Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Quinzel's, Raiden's, Tiger Box III

New boxes has been added to Cash Shop for Sword 2. See Quinzel's, Raiden's III And Black Tiger Box for more details.

Black Tiger Box features Black Tiger Pet Box (Non-Tradable). Quinzel's Surprise III features Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Gemini, L96 Elite Armors, Caerunis Costume (Nar), and Wild Tale Hair (Ania). Raiden's Box of Rage III features Dragon's Staff (AR32 staff with Max SP 20%), Natachi (AR30 great sword), and Symbol of Leo.

Portable Steel Bolt Box (140 feso) has also been added to Feso Shop. NPC shop sells 50 steel bolts for 150 vis. Therefore, 10,000 steel bolts will cost 30,000 vis or 140 feso. This gives an approximate feso rate of 1:214. It is thus cost-efficient to use the portable box if the feso rate on your server is less than 1:214.