" for the selected skin.) JavaScript must be enabled.

To install user skins, see GE User Interface Skins.

Here is a sample of my family using kGE's Black Skin.

Update: The links above no longer work, since kGE revamped their website. The Black Skin (shown above) can be downloaded from here. For more kGE skins, see here.

"Trading" Untradable Costumes

Certain costumes/hairs/hats/etc. from Andre's Costume Boxes and Karja's Accessory Boxes are not tradable. Once the item goes into the inventory, it cannot be dropped, but there is a way to let someone else have the item.

For example, let's say there are 2 families, A & B, who decided to spam some boxes together.
A and B form a new squad, setting looting rule to Round Robin.A checks whose turn it is to get the loot by dropping and picking something low-value (e.g. bullet, pure talt).
Let's say A got the low-value item when he picks it up, so the next item will go to B. A opens a costume box and a costume shows up on the floor.
If B wants it, A can pick it up and the costume will go to B's inventory (since it is B's turn in Round Robin).
If A wants it, A can drop and pick a low-value item to give to B (since it is B's turn to get the loot), then pick the costume which will go to A's inventory.B can do the same for A. etc.Why do this? So that you won't …

Jap GE Voice Pack (v2.7)

This se.ipf file from Japanese GE (v2.7) has been kindly provided by D`Arwyn of Orpesia. Unlike earlier Japanese versions, Catherine in this pack speaks while summoning... "Sasha, party jikan."

Simply download and copy the se.ipf file into Granado Espada\ge folder. Backup the original file first, if desired.


SNW 10: Snow-drift for Adorabelle

Ghae (Andre) and Karjalesia (Karjalain) continued training with Catherine in Fire Island, Skeleton Dungeon, and Topolo Durga. After 7 days of power-leveling by Jack and Catherine, both of them reached Lv.100 from Lv.56. Since they are mainly for crafting, they will be not promoted to veteran status. In any case, Adorabelle (elementalist) finally got her Elite La Ventisca. The veterans returned to Scorching Plateau, planning to stay there until the mob's names are no longer yellow.

Elite La Ventisca

Last week, Adorabelle (elementalist) found her Elite La Ventisca recipe. After 7 days of training, Ghae (Andre) and Karjalesia (Karjalain) finally reached Lv.100 to craft the robe and Siren's Scale. Crafting Siren's Scale alone already costs 40m++ (recipe 30m, elemental jewel 10m).

So, here is my first Lv.92 elite armor - Elite La Ventisca! :) Babel Fish translates the name from Spanish as "the snow-drift". Now, I need to get enchant boosters to chip it... and get her proper Lv.100 elite bracelets too. Hope to get it close to its enchantment limits.

Adorabelle tests her new robe for fit at Gigante Port.

Jack & Angie: Protect the Port

I stumbled upon this GE comic by Niji family of Pachelbel. It's funny how Angie's asking everyone for those town return sheets. See here for the multi-page comic.

More GE Art

I was searching around for GE art and found Singapore GE 2008 CNY Chibi Red Packets. One of the better ones, IMHO, is Urbanus' Grandice. Check out more of her GE art at Celyne's DeviantArt.

From there, I checked DeviantArt for other GE pictures, and found the following galleries...

From deviant_insomnia's gallery...

From Altana's gallery...

From Aluciz's gallery...

From dreamerworld's gallery...

From kenken-abu's gallery...

SNW 9: Gay & Rival

Adelina, Gracielo, and Viki went on an outing at Porto Bello. The veterans found a Sword Breaker (Lv.100 main-gauche) in Scorching Plateau. Adorabelle finally brought home a Lv.92 Elite La Ventisca recipe from there as well. The family immediately recruits Ghae (Andre) and Karjalesia (Karjalain), training them to craft the robe and gem as soon as possible.

Ghae and Karjalesia trained at Gigante Beach until Lv.60, Rion Dungeon Hollow until Lv.75, Old Port of Coimbra until Lv.80, and Fire Island Zone 1 until Lv.87. Also, Anahita and Catherine found the family's 2nd treasure at Fire Island (J8) - Lv.100 Grim-Wraith (sword), Lv.84 Elite Sniper Rifle, and Lv.84 Elite Finisher.

GE Face Icons

I found the following GE Face Icons from a Japanese blog at つれづれエスパダ. The pack contains .GIF files for most characters and 1 .PSD file as template.

Travel Guide Contest

I submitted an entry for Travel Guides of the New World contest. I hope to win some Lv.100 enchantment chips and some white gold bars. Click on picture for a larger view. The background is made using this Ice Texture Background Tutorial.