Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

"Trading" Untradable Costumes

Certain costumes/hairs/hats/etc. from Andre's Costume Boxes and Karja's Accessory Boxes are not tradable. Once the item goes into the inventory, it cannot be dropped, but there is a way to let someone else have the item.

For example, let's say there are 2 families, A & B, who decided to spam some boxes together.
  1. A and B form a new squad, setting looting rule to Round Robin.
  2. A checks whose turn it is to get the loot by dropping and picking something low-value (e.g. bullet, pure talt).
    Let's say A got the low-value item when he picks it up, so the next item will go to B.
  3. A opens a costume box and a costume shows up on the floor.
    If B wants it, A can pick it up and the costume will go to B's inventory (since it is B's turn in Round Robin).
    If A wants it, A can drop and pick a low-value item to give to B (since it is B's turn to get the loot), then pick the costume which will go to A's inventory.
  4. B can do the same for A. etc.
Why do this? So that you won't end up with an untradable costume that you don't want and which your friend is dying to get. And your friend can reciprocate by doing the same to get you something that you want and which he/she doesn't care for.

Hope this helps those who like to spam boxes.

Lv.1-20 Pioneer Equipment
An extra tip from Warlust: The same method can be used to transfer Lv.1 and Lv.20 pioneer equipment. Instead of opening costume boxes, drop the pioneer equipment onto the enchantment box next to the pioneer equipment NPC.


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