Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE v3.1.04 Update

Some new info from Granado Espada v3.1, taken from GE v3.1.04 and Web Controller.

New Costumes
New costumes were added for female elementalist, female wizard, female musk, male musk, and male scout. See below for a few samples.

New Food Pet: Roast Piglet
The pig is a looter pet, just like Poppet (aka Glover, Grabbermon). It however can loot drops further away (15m, compared to Poppet's 10m) and loot twice as often (2 seconds, compared to Poppet's 4 seconds). It consumes more pet food though. And seeing the way things are going, I won't be surprised if you need to give the Pet Keeper some Blue Crack to sniff or something equivalent.

Musk: What do these chicks see in this pig?

Revised Secret Guard
The lame reputation reward for Secret Guard will be improved by 33%.

Web Controller
This online program allows you to remotely monitor your characters' HP, SP, and EXP. It also allows you to chat, including private messages, system notices, and shout/broadcast messages. It also has the combat order icons, such as team summon, assault, hold, etc. The special one is the last button on the right, which is used to revive dead characters using a soul crystal.


Kat said…
They need to fire whoever is designing those costumes. :P

As for the program, isn't that a botting type thing? lol.. Is GE taking a "can't beat em, join em" type position now?
One of my clan/faction mates said Romina's costume makes her look like a skank...

I always get the feeling that IMC designed the game with the assumption that the players are botting.