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Updated Skin - Mosaic

Updated UI skin - Mosaic for v20.38.22 game client. This skin version should require no further update even with Bahama Episode 2 patch. This is another old skin, previously ported from Korean server to American server by ZeraST.

See UI SKINS for download links.

Europe Game Update v20.67.61

EuroGamez has updated the Europe servers to v20.67.61, including both Bahamar episodes.
New Quests - Bahamar Episode 1Bahamar Episode 2Recruit Nena For the new raid missions, see 天空祭壇的每日副本及周副本 (Chn), 元素の支配者 (Jap), and 天空の祭壇守護 (Jap) for now. I will do a proper guide once they are available in American servers.

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Imperial Wheel S: March 2014

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for Mar 25 - Apr 02, 2014. See GMフォーン の『新アイテム』ご紹介 for GM's introduction.

Levin Recruitment Set
Vigilar Blade + Tyrant Bracelet + Levin Character Card + Upgraded Desire Ring
Sword • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 290 • Penetration +5, HP Absorb 5%Illusion Support Set
Vigilar Rapier + Upgraded Illusion Garde Ring

Nena Recruitment Set
Elite Bristia Polearm + Guardian of Altar Costume + Refinement Hair + Upgraded Invertir Ring + Nena Character Card

Pet Box (Taurus)
ATK vs. Monsters +30%, Penetration +20, HP Absorb 5%, HP/SP Regen

Heiran Support Set
Tyrant Dagger x2

Viscount Montoro's Ring
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1

Korean servers have also introduced 2 new pets for their Lyndon Box 2014/03. You get the first pet automatically at 50th box, and the second pet at 100th box. See also 청마,적마,스노우 골렘 for comparison with Snow Golem.
Red Popop: Max HP +5000, ATK vs. Monsters +10%, Penetration +5, Immunity +5,  Movement Speed +10%, Heal 2000Noble Popo:…

Play Time Event: De Lapith Costume Set

After about 3 months, T3Fun reintroduced Play Time Event for De Lapith Costume, running from Mar 19 to Apr 13, 2014. The previous Play Time Event was for Lothe Character Card during December 2013. The random prizes are as follows:

De Lapith Costume and Hair can also be acquired directly for 1,200 and 1,000 points respectively...

I don't know why we keep getting so many costumes for Grandies... So far, we already got her Summer and Christmas costumes for free. How many Grandies do people actually use? Also, the points are really high for a costume set. Well, at least this is one reason for me to login. I have been waiting for Play Time Event to train Sierra, Lothe, and a few others for their stances...

Enhancement Boosters and Imperviums are still stupidly expensive... This is one big reason for gaming demotivation. Mercenary Licenses are now stupidly expensive too. Lollipops are also removed from the feso shop.

The rare characters released so far this year...
2014-03-12 • Lyndon Bo…

Updated Skin - Aojiru

Updated UI skin - Aojiru for v20.38.22 game client. This skin is originally created by VanHouten_Cocoa (Japan server) at 少年は荒野をめざす...

Not really motivated to play the game lately, especially with the messed up market for Enhancement Boosters, etc... Now you'd need to farm a lot more chips to sell just to enhance anything.

See UI Skins for download links.

Patch Highlights v21.27.83

The following highlights are based on patch notes of Korean live servers (not test server). American servers are currently at v20.38.22.

Armonia Update in Summer 2014
For earlier versions, see Patch Highlights v20.81.80.

Font IPF Pack 1

These fonts should work with any official Granado Espada game client, however non-English characters may or may not be supported. This font pack includes the following fonts:
2002 (default GE font)ComfortaaConquistadorDupreeEurostileFeltFujiyamaGreat EscapeHandel Gothic (custom GE Europe font)Latienne BeckerLoverQlassikRix SquirrelRulukoSansationSegoe UI The font pack also includes in-game screen shots taken with the various fonts. Some fonts are smaller, thus allowing the text to fit into the quest speech bubbles. Compare the following 2002 (default) font vs. Qlassik font.

Download the font pack - MB).Close Granado Espada game client, if it is currently running.Extract the font file (e.g. font_felt.ipf) into C:\Program Files\Granado Espada\ge folder. Delete or rename the existing font.ipf file.Rename the extracted font file (e.g. font_felt.ipf) as font.ipf.

Updated Skin - Blossom

Updated UI Skin - Blossom, for v20.38.22.

All existing skins on this site have also been updated to v20.38.22. The skin for v20.38.22 differs from v20.10.24 only in button.bmp, which includes the new surrender button for warring parties. These skins should be usable up to Bahama Episode 2 update (v20.67.61).

See UI Skins for download links.

Gate of Flame

Also called Whirlpool of Flame, this daily raid mission is required for Recruit Ludin quests. The featured rewards are the Fire Gate Weapons.