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Trace Route

Sometimes, when there is persistent lag, disconnection, or login problems, it might be useful to run a trace route command. You can run it from the command prompt, but it may be more convenient to make a batch file to run whenever you need it.

1. Find out the server IP address
Firstly, go to Granado Espada\release folder and open serverlist_recent.xml with Notepad. You should see a line that looks like this:

server GROUP_ID="1002" TRAFFIC="0" ENTER_LIMIT="100" NAME="[US] Orpesia[Med]" Server0_IP="" Server0_Port="13579" Server1_IP="" Server1_Port="7000"

The bold portions are the IP addresses for server 0 and server 1 of the specific server (e.g. Orpesia).

2. Create a batch file
Create a new text file in Notepad (Ctrl-N), and type the following text, replacing xxx.xx.xxx.xx with the IP addresses of the server (see step 1).

@echo off
echo Tracing route to Server 0...
tracert xxx.xx.xxx.xx > tracert_0.txt
echo Tracing route to Server 1...
tracert xxx.xx.xxx.xx > tracert_1.txt
echo Process completed. Output files have been created on desktop.

Save the file as trace_server.bat somewhere, such as the game folder. Create a shortcut to desktop or Windows Start menu. Whenever you need to trace route to server, simply click on the shortcut.

This will open a command prompt window, and run both tracert commands to create 2 result files (tracert_0.txt and tracert_1.txt) on your desktop. This way, you don't have to print screen, and can just copy and paste the contents of the text files into the forum or ticket.