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2011 Summer Update Preview

Korean Granado Espada has released a update preview for Summer 2011. See 업데이트 미리보기 - 2011년 여름 업데이트. All information may be subject to changes and modifications. Discuss in the forums at Next kGE Update (IAH) or New Recruitable NPCs (G1).

1. Ludin von Hanen
Lolita strikes back! Ludin is the youngest of a noble family, and is related to Leonele. She is a specialist fire elementalist. Her stances are Possession Fire and her unique Efreet [이프리트] stance using 2 fire bracelets. The Expert stance book can be acquired from Sekhmet. See here for screenshots of her skills.

Random Comment: "To make the loli even more eerier, the teddy bear is the one who actually control the loli." - Xei [Source] Caption of first picture originates from Geek of Spades [Source].

2. Veronif
This alchemist is found in Viron (F6). Veronif is a variant scout. Her stances are First Aid, Fortitudo (aka Bard), Enhanced Tactics, and her unique stance - Hermetise [에르멘티스], which has both ranged attack and buff skill…

[Sword2] 1st Anniversary

Some upcoming events for Sword 2. See Sword 2 First Year Anniversary for details.

Cash Shop Discount
From June 21 to July 13, all Explorer Packs (aka Home Premium Service) will be subject to 30% discount.

EXP Boost Event
From June 28 to July 13, there will be 50% Combat and Stance EXP boost, as well as 20% Drop Rate Boost.

Login Event
Login on June 30, and receive 3 free Brown Eared Mouse Hats.

Battle of the Classes
There will also be a PvP event for stock characters vs. stock characters from June 27 to July 03, 2011. Finalists will win 3 Queen's Seals (aka White Cristatus) for 60 days.

Sword 146: Master Asoka

The family spent another day training in Secret Citadel of Caebolan, and Selene (Asoka) was promoted to Master Lv.1. Athena (f/fig) reached Master Lv.7, while Ishtar (Valleria) and Tlazolteotl (Ania) reached Expert Lv.8 and Veteran Lv.4 respectively.

The Passion of Regulus (great sword) was re-enchanted to ATK + Daemon with 96 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters. The Insight of Antares (javelin) was re-enchanted to ATK + ATK Rating with 85 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters. The ATK values could have been higher though, but whatever.

The family did 9 Lv.4 lobby missions (5 Trinity, 2 Highway, 2 Spotlight) and looted 3 Jewel Powders. In the next patch (v6.7), these Lv.4 lobby missions will become available in Bounty Hunter's Guild instead for 20 Veteran Tokens each. With these Jewel Powders, Karjalesia (Karjalain) crafted Crafted Physical RES Necklace and Crafted Mental RES Necklace.

The rarely seen Plateau Silurian in Abertal dropped Symbol of Capricorn. Gri…

Magic Circle 18

Magic Circle 18 (Korea) has been released with 2 new costume sets during June 23-July 6, 2011. Other rewards include Asoka Character Card, Enhanced [Punisher] Ring, Enhanced [Unlimited Shot] Ring, and 100 Ring Boxes. For more screenshots, see the related links below.

Honeybee Costume + Hair • Soso Capitaine Costume + Hat • Male Scout

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남 스카 캐피텐소소 허니비~남스카 신상 캐피텐 코스튬 外 (떡밥)남자는 머리빨ㅋ

Quinzel's, Raiden's, Tiger Box IV

New boxes has been added to Cash Shop for Sword 2, while Quinzel's Surprise and Raiden's Box II has been removed after almost 1 month since release. See Quinzel's, Raiden's IV And Red Tiger Box for more details.

Red Tiger Boxfeatures the exclusive Red Tiger Pet, which heals 1500 HP and buffs Monster ATK +10%,  Penetration +5, Immunity +5, DEF +10, Critical +5, Movement Speed +10%!

Oh God, not another imbalanced, non-tradable tiger with stupidly low drop rate... Why don't they put the tigers in the cash shop for a fixed amount of Gold like what they did for the other pets previously? The non-tradable attribute simply forces players to gamble against really bad odds... again, after having to gamble for Black/White Tigers only a few weeks ago. At the very least, they should improve all the other drops since it costs 400 Gold instead of the normal 250, so that players who failed to get the tiger still have something that are worth the Gold value.

Quinzel's Surprise …

Treasure Shooting 3

Treasure Shooting (Japan) has been updated for June 2011. Other featured items included Dagger of Greed, [Punisher] Stance Book, Fate of Castilla (DR 31 Metal Armor), and Blue Serpent Armor Recipes for Musketeer/Elementalist/Wizard. All costumes included 2 Rumins/Jewels (30 days).

Crescent of Avenger
Crescent • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 476 • Expert Exclusive
ATK +5% (23) • Penetration +4 • Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK +3 • ATK Speed -15%

Shotgun of Crime
Shotgun • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 269 • Expert Exclusive
ATK +5% (13) • Penetration +4 • Accuracy +15

Bracelet of Lust
Elemental (LOE) Bracelet • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 261 • Expert Exclusive
ATK +5% (13) • Magic Penetration +8

Honest Heart Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Helena Exclusive
See also 『グラナドエスパダ』日本オリジナルコスチューム大事典46.

Corsair Argent Costume
Body Costume • Female Musketeer Exclusive
Variant colored texture for Corsair Rosso.

Capitaine Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Male Musketeer Exclusive
Previously released in Magic Circle 16 (Korea).

Sword 145: Yet More Crystal Wings

Selene (Asoka) reached Expert Lv.10, while training in Ancient Bahamar Cave. She bought 5 skill rings for 10m vis each and crafted Intensified [Sect of Moonlight] Ring. A few pre-veterans also gained some levels.

The family bought another $20 ESN Code (9,000 Gold) for 500m vis. After opening another 36 Black Tiger Boxes (74 so far), there was still no pet box. Yet again. So now, the family has 45 Crystal Wings (11.25 months worth) and 12 Survival Manuals (6 months worth), taking up 23% of the inventory space. (Whine!) This is most vexing, maybe the family should just give up. The box drops for this week were:
6 x 1 Survival Manual (Drop Rate +15% for 15 days)5 x 5 Earth Stones (10k feso each) 5 x 2 Strength Potions 5 x 3 L100 Enchantment Chips 5 x 1 Secret Area Pass (1 day) 4 x 100 Pet Food 3 x 10 Triumph Fillers2 x 1 Honor Card B1 x 3 Crystal Wings (7 days) Lame Griffon mission yielded only Symbol of Sagittarius this week. Team Arena loot included Symbol of Aries, Symbol of Scorpio,…

[SG] Double EXP 4th Anniversary Event

IAHGames has implemented 2x EXP boost for both Combat and Stance EXP during June 16-23, 2011. In addition, there will be 20% more G-Points (cash shop credits) for all top-ups during June 17-20, 2011. See Bonus for Server Migration Success! and [GE Anniversary] 2x EXP Rush!!.

2011 ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival

ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival 2011 features a cosplay presentation for Granado Espada. There are a few streaming videos on the cosplay event. I am having problems embedding the videos, but you can watch them online at the following sites. (JavaScript must be enabled.)
优酷视频: 2011 chinajoy 华南赛区总决赛《GE卓越之剑-魔幻传奇》土豆网: GE卓越之剑-魔幻传奇
In order of appearance at the last costume parade scene, the featured characters (and costumes + weapons) are:
Chief Haman • Black Angel Wings Male Scout • Rescue Suit Costume + El Colgado Dagger
Baek Ho • Gloriosa Costume Female Elementalist • Ruidestencia Costume Vincent Rio • Le Verseau de la Liberte Costume + Angel LuteAdelina the Pirate • Vampiric EdgeFemale Scout • Le Dignitaire Costume + El Colgado DaggerFemale Elementalist • Le Dignitaire Costume + Sylphic Wings
Female Wizard • Mabro Peira Costume + Glacial Crystal
Male Wizard • Mabro Metis Costume Male Musketeer • Le Dignitaire Costume + La Fuerza Bayonet + Queen's Seal (aka White Cristatus)
Male Wizard • Cal…

Sword 144: White Tigers

Selene (Asoka) reached Expert Lv.9, while training in Ancient Bahamar Cave. After defeating Dr. Fran Mothtein some time ago, the family finally recruited Nurarihyon (Baek Ho), who was named after the yokai that sneaks into houses for tea in Japanese folklore.

After failing to get the pet box 2 weeks ago, the family finally gained it with some help. Byakko (White Tiger Pet) was named after the White Tiger of the West, one of the Four Symbols (四象) in Chinese constellations. Then, the family decided to try for Black Tiger Pet and bought $20 ESN Code (9,000 Gold) for 500m vis. After opening 38 Black Tiger Boxes, no pet box dropped. Again. Instead, there were...
3 x 10 Triumph Fillers4 x 1 Honor Card B3 x 5 Earth Stones (10k feso each)3 x 100 Pet Food4 x 2 Strength Potions6 x 3 L100 Enchantment Chips2 x 1 Secret Area Pass (1 day)9 x 3 Crystal Wings (7 days)4 x 1 Survival Manual (Drop Rate +15% for 15 days) Gah. Most of the drops from the boxes are not even worth the cost (250 Gold each). It…

Clan Level Quests

When making a new clan (aka faction in sGE), some newer players are a bit uncertain about how to gain clan levels. The following are a list of related old articles concerning clan quests, elections, and colony wars. Note that the quests to level up a clan should now be started with Pioneering Officer (aka Jin Hee) in Reboldeaux instead of Sir Lyndon.
How To Get Your Faction To Lv.51Lv.51 Faction Quest: The ChrysalisHow To Get Your Faction To Lv.52Party Elections (v2.1.18)Colony War Basics 101 (v2.1.18)The New Colony War (v3.5)Colony War Changes (v5.0)
For Sword 2, candidate registration begins on the first Friday of the month at 8pm (PST), and lasts for 24 hours. On Saturday 8pm (PST), the election begins. Families with family level 10 or more (inclusive of clan bonus) can vote and receive 3 Election Reward Potions. The election ends on Monday 10pm (PST), after which the top 3 candidates for each political party (i.e. Royalist, Republican) will be announced server-wide. Clan leadership…

Quinzel's, Raiden's, Tiger Box III

New boxes has been added to Cash Shop for Sword 2. See Quinzel's, Raiden's III And Black Tiger Box for more details.

Black Tiger Box features Black Tiger Pet Box (Non-Tradable). Quinzel's Surprise III features Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Gemini, L96 Elite Armors, Caerunis Costume (Nar), and Wild Tale Hair (Ania). Raiden's Box of Rage III features Dragon's Staff (AR32 staff with Max SP 20%), Natachi (AR30 great sword), and Symbol of Leo.

Portable Steel Bolt Box (140 feso) has also been added to Feso Shop. NPC shop sells 50 steel bolts for 150 vis. Therefore, 10,000 steel bolts will cost 30,000 vis or 140 feso. This gives an approximate feso rate of 1:214. It is thus cost-efficient to use the portable box if the feso rate on your server is less than 1:214.

Sword 143: Passion of Regulus

Thelandira (f/mus) reached Master Lv.6, and Selene (Asoka) reached Expert Lv.7. A few other characters also gained some levels, bringing the family to Lv.44+3.

Disillusioned with White Tiger Box, the family decided to spend a bit on processing some weapons instead. The 2nd socket of The Insight of Antares (javelin) was opened after 11 attempts. The 3rd socket unfortunately took 46 attempts to open. Luckily, Selene (Asoka) upgraded her +4 The Passion of Regulus (great sword) to +7 without failure, using only 60 Upgrade Accelerators, 1 Lacquer +5: Expert, and 2 Lacquers +6: Expert. Both weapons required re-enchantments, but Enchant Boosters were still too expensive lately.

The 2 Griffon missions yielded Symbol of Cancer and Symbol of Libra. Team Arena yielded only Symbol of Capricorn this week. The roulette rewards of the week were as follows: 

Joaquin Underground Prison
L100 Weapon, Portable ASO BoxMystic Shoes, Elite Le Blanc (mus) RecipeAiming Gloves, Portable ASO BoxTracking Boots, M…

Skill & Hate Amount

Several sites have already listed skill details, but there is usually one thing not mentioned which is found in the data tables - hate amount. Presumably, this indicates how much "hate" a character generate when using a certain skill near monsters. Note that skill is not the only thing generating hate.

The table below is derived from datatable_skill.ies in Sword 2 (v5.0) client. Some skill names are localized/changed by G1 from the default names. See Book of Fire for stances and skills of Sword 2. Skills with 0 hate amount have been removed from the list. Other skills are repeated because there are actually multiple versions of the same skill. Most of them however have the same hate amount, but a few do not. For example, Triskelion skill for Adelina/Fighter has 96 hate, but Triskelion skill for Asoka has 103 hate.

Skill NameHateSkill NameHateEspada de la Rotacion 26Slaughter103Crouching Kick26Triskelion103Frost Ignition27Fallen Angel103Pistol Shot30Fallen Angel103Serpent …