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Clan Level Quests

When making a new clan (aka faction in sGE), some newer players are a bit uncertain about how to gain clan levels. The following are a list of related old articles concerning clan quests, elections, and colony wars. Note that the quests to level up a clan should now be started with Pioneering Officer (aka Jin Hee) in Reboldeaux instead of Sir Lyndon.

For Sword 2, candidate registration begins on the first Friday of the month at 8pm (PST), and lasts for 24 hours. On Saturday 8pm (PST), the election begins. Families with family level 10 or more (inclusive of clan bonus) can vote and receive 3 Election Reward Potions. The election ends on Monday 10pm (PST), after which the top 3 candidates for each political party (i.e. Royalist, Republican) will be announced server-wide. Clan leadership cannot be transferred during this period.

Baek Ho & Dr. Fran Mothtein
According to 小号无限刷白虎NPC人物卡最简单方法, Dr. Fran Mothtein inside Lv.51 Clan Quest can also be used to complete the free option for Baek Ho's recruitment quest. Theoretically, you can create a Lv.50 clan and then keep failing the clan quest mission (i.e. kill Dr. Fran, then logout) in order to repeatedly farm Baek Ho on alternate/mule accounts without having to go and camp Corridor of Assize.