[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

SNW 9: Gay & Rival

Adelina, Gracielo, and Viki went on an outing at Porto Bello. The veterans found a Sword Breaker (Lv.100 main-gauche) in Scorching Plateau. Adorabelle finally brought home a Lv.92 Elite La Ventisca recipe from there as well. The family immediately recruits Ghae (Andre) and Karjalesia (Karjalain), training them to craft the robe and gem as soon as possible.

Ghae and Karjalesia trained at Gigante Beach until Lv.60, Rion Dungeon Hollow until Lv.75, Old Port of Coimbra until Lv.80, and Fire Island Zone 1 until Lv.87. Also, Anahita and Catherine found the family's 2nd treasure at Fire Island (J8) - Lv.100 Grim-Wraith (sword), Lv.84 Elite Sniper Rifle, and Lv.84 Elite Finisher.


paulvr173cm said…
Are there less botters in Orpesia?
Starstorm said…
Yes, compared to Carracci when I switched. Not so sure now with all the server-merge/cleanup, etc. I haven't been back in Carracci for sometime.