[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Elite La Ventisca

Last week, Adorabelle (elementalist) found her Elite La Ventisca recipe. After 7 days of training, Ghae (Andre) and Karjalesia (Karjalain) finally reached Lv.100 to craft the robe and Siren's Scale. Crafting Siren's Scale alone already costs 40m++ (recipe 30m, elemental jewel 10m).

So, here is my first Lv.92 elite armor - Elite La Ventisca! :) Babel Fish translates the name from Spanish as "the snow-drift". Now, I need to get enchant boosters to chip it... and get her proper Lv.100 elite bracelets too. Hope to get it close to its enchantment limits.

Adorabelle tests her new robe for fit at Gigante Port.


jacquemin said…
did you got it at SP ?
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Sorry, I deleted the last comment accidentaly.

La Ventisca can be translated to spanish as The Blizzard