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SNW 11: Bellem Ruins Revisited

The veterans continued to train in Scorching Plateau, finding another Sword Breaker. Marksman's Magic Bullet, Peace Insignia, and Silver Controller: ATK were found in Katovic Snowfield, while they were farming for Cabbages. (90 more cabbages to go... Oh, the pain!!)

Adelina, Gracielo, and Viki did some of Soho's new quests, stopping when Soho gave them a Forgotten Area pass for a quest to kill forgotten mobs in Porto Bello Hidden Deck.

After Update 4 (v2.9) patch, the family went to the Hidden Mushroom Cave, and after a few attempts, figured out how to get the egg (i.e. kill Moppet first). The pet egg is nicely incubating in the hatchery at the moment.

The veterans also entered Bellem's Ruins. On the 4th entry, the veterans finished off Lv.100 Dream Blade Antelope and the other bosses with some effort, but just can't kill King of Greed (with his Protect buff) within the remaining time limit.
  1. Castor x2, Giant Cockatrice, Dr. Fran Mothtein - Elite Mystic Knife & Wooden Controller
  2. Victor x2, Giant Cockatrice, Castor - Elite Plate & Grim-Shout
  3. Captain Sharffenberger, Victor, Wahlansche, Castor, Pollux - Elite Arondight & Elite Muerte Balada
  4. Dream Blade Antelope, King of Greed, Thoracotomy, Fallen Champion, Cerbera - FAILED!
*Sob* Who can help me dispel his gay buff?

Oh, I also found an interesting quote...

Grinding is something MMO companies put in for people like you so they don't have to work on any actual RPG aspects.
- Torak, MMORPG Forums, 11/4/06


Dominic said…
try inflicting debuff i belive rio / wiz. Iflict mortal wound or apoc makes him weak i think